Celebrating with Eid Ul Fitr Crafts for Kids

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Now you have seen my Ramadan Guest Post series already, I am sure! But I wanted to revisit some of the crafts from the Ramadan posts, as they are perfect for the end of Ramadan and Eid Ul Fitr too. Plus add a handful of new Eid Ul Fitr crafts too. Eid, of course, is a time of celebration and joy.

Eid Ul Fitr Crafts for kids to celebrate the end of Ramadan

Is it Eid Al Fitr or Eid Ul Fitr?

Note, you can write Eid Al Fitr or Eid Ul Fitr – both spellings are correct and tends to be a personal preference of from what region you are from!

What is Eid Ul Fitr? And when is it?

Eid Ul Fitr means “breaking of the fast” and it marks the end of Ramadan in the islamic calendar. It is 10th month (known as Shawwal) in the Mulsim (lunar) calendar, so it changes every year.

Eid Ul Firt 2024 is expected to be around 10th or 11th April 2024.

How is Eid Ul Fitr celebrated?

Eid Ul Fitr begins with a morning of communal prayers and is followed by 3 days of celebration. Before the prayers there is cleansing and putting on of new clothes.

Most people celebrate Eid Ul Fitr by

  • visiting friends and family,
  • giving presents,
  • eating feasts,
  • wearing new clothes, and
  • visiting graves.
  • as well as giving to the less fortunate (one of the 5 pillars of islam – Zakat)

It is a time to show gratitude to Allah and be grateful for what you have.

Eid Ul Fitr Messages – Eid Greeiting Cards

Of course wishing someone a Happy Eid is key at this time. The simplest way to do so, is to wish someone:

Eid Mubarak!

But you can of course add more into your greeting cards. The Economic Times has some great suggestions, which include:

On this special day, I wish you a blessed Eid-ul-Fitr filled with happiness, good health, and success. Eid Mubarak!

“May the divine blessings of Allah bring you peace, happiness, and prosperity. Eid Mubarak!”

Eid Greeting Cards to make with Kids

From our Ramadan craft collection to date, the Greeting Cards are probably the most suitable for Eid! I have made some templates to go with some of them to help you along the way!

3d Pop Up Ramadan Cards

First up, let’s make this colourful Pop Up Mosque Card with Craftastic Kids. Any sort of card making is of course a great Eid idea too!

Ramadan Cards two ways
These make a great Eid idea as well.

Two ways to make these fabulous Ramadan Cards with Nidatastic. They of course make the perfect Eid Celebration Cards too! Complete with free MOON templates in two sizes to choose from.

craft stick mosque for ramadan

Make some lovely mosques cards using recycled materials (craft sticks and newspaper pages) or pretty paper and straws.

ramadan moon and star

Practice sewing skills and fine motor skills with this lovely Ramadan Moon & Star Card from Craftionary. Complete with Moon & Star Template in two sizes to download for free!

Eid Ul Fitr Gifts for Friends & Family

Eid Gift Basket Printable

Eid Mubarak Gift Basket Template – this is a freebie from me to you – a simple gift basket to make and fill with treats. Maybe some homemade chocolate dates (we LOVE making those) or bake some Eid Biscuits (your favourite recipe with some Eid cookie cutters).

Ramadan Planner Family makes these sweet (pun intended) lollipop Eid Gifts! It comes with a free moon and star printable. I also love the little paper pryamid gift boxes (I show you how to make some pyramid gift boxes here).

Here is a fun idea by Modern Muslim Home – a party decoration and Eid Money Gift in one! Make some Eid Money Balloons! So fun!

Eid lantern with template

Another great craft from Hello Holy Days are these printable Eid Favour Boxes! They are not only cute for Eid Gifts, but can also be used as a tealight lantern. So cute!

Some wonderful Paper Bag Mosques – these could be used as decorations, or filled with Eid Gifts! Visit Hello Holy Days today for the free printable mosque templates!

Eid Decorations

Hello Holidays makes a lovely Eid Paper Chain Decoration

Eid Suncatcher Craft

In Cultur Parents have a lovely Lantern Template to turn into an easy Eid Lantern Suncatcher Craft. If you want to switch up the shapes, take a look at our Eid Lantern Printable here too.

paper ramadan lantern

This Eid Lantern Printable also would make a lovely Garland, Gift Tags or Wall Decor for Eid!

More ideas:

Now I don’t have a set of specific posts for Eid Ul Fitr, but some ideas to get you going:

From our Valentine’s Series we have a Paper Plate Moon & Heart. This would be LOVELY as a regular cresent Moon and Star craft!

Make the classic paper lantern loved by children of all backgrounds! This is such a wonderful craft for children all year round – and for all kinds of celebrations. Here I made it as a red Chinese New Year Paper Lantern. But of course it would be suitable as a Ramadan or Eid Decoration too. Especially if you switch the colours out to purples and golds maybe? On larger lanterns, I would add some moon and star stickers too. Just lovely!

As mentioned, the Moon and Stars are a big part of the Eid decorations. I have an extensive list of wonderful Star Crafts for you to browse, but just highlighting a couple here – we love the tissue paper star window decoration, and the regular craft stick stars, that you can decorate in so many ways!

I hope you enjoyed this Eid Crafts! Remember, there is of course a strong overlap with the Ramadan Activities for Kids – so you may want to browse these again too! And please do bookmark this blog, as we look to bring you Eid Al Adha crafts later in the year (we already have this cute Eid Sheep Gift Basket you can grab).

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