Chinese Zodiac Crafts for Kids

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We have a whole section of dedicated to Chinese New Year crafts already.. however, as every year we have a different Chinese Zodiac Animal, I thought it would be fun to bring together a list of some ideas for each animal. These compliment our collection of Chinese Zodiac Origami projects.

Exploring Chinese New Year with Animal Crafts for the Chinese Zodiac
Chinese New Year 2020 is on Saturday 25th January 2020 and it is the Year of the Rat!

So depending on your interest, you can skip straight to the section that is relevant to you. Some sections will link to “bigger” sections with more animal crafts of the same sort. Some (for now) will “only” have 3 ideas for you. We also have a set of Chinese Zodia Bookmarks you may like!

The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals are:

As mentioned there are 12 Chinese Zodia Animals in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

You can learn about the power of the Chinese Animal Zodiac here.

When is Chinese New Year 2022?

Chinese New Year 2022 is on Tuesday the 1st February 2022 and it is the Year of the Tiger!

First up, we have a lovely set of 12 Zodiac Animal Greeting Cards:

Zodiac Animal Cards

Here is a set of Drawing Prompts!

Zodiac Greeting Cards

Or grab our 12 Zodiac Coloring Pages/ Greeting Cards

1. Year of the Rat Crafts (2008 – 2020 – 2032)

Now Rats aren’t really a typical “craft theme”… mainly because the rival the cuter MOUSE! So, I do have an amazing set of MOUSE DIYs.. and I think if you substitute the colours with greys, blacks and red, mainy of these mouse crafts would be perfect for the Year of the Rat!

Chinese Zodiac Crafts - Collage of rat and mouse crafts for kids
Collection of Mouse Crafts

If I was picking just ONE Mouse Craft for the Year of the Rat

Paper Mice Finger Puppets on Hands

I would most definitely make these easy Mouse Finger Puppets in grey and black! The long faces are perfect for Rats too:

child with mouse puppet made from paper

Or how about these Rat Paper Hand Puppets!

I love these Origami Mice – they would make perfect Origami Rats too.. don’t you think? But be warned, these are intermediate level – i.e. not ideal for younger kids.

2. Year of the Ox – 2009 – 2021 – 2033

Time for the year of the Ox. The Ox.. as little like the Rat and mouse, can be represent by some cow, highland cow or yak crafts. So here are a couple we have already – with a more extensive collection of Bull Crafts here.

Chinese Zodiac Crafts- Year of the Ox Crafts

All our Year of the Ox crafts here.

Picking out our favourites, it would have to include:

Cow Corner Bookmark Designs

Let’s kick things off with our super fun and favourite Corner Bookmark Crafts. And yes, we really do have a corner bookmark for every occassion, including this Year of the Ox Corner Bookmark DIY! I do think he looks rather like Ferdinand too!!

Year of the Ox envelopes

Similarly we have some adorable Cow Origami Envelopes! Changes up the colours for Year of the Ox and make use of our free Happy New Year printable.

Surely this cute TP Roll Yak or Highland Cow would pass as an Ox?

preschooler handprint crafts

Or how about this handprint Yak.. would also work nicely as a handprint OX for Chinese New Year? Maybe make it in red?

3. Year of the Tiger – 2010 – 2022 – 2032

We do love tigers! Such a fun craft all year round.. but of course, especially special for the Year of the Tiger in 2022!

year of the tiger crafts
Year of the Tiger Activities for Kids 2022

We have a whole set of tiger crafts for you.. but here is a little taster:

Simple Tiger Printing for Kids – this is a super lovely activity especially for toddlers and preschoolers! As you get to do some painting and use a template to cut your tiger out afterwards. Obviouslly, a little assistance will be needed at that point.

Birthday Tiger Card

Learn how to make these cute and easy Tiger Pop Up Cards! These are so cute. We made little “heart” pop ups as part of this, but just switch the colours out (reds and yellows are great for Chinese New Year) and maybe add some Chinese symbols (instead of the bees) and you have yourself a super cute Chinews New Year craft!

year of the tiger cards

Learn how to make this adorable and easy Tiger Origami Face. Use it as a Chinese New Year decoration (wouldn’t they be adorable as a tiger garland?) or… combine it with some Happy Chinese New Year Printables and make some cool greeting cards.

First Palette has a great Tiger Mask Printable

Or try this easy Paper Plate Tiger from No Time for Flashcards!

4. Year of the Rabbit – 2011 – 2023 – 2035

Well the year of the Rabbit is an easy one.. mainly because we do have SOOO many cute Easter Bunny Crafts!!! Again, if you wanted to make them more “Chinese New Year” appropriate.. have a play with the colours and introduce reds and golds. Find ALL our Rabbit Crafts here – with my favourite three below!

