Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Corner Designs


With Chinese New Year just around a the corner and a host of fabulous but more general Chinese New Year Activities. I have a full set of Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Corner Designs! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger!

This compliments the recently shared Chinese Zodiac Craft collection. With over 120 Corner Bookmark Designs it was easy to pull this collection together for you.

Chinese Zodiac Animals: 12 Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Designs - which Zodiac Animal are you?
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with these wonderful Zodiac Animal Corner Bookmark Designs

So if you want to explore Chinese New Year via the Chinese Zodiac Animals… read on (and then use your bookmark to save your place).

The 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals are:

As mentioned there are 12 Chinese Zodia Animals in this order: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

You can learn about the power of the Chinese Animal Zodiac here.

When is Chinese New Year 2022?

Chinese New Year 2022 is on Tuesday 1st February 2022 and it is the Year of the Tiger!

Materials to make a complete set of Chinese Zodiac Bookmark Corner DIYs

  • Paper – ideally a RAINBOW PAD of printer quality paper. However, to make these extra Chinese New Year themed, you can take many of the crafts shared here today and see if you can make them in red, yellows and blacks!
  • Pens (mainly black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

So.. are you ready?! Let’s take a look at this set of 12 Zodiac Animals…

1. Year of the Rat Crafts (2008 – 2020 – 2032)

2020 is in fact the Year of the Rat! I don’t have too many RAT themed crafts to be honest.. though I do think many of our Mouse Crafts for kids are interchangable with rats.. just like these adorable and easy Mouse Corner Bookmarks.

How to make a rat corner bookmark

2. Year of the Ox – 2009 – 2021 – 2033

Next up we have the Year of the Ox!! My son has made a Cow Corner Bookmark before (see the one peeping in the background!) and essentially they are the same craft. Though I decided to make it extra bull or Ox like by changing around the colours a little and giving our Ox bigger horns.

The details Ox Corner Bookmark instructions here!!

Cow Corner Bookmark Designs

3. Year of the Tiger – 2010 – 2022 – 2032

Time for some fabulous TIGER crafts for Year of Tiger fans. Again, we created the basic corner bookmark and with some simple embellishments turned it into this adorable Tiger Corner Bookmark!

TIger Corner Bookmark Designs

4. Year of the Rabbit – 2011 – 2023 – 2035

We have lost of Rabbit Crafts on Red Ted Art – as both my kids adore rabbits and bunnies.. and of course Easter comes in handy for Bunny Crafting.

So without a further ado, our easy Rabbit Corner Bookmarks!

5. Year of the Dragon – 2012 – 2024 – 2036

We do have lots of cool Dragon Crafts for kids… Dragons are perfect for any Chinese New Year, but of course also for the Year of Dragon.

This Dragon Corner Bookmark is a bit of an odd one out.. and is made differently to the other Corner Bookmark Designs. Still easy and fun though!

You may also like our ueber popular Chinese New Year Dragon Paper Puppets!

6. Year of the Snake – 2013 – 2025 – 2037

Next up it is time for the Year of Snake and the our easy Snake Corner Bookmark. Perfect for Cobra Lovers.

Snake Corner Bookmark Design

You may also like our Finger Knitted Snakes!

7. Year of the Horse – 2014 – 2026 – 2038

We have lots of Unicorn Crafts for Kids that could easily adapt to being great Horse Crafts for Chinese New Year. Here speicfically we have the Unicorn – leave out the horn and you have your perfect Horse Corner Bookmark! You could also use the Dragon Corner Bookmark shared above and adapt it for the Year of the Horse!

8. Year of the Goat – 2003 – 2015 – 2027 – 2039

I was thinking of simply adapting my Sheep Corner Bookmark (see below) for Year of the Goat. But then felt it need it’s own design. Details for our Goat Corner Bookmark here!

Goat Corner Bookmark Designs

9. Year of the Monkey – 2004 – 2016 – 2028

Next up, it is time for the Year of the Monkey! Have a go at our super easy Monkey Corner Bookmark for the Year of Monkey Crafts!

Little ones will love exploring this easy Monkey Handprint. A super fun idea for Chinese New Year. Maybe make it in red and gold?!

10. Year of the Rooster – 2005 – 2017 – 2029

Why not have a good browse of our Easter Chick Crafts – there are a number of fabulous crafts that could easily be adapted into making Roosters for Chinese New Year!

These chicken and chick corner bookmarks would make great Rooster Corner Bookmarks too, don’t you think?

You may also love our Egg Carton Roosters.

11. Year of the Dog – 2006 – 2018 – 2030

Again we have a collection of Easy Dog Crafts for Kids to browse.. but in the meantime, here is our super cute Dog Corner Bookmark, based on the popular dog emoji.

Why not also check out our Easy Origami Dogs!

12. Year of the Pig – 2007 – 2019- 2031

Last but by no means least.. it is the Year of the Pig! And yes… we have our fun and quirky Pig Corner Bookmarks for you to enjoy!

Fun with Corner Bookmark Designs for Chinese New Year. Explore the Chinese Zodiac Animals.

And done! I can’t believe we actually had the whole Animal Zodiac Bookmark Corner designs to share with you. So fun!

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