Bug Hunt Fortune Tellers Printables

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This post is brought you in partnership with Learning Resources Ltd

It is time to learn some fun bug facts, head into the great outdoors and go bug hunting, with our wonderful Bug Hunt Fortune Tellers. The best bit? We have created three slightly different Bug Fortune Teller printables, so you can customise them to your needs! A lovely spring craft or summer craft for kids.

Bug Facts Fortune Tellers


Let’s head outside and meet our “buggy” neighbours. Who is living in your garden or the nearby park or woods?

Learn about Bugs

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We have a fun paper craft for you to help you explore what’s in your back garden or local park!

Today’s printable is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids.

We love this FORTUNE TELLER because:

  • You can spend time crafting and colouring with your kids (try outside in your garden),
  • You and your kid(s) will learn a couple of new facts you have not heard about bugs yet – you can also create your own bug-tastic Q&As,
  • You will get your kid interested in these little neighbours and see them in a different light,
  • And finally, you can get the kids outside to go on a bug hunt and observe them more closely!

There are three versions available:

The first Fortune Teller is testing your ‘bug’ knowledge! Do you know the answers? For example:

Q: What bug sheds its skin like a snake?

A: A caterpillar.

The second Fortune Teller shows 8 bugs. Head outside and look for them, tick them off when you do and add the name to the picture of each bug. Write down what you find most interesting about the bug you saw.

The third Fortune Teller is for you to create your very own Bug Quiz! Will your friends know the answer?! Decide on 8 bugs and then think of 8 questions and answers. Add them to the Fortune Teller.

MATERIALS – You will need:

These Bug Fortune Tellers are free to download over on Learning Resources! Enjoy:

How to make your Fortune Teller

Colour in the bugs sheet

Download and print out the printable. Enjoy some mindful time colouring.

fold the cootie catcher

Cut out the square template. Turn the template around so the illustration faces the table top. Fold each of the four corners towards the middle.

Turn the Fortune Teller around and again fold all four corners towards the middle.

fold the fortune teller

Carefully fold the squared template shut so that you create a rectangular shape. Open it and fold it the other way as well.

Now gently put your thumbs and pointers into the pockets and push them into shape.

Congrats! You have made your own Fortune Teller!

Learn about Bugs

How to play

how to play

Now that you have made your own Fortune Teller, here is how to play!

As mentioned, we have created 3 different versions of thie Bug Fortune Teller for you. With all of them, we encourage you to head out and actually find the bug you have “landed on”… you can add your own bug facts or create your own bug drawings to customise it to the area you live in.

The basic way to use these bug fortune tellers is as follows:

Get your friends around you and start opening the Fortune Teller with your thumbs and pointers sideways and then lengthwise.

See in the picture above? When you move it sideways then you see the numbers 8,1,4 and 5. Moving it lengthwise you can view the numbers 2,3,6 and 7.

Keep on doing so while asking one of your friends to say ‘Stop’.

When you hear ‘Stop’ you stop moving and keep the Fortune Teller open. Then ask your friend to choose from the available numbers. That can either be 8,1,4,5 or 2,3,6,7.

Let’s assume your friend chooses 2. Read out the question and have your friend try to answer. If your friend is correct he gets to play the Fortune Teller. Otherwise you can play again with another friend.

Happy Bug Hunt!

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