A collection of adorable Rabbit Crafts

If I had to pick three rabbit crafts for Chinese New Year, I would go for:

There is a simple and a trickier Origami Rabbit you can make!

Try the EASY Origami Rabbit or the slightly more intermediate Origami Rabbit.

Rocking Rabbits

Rocking Rabbits – as they are so fun and easy. You could add Chinese New Year messages instead of the grass!

Rabbit Bookmark Corners

Because you HAVE To have a Bookmark Corner… right? Love these easy Rabbit Bookmarks! See the full set of Chinese Zodia Bookmarks here.

5. Year of the Dragon – 2012 – 2024 – 2036

Our extensive collection of cool Dragon Crafts!

Chinese New Year Dragon Paper Puppets

Or have a go at these fantastic Paper Plate Dragon Twirlers!

Simple Dragon Mask Colouring Pages

6. Year of the Snake – 2013 – 2025 – 2037

Well of course, we have a Snake Corner Bookmark as mentioned before.. but here are some other great Snake makes you will like!

Chinese New Year crafts for kids - year of the Snake
Paper Chain Snakes are fun to make

My kids ADORE making Paper Chains.. so these Paper Chain Snakes are perfect for Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year Craft for Kids - Year of the Snake

Or alternatively take the humble TP Roll (yes how we love TP Roll Crafts!) and make a snake craft out of that. Lots of fun and super frugal!

Or how about these fantastic Finger Knitted Snakes?

7. Year of the Horse – 2014 – 2026 – 2038

Many of these Unicorns could easily be “just” Horse Crafts for Kids?

We have lots of Unicorn Crafts for Kids that could easily adapt to being great Horse Crafts for Chinese New Year.

How about a no sew Horse Sock Puppet?!

Just leave out the horn to make a simple Paper Hobby Horse

Paper Hobby Horse Craft

H is for Horse Miss Maren’s Monkeys

8. Year of the Goat – 2003 – 2015 – 2027 – 2039

I Heart Crafty Things has this super cute Paper Plate Goat Craft! Perfect for Year of the Goat.

Farm Wife Crafts has these adorable Toilet Paper Roll Goats, nice and easy to make too!

Or how about this simple Paper Bag Goat Puppet from Clubhouse Jr?

9. Year of the Monkey – 2004 – 2016 – 2028

How to make a monkey corner bookmark made from paper
We do love a Corner Bookmark for every occassion

Have a go at our super easy Monkey Corner Bookmark for the Year of Monkey Crafts! Lots more great Chinese Zodia Bookmark designs here!

handprint crafts
We have a wonderful Handprint Animal ABC

Little ones will love exploring this easy Monkey Handprint. A super fun idea for Chinese New Year. Maybe make it in red and gold?!

Easy Monkey Hat Craft over on Kix Cereal.

10. Year of the Rooster – 2005 – 2017 – 2029

Many of these Easter Chick Crafts would be suitable too!

Why not have a good browse of our Easter Chick Crafts – there are a number of fabulous crafts that could easily be adapted into making Roosters for Chinese New Year!

Cutest Egg Cup Chicken

We ADORE these Egg Carton Roosters. So easy and fun to make!

Or maybe make some of these simple TP Roll Rooster Gift Boxes – fill with lucky money for Chinese New Year!

Finally, make thse craft stick roosters in red and they will be a perfect way to celebrate the year of the rooster!

11. Year of the Dog – 2006 – 2018 – 2030

Chinese Zodiac Crafts - Year of the Dog
Dog Crafts for Kids

Again we have a collection of Easy Dog Crafts for Kids to browse.. but if I had to pick just three for the Chinese Zodiac exploration, I would pick the following:

One of our favourite dog crafts!

Super easy Dog Hand Puppets – these would be fun and quick to make!

Paper Plate Dog Masks for Year of the Dog

Fantastic Paper Plate Dog Masks (with template)

Reds and golds would make this in an amazing year of the dog craft!

Easy Origami Dogs

12. Year of the Pig – 2007 – 2019- 2031

Chinese Zodiac Crafts - year of the pig
We have a whole collection of Pig Crafts for Kids

We have a great collection of Pig Crafts for Kids that you can browse at your leisure.

If we had to highlight just three Pig Crafts for you.. I would pick these easy Paper Fortune Teller Pig Crafts (tell your fortune for the Year of the Pig!).

Isn’t this pig craft trio adorable

Toilet Paper Roll Pigs

Cute Origami Pigs

Or have a go at another easy Origami Pattern for kids – the Origami Pig!

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of Animal Crafts for Chinese New Year!! It is such a fun way to learn about and explore the Chinese Zodiac.

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Chinese Zodiac Crafts - 12 Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Designs - which Zodiac Animal are you?

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Chinese Zodiac Crafts: Exploring Chinese New Year with Animal Crafts for the Chinese Zodiac
Chinese New Year 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger!