Chinese New Year Resources for Teachers & Parents

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I thought I would quickly create this Chiese New Year Resources page for both parents and teacher’s! I have SOOO many Chinese New Year activity collections, that sometimes things can get a little lost, and I find putting them together in one place, helps my readers. Now as an FYI, have separated this page into two sections – the Blog resources and the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s resources. As I appreciate that some of you want to jump straight to the ad-free downloads! So I have created a summary for you too! So.. here we go our Chinese New Year resources for the classroom and at home!

Ad-free Printable Resources for Chinese New Year

As 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, I am focussing on Dragon based bundles, as well as the Chinese New Year Zodiac bundles. These are all in the Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store, are ad-free and in easy to download PDF format. You can see the whole set of Chinese New Year resources here. Or the most popular are:

Chinese New Year Teacher Resources
Kids will love this collection of resources

Chinese New Year Resource Bundle

The Large Lunar New Year Bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers – this has our most popular dragon crafts, including the Chinese Dragon Puppet, The Dragon Twirler and our brand new Dragon Hand Puppet. It is heavily discounted to make the crafts as accessible and affordable as possible. Great value for sure!

12 zodiac animals
These are great for practicing your scissor handling skills

Exclusive Chinese Zodiac Hand Puppet Bundle

Zodiac Animals Hand Puppets in the Teacher’s Pay Teachers store – this is a gorgeous set of 12 Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages and Hand Puppets. The crafting element is relatively simple (great for scissor handling skills) and they are super fun to play with. Students can print, color and cut the Zodiac animal from the year they born in! Or maybe make a full set!

Exclusive 3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages

3d Zodiac Animal Coloring Pages on Teacher’s Pay Teachers – as an FYI these are avilabel individually as well, but the bundle is heavily discounted and really worth it! That said, if you are after JUST the 3d Dragon Coloring Page, you can get it here (it is really popular!).

Blog based Chinese New Year Activities and Crafts

For those of you on a tighter budget, I still have plenty of crafts (many that overlap with the paid for resources above and still contain elements of free printable pdfs). The main difference is that you will be served ads throughout and instructions are on the website and not in the handy worksheet format of the Teachers Pay Teacher resources. The freebies also need to be downloaded via gumroad, which require an extra step from you – but this is a necessary evil, to avoid cloning and hotlinking of resources. If this additional work is a problem, do visit Teachers Pay Teachers.. in the meantime we have:

Chinese New Year Crafts

Our most popular Chinese New Year Activity resources – the collection of a great mix of Chinese New Year Craft activities, ideas and printables – explore everything from Dragons, to Lions, to money envelopes and Red Lanterns – perfect for any Chinese New Year celebrations taht include lantern festivals!

kids chinese dragon crafts

Chinese Dragon Crafts

Just want to get straight to the point and after the Chinese Dragon Crafts? We have this for you too! Needless to say, these Dragon crafts are all perfect for the Year of the Dragon (and beyond!).

chinese new year lion
Dragon dances and Lion dances are part of most new year celebrations!

Chinese Lion Craft

Now the Chinese Lion is seriously underrated.. many people don’t realise that the Dancing Lions from the New Year’s Parades are in fact a lion and not “just” a cute little dragon. The Dancing Lions have their own roles on the day! Find out more about the Chinese Lion and some associated crafts!

zodiac origami animals

Zodiac Animal Origami Projects

We love explorigami and here is a collection of fantastic Chinese Zodiac Animal Origami projects.

12 Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Designs - which Zodiac Animal are you?

Zodiac Animal Bookmarks

Similarly, you know we are huge fans of the Corner Bookmarks, and have put together 12 fantastic Zodiac Animal Bookmarks for you!

Zodiac Animal Crafts

Finally, a collection of all the Zodiac Animal Crafts.. as I have been working on the Zodiac animals over the last few years, you will also see extra information to specific animals.. e.g. the Year of the Pig and so on. A great place to start your browsing!

So this is it (for now). I hope this helps you identify the Chinese New Year resources that you are interested in and in the format that you need for creating at home or in the classroom with your students.