Easy Paper Paddington Bear Craft

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Learn how to make an Origami Paddington Bear today! An easy origami pattern for kids of all ages. These little paper Paddington Bears can be used as party invitations or party decor too (just make them larger!).

Easy Paper Paddington Bear Craft - Oh my, how cute is this Origami Bear? Not just any bear.. but Origami Paddington Bear? Love love love. If you love Paddington and the Paddington Bear Movies, have a go at this lovely little paper crafts for kids.. wouldn't they make great Paddington Party Invites?!
Celebrating all things Paddington Bear! Learn how to make this easy origami bear today!

Oh my, we are SOOOO excited about the next Paddinton Movie heading our way. We adored the first Paddington Bear Movie and can’t wait to see this lovable bear’s antics in the upcoming movie… a while back we made a lovely little TP Roll Paddington Bear (turns out these are great as Paddington Party Bag Boxes!! Genius).. and it made me think that the simple Origami Hat we used for THAT Paddington.. could be applied to an easy Origami Bear pattern that we have made before..

Hey presto, you have a lovely little paper Paddington Bear Craft!

So cute. And so easy too.

We do love Easy Origami for Kids. Make these Paper Paddington Craft “just because”, as part of a collage or stick them on some card and turn them into Paddington Bear Party invites? Ooh and wouldn’t they also look great as a Paper Paddington Bear Garland too??? Lots of uses! One DARLING little craft….

To make your Origami Paddington Bear, you will need

Easy Paper Paddington Bear Craft - Oh my, how cute is this Origami Bear? Not just any bear.. but Origami Paddington Bear? Love love love. If you love Paddington and the Paddington Bear Movies, have a go at this lovely little paper crafts for kids.. wouldn't they make great Paddington Party Invites?!
This little Paddington Origami makes great Party Invitations or thank you notes
  • A square sheet of brown paper 15 x 15cm (we used brown packing paper)
  • A red sheet of paper (A6 size – 15cm by 10cm)
  • A pen for decorating
  • Scissors (for cutting paper to size)

Optional a little pritt stick to secure some of the featrues down.

Now, why not make some Paddington Marmalade Cake first.. then site down with your tasty treat for a yummy crafternoon..

How to make your Paddington Bear –

Ah yes, we do love a video.. it is such a quick and easy way to learn the steps that you will need to follow to make your bear. You will notice that we changed the classic origami bear pattern a LITTLE to make it more Paddington Bear-ish…. and once you have the hang of this easy paper craft for kids, you won’t stop making them!!!

How to fold an origami hat for Paddington Bear:

Begin by making a simple paper hat (follow these paper boat instructions – just do “half” and you will have your hat). The step photos shown below are borrowed from our cute Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow craft! But it is of course the same origami hat!

We are making a “classic” paper hat. It is the same Origami Paper Hat pattern that you use to make an Origami boat – so if you wish to see a video on how to make a Origami Paper hat – hop over to our Paper Boat post!

Fold your paper in half and make a neat crease (image 2).

Fold in half again – then open it – so you have a crease down the middle (image 3).

Next, you will need to fold the corner in (image 4).

Easy Paper Hat. Easy Toilet Paper Roll Scarecrow for Preschool. Fun with Toilet Paper Rolls for Harvest Festival or Fall. How cute are these recycled Scarecrows?! Adore #scarecrow #toiletpaperrolls #tprolls #cardboardtubes #harvest #fall
The classic Origami Hat can be shaped to suit the design of your TP Roll Character

Repeate on the other side (image 1).

Now fold the bottom flap up (image 2).

Flip your paper hat over and fold the second flap up (image 3). If you wish, secure with a little glue!

Finally (optional), you can fold the top of your paper hat down too (image 4).

How to make an Origami Hat

A quick overviewo of how to make an origami hat for toilet paper roll characters
Prep Time5 minutes


  • Rectangular piece of paper 10.5 x 15cm


  • Fold paper in half across it's width
  • Fold in half again and open up to show a central line
  • Take the right tip and bring it in to meet that central line, aligning the edges
  • Repeat with the left tip. You should now have a triangle with two flaps at the bottom
  • Fold one flap up
  • Flip over and lift the other flap up
  • The basic hat shape is done. You can fold over the edges to secure or bend down the top to shape

Now to it is time to make an Origami Bear

Learn how to make an origami Paddington Bear by watching the video on auto play. It really is very simple. I promise. And the video is a super quick and easy tutorial to follow! But of course you can follow the step by step instructions below!

Shape the bear’s ears

Create a diagonal fold

Begin by folding the square piece of paper across the diagonal to make a triangle.

Make a guide line fold down the centre of the triangle (top right)

Approximately 1/3 of the way along from the guidline fold down the right hand corner (bottom left)

And then fold back up (bottom right).

This is the basic position of one ear. Watch the video for additional info about the angles and how that shapes your bear’s features.

Repeat for the left hand corner.

Continue to shape the back of the head

Shape the back of the head

Now fold down the right tip. (Top right)

And repeat for the left tip.

Then shape the top bits of the head (bottom left).

The back of your head should look like the bottom right image.

Shape the bear’s nose/ mouth

Shape the bear mouth

Filp your origami paper over and now shape the bear’s nose and mouth by folding over one flap (top left).

Tuck the top of the flap in (top right).

Now you have a choice of shaping the bear’s face. You can either tuck the chin in a little (bottom left)…

… or fold it over completely (bottom right).

Add the finishing touches with a marker

Add the finishing touches

Finally, add your bear’s features with a black marker pen!

The Paddington Bear in London Book

What do you think?? I do hope you find this Origami Paddington Bear as easy (and cute) to make as we did!! Hopefully you will enjoy learning how to make an Origami Bear.. and already know how to make an easy Origami hat. Combining the two, creates this ADORABLE Origami Padding Bear Craft!

A stunning Paddington Book set in London

We do think that this Paper Paddington is the PERFECT Craft for the new Padding 2 movie out (we got to see it at the weekend.. and if you loved the last Paddington movie.. oh my, you will simply ADORE the new one!!!! It had me in stitches and tears at the same time…).. and I digress.. as someone who ADORES London AND Paddington.. we were lucky to get our hands on the Paddington Bear London Pop Up Book, which FEATURES in the movie and is totally gorgeous.. you can get it here (in time for Christmas?) US / UK (affiliate links)

Hosting a Paddington Bear Party?

Hosting a Paddington Bear Themed Party.. these Party Ideas are just the thing for you! It includes some adorable Paddington Bear Party food, some party decor and party invites! As well as some great links to printable resources online and from etsy. Move over cookies, cakes and popcorn, time for some orange marmalade sandwiches and delicious Paddington Bear Cupcakes!

Paddington Bear is a wonderful theme for a birthday party!

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