Adorable Bee Crafts for Kids and Preschoolers to make

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Summer is practically knocking at our door, World Bee Day (20th May) is upon us and those long months of summer break are the perfect time to try out these cute bee crafts. Whether it’s paper, paint or wool you are guaranteed to have the materials for these in your home so there’s no reason not to get stuck in! If you’re worried your not a master crafter, fear not! These adorable bee crafts are so easy that even the most novice of crafters can master them. These make perfect summer crafts for preschoolers and kids alike.

Have you ever wondered… do you make a bee out of cardboard?

Toilet roles, cereal boxes and even the boxes that your deliveries come in are perfect for creating your buzzing masterpiece and below we’ve got some excellent crafts that will teach you how to do just that.

And… do you make a honey bee out of paper?

With such a versatile material you absolutely can’t go wrong in making when making your honey bees and our excellent collation of crafts below will give you the help you need.

So… let’s get busy!

Top 10 Bee Crafts for Kids

Simple Valentines Bee Card (would make a lovely Birthday Bee too)

valentines bee craft

How sweet is this little bee card? Simple shapes and hey presto you have yourself a super cute Valentine’s Bee Card or Birthday Bee!

3D Paper Bee Pop Up Card

3d Paper Bee Card

3D Paper Bee Card

Cute homemade cards are the perfect way to show our friends and family how much they mean to us! With summer just around the corner, bumble bee arts and crafts make for a great way to pass the time. These 3d bee crafts are easy and you don’t need a ton of complicated supplies!

3d paper bee

Another take on the 3d Paper Bee Craft, is this fabulous 3d Coloring Page Bee.. part of a set of 5 adorable insect coloring pages (with another set of 5 Creepy Crawlies available too!).

Bee Hand Puppet Craft

Paper bee craft

Bee Hand Puppet

These adorable hand puppets are cute and easy to make. Need a fun afternoon activity for a rainy day? This honey Bee craft has got you covered!

Bee Cup Craft

Bee Cup Craft

Preschoolers need crafts that are fun but also easy. So what better than these cute bee cup crafts? The cute 3d bee craft is an activity everyone can enjoy and that’s easy to do. This is the perfect bumblebee art project for preschoolers.

Paper Bee Corner Bookmark

Bee Corner Bookmark Paper Craft for Kids

Whether your reading by the pool or in the classroom, with summer on its way this Bee art and craft is such a cute way to mark your book. It’s Quick and easy and uses materials you most certainly have in your home.

Bee shooter Craft

Bee Shooter Craft for Kids

Buzzzzzz! This is a fun one! Kids love nothing more than shooting these beautiful little honey bees into the sky and because they’re so easy to make, you absolutely can’t go wrong with one of these. Try out this bee shooter art and craft and see for yourself.

Handprint Bees

Bee Crafts: handprint bees

Hand Print Bees

If you’re up for getting a bit messy, this is one for the fridge. They come in all shapes and sizes and you can really get creative here. So get out your paint, put on your apron and lets get started!

Pom Pom Bee Craft

pom pom bee

Pom Pom Bee

This Pom Pom bee puts a cute summery twist on a classic craft and is perfect for hanging absoloutely anywhere in the house. Our Pom Pom sheep were a huge success and so, by popular demand, we’re back with this cute and easy pom pom bee!

Cardboard Tube Bumblebee

This gorgeous little cardboard tube bumblebee from In The Playroom is another buzzing craft that is perfect for a free afternoon. It’s totally easy to make and requires the most simple of materials that you’re sure to have to hand.

Paper Plate Bee Craft

Paper plates are a classic crafting tool that everyone should stock up on for a rainy day and this adorable paper plate bee from Messy Little Monster is a perfect way to use them. So dig up your paints and get crafting your own paper plate bee craft!

Craft Stick Bumble Bee Craft

craft stick bee

Another one with an adorable little face! ABC’s of Literacy have a gorgeous little bumblebee craft stick craft and it would make such a cute addition stuck to the fridge. This Bumble Bee art and craft is one that you absolutely can’t go wrong with.

Bee Footprint Craft

How cute are these?! Fun Handprint Art have got you covered if you’re wracking your brains for easy honey bee crafts. It’s such a fun activity to do with a preschool class or even just at home. There’s no better way to celebrate summer just around the corner.

I hope you have enjoyed this Buzzy Bee Craft Round Up as much as I have putting it together and you are now inspired to have a go. If you loved these busy bees, you may also like our Ladybug Craft Ideas collection too:

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