Mother’s Day Basket Craft with Templates

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Earlier in the year, we have the cutest little Easter Baskets Printables, they were so popular, that I felt a set of Mother’s Day Baskets would be lovely too! I say Mother’s Day Baskets, but of course these DIY Basket Craft would lovely for any small gift opporunity or party favour – be it a Teacher’s Appreciation Gift or hostess gift! There are three designs – a flower basket craft, a wicker basket craft and a design your own basket craft!

Make a lovely Gift Basket Craft with us today!

mother's day basket craft

What can you put into your Mother’s Day Basket/ Teacher Appreciation Basket:

Well… as with any gift idea, anything goes, but it is lovely to have a think about what the recipient enjoys… some ideas that work for us:

Supplies needed for your Paper Baskets:

  • The printables – there is a set of three PLUS one freebie
  • Light card is ideal, but printer paper works too
  • Coloring pencils, crayons, markers or even watercolors
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue stick

As with many of my crafts, I do try and make them as accessible to all and offer one freebie. Here we have the full color wicker basket (it is a little smaller) available for free.. enter $0 at check out to get this free printable. The set of 3 (including the design your own one) is available in the gumroad store or teacher pay teacher’s whichever platform you prefer!

full set of printables

How to make your paper basket for Mother’s Day or Teacher Appreciation

I am going to be cheeky and “borrow” the step by step photos from the Easter Basket Craft. I hope that is ok! There is a video on autoplay too!

Take your time and enjoy coloring in the coloring pages. Explore different mediums if you wish. You can even add stickers too! What would you add to your “design your own” basket? Some flowers? Some hearts? Lots of options!

Once you are ready, carefully cut out the basket template. You will need the main body of the basket and the handle.

Make neat folds along the basket lines.

Add glue to the tabs on the sides of the basket. I find it easier to add all the glue first and then bring the sides together to make your little box.

Finally, glue the handle in place (and any embellishments, like the chick wings) in place!

gift basket printables

Now fill your lovely little Wicker Basket Craft with your favourite treats for Mother’s Day! What would you put into your DIY Baskets?

Now, we have made paper baskets for Mother’s Day before.. here is another type you may like – I love how these are made using just a simple sheet of paper, a ruller and scissors. Very clever AND cute!

mother's day basket with flowers

More in the gift basket series – there is a lovely little St Patrick’s Day Baskets Set as well as EasterBasket Template Set!

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teacher appreciation week