Blowing a Kiss Valentine Card

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The 31 Days of Love continues with another adorable Valentine Cards for Toddlers to help make! Today we are making a Blowing a Kiss Valentine Card by Amy from Learning And Exploring Through Play. It is the perfect Easy Kids Crafts for Valentine Day and a great addition to our Valentine Crafts for Preschoolers. Over the years we have gathered a wonderful collection of ideas and have grouped them for you for easy browsing and bookmarking, do take a look at Valentine Day Treats, Valentine Decorations and Valentine Cards for Kids and much much more. And don’t miss out on  this special LEGO Valentines Craft round up!

Try these Blowing a Kiss Handprint Cards for Valentines Day. Adorable Handmade Valentines Card fro toddlers to send to family.

Hey, I am Amy from Learning and Exploring Through Play. I am super excited to be here for the third year running for Red Ted Arts 31 Days of Love Series!

I am Mama to 3 children. My daughter who is 4 years old and twin boys who are 6 months old! Our household is very busy at the moment, but we love nothing more than making and creating! Learning and Exploring Through Play was created to express a passion for children learning naturally, at their own pace by doing activities and crafts they enjoy most.

When children are given the opportunity to access activities and make choices this way, they learn far more. We would love to see you over on Learning and Exploring Through Play so be sure to pay us a visit!

Right now we have started to think about some Valentine themed activities and crafts. Did you see our Foot Print Keepsake we created for Red Ted Art? It’s probably our most favourite keepsake and it comes out every year! We enjoyed making a Hand Print Version of this Keepsake too! We made it using our Simple Salt Dough Recipe – it’s one of our most visited posts!

My daughter is really enjoying making and sending cards at the moment (next door received them daily during the Christmas period)! She loves painting at any given opportunity so I try to have paint accessible for her as much as possible! It always ends up with her painting her hands and squelching the oozy paint between her fingers – what fun for the senses! With this in mind I thought it would be fun to look at painting and making some Valentines cards.

Blowing a Kiss Valentines Card – Materials:

  • Card/Paper
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Photos
  • Pens
  • Glue

Blowing a Kiss Valentines Card – Process

You will no doubt have the resources already. You have endless creating opportunity making cards but here is a fun ‘blowing a kiss’ card we made using a hand print!


Enjoy a painting hour or two with your little one. Grab a paintbrush too and paint alongside them! The conversations that flow when you stop whizzing around the house trying to get a million and one things done is priceless! Life is busy. Everything is such fast paced these days but children love having you by their side! Get a couple of hand prints done during the painting session and once they are dry cut them out.


Fold a piece of card in half. I saved some of the paintings my daughter did on white paper and used them as the backdrop to the card. She had done some painting using her fingertips. I think the coloured dots looked really effective for the backdrop! She also made rainbows mixing colours together and an old favourite – making butterflies by painting one side and folding the paper in half and rubbing together.

My daughter wanted to make the card for Nanny and Grandad. She added a drawing to the front – aren’t kids drawings the best!? We stuck down a photo and popped the hand print over the top, sticking down the bottom of the hand which created a flap. On the back of the hand I wrote ‘BLOWING you lots of KISSES’.

The card looks like this:

Try these Blowing a Kiss Handprint Cards for Valentines Day. Adorable Handmade Valentines Card fro toddlers to send to family.

 Then flip the hand down… and BLOW A KISS:

Try these Blowing a Kiss Handprint Cards for Valentines Day. Adorable Handmade Valentines Card fro toddlers to send to family.

Oh what fun!! I do love recycling paintings where I can! It is impossible to keep every single one. Quite often you can use them to create something totally new like the beautiful coloured kites we made. They looked beautiful!! I still have one stuck to my fridge!

If you enjoy sensory play in your household we created a table top Valentines Day themed Sensory Tray last year! My preschooler loved playing with it. I am going to make something similar again this year. What crafts are you planning over the next few weeks?

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