Cardboard Mosque Art Project & Play

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As Ramadan is almost upon us, why not great this Cardboard Mosque Art and Play project this weekend. Keep small hands busy as you prepare for the holy month. I welcome Nidatastic from instagram again, who kindly shares this wonderful Ramadan Craft with us.

Cardboard Mosque Craft for kids

Nidatastic is probably one of the best Islamic Kids’ Activities resources on instagram.

You will find a host of wonderful activities, that are not just appealing to children but interweave many educational elements to help you, teach your kids about Islam and what it means to be a muslim of faith.

So whether you are an islamic parent or carer yourself or you are teaching your students about islam in the classroom environment, Nidatastic is a must follow account!


Today, we did this simple play at home. It is very good for hand eye coordination and imaginative skills. Little ones can mix and match different architecture styles of the mosques and build their own cardboard mosques.

To make this, we used cardboards, pencils, scissors, acrylic markers, poster paints, and the Pick and Mix Masjid template by @my1stmasjid (see below for direct links)

Do try and enjoy this mosque play at home with your little ones!

Ways to use this Cardboard Mosque activity for Ramadan

  • Old kids can use the mosque templates to create a cardboard mosque art project
  • Younger kids can use this as an interactive Cardboard Mosque play activity
  • You can add additional educational elements – exploring primary colors and secondary colors
  • Turn it into a color dice game and see what mosque you can create using the colors on the dice

There are lots of opportunities to practice cutting skills, painting skills, hand eye co-ordination skills too.

And above all, it gives you time to sit together, work together and talk about Ramadan.

Supplies needed for the Cardboard Mosque art project

recycled mosque craft
  • recycled cardboard
  • paints in desired colours
  • a white paint pen is lovely, but you can use a black sharpie or marker pen too
  • scissors
  • the free mosque templates

This is a free printable set available in the My 1st Masjid store! You will need to fill in your details to access it.

full set of printables

How to make your Cardboard Mosque

cut out the mosque templates

Begin by downloading your free Cardbaord Mosque printables! Cut these out.

cut out the mosque from cardboard

Be sure to keep one large piece of cardboard for your final mosque. The mosque shapes can be cut out of the cardboard box flaps or uneven pieces/ damaged pieces of cardboard.

Trace the templates onto your recycled cardboard and cut these out again.

You can make as many shapes as you want!

have fun painting the shapes

Paint your shapes. You can either do this for your kids – if they are little. Work on these together (e.g. they could paint the basic shapes and you add details) or let them get creative themselves.

Notice how simple white outlines and a series of simple white dots, really make these shaoes and designs pop! You don’t have to overcomplicate it to make them look fantastic!

Take your largest piece of cardboard and think and draw a basic mosque outline.

Don’t worry too much by this task – you basically need a large square in the middle – the width of yoru mosque domes. Use the domes to help guide you.

Then you will need two tall pilalrs on either side. They can be simple rectangles if you wish.. but you can see that here some slanting shapes were aded.

It is easy to then add some simple details!

Mix and match the shapes and play

Now it is time to have fun with your different shaped domes, different shaped doors and windows.

Explore colors too!

If you have a color die (you can print and make your own here) you could turn this into a color discovery game.

Similarly, you can glue your mosque shapes in place and use this as a pretty Ramadan Decoration or combine it with some islamic dolls for some imaginative play.

A big thank you to Nidatastic for sharing this beautiful, fun and easy Ramadan Mosque Craft with us today. As mentioned, do pop over and check out more of her fantastic educational craft activities.

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