Creative Christmas Day 1 – Make Gingerbread Cards


Easy cards for kids to makeWelcome to DAY 1 of the Virtual Advent Calendar brought to you by, Creative with Kids, Red Ted art, the Creative Christmas Countdown and 24 lovely bloggers from across the world. I am so excited to be the first to kick off our wonderful activities to keep you and your little ones busy this Christmas season. Don’t you just love Advent and getting festive?

Virtual Advent Calendar

You may, like us, still be in need of a Christmas card or two. You may like our little Gingerbread Men Cards. We actually made some Gingerbread Garlands like this (like a paper man chain), some cards (which you see here) and some very simple “individiual” men (in white) that the kids coloured in and decorated. Such a simple activity and yet they couldn’t get enough.

Materials: A gingerbread cookie cutter (if you don’t have one, I made a little Gingerbread Man template for you to print), light weight card (so your cards can stand up), pens and “things to decorate your card with”. We had stick on buttons, but gems would look nice, or you could cut out “pretend” Smarties out of felt or funky foam. Or simply just colour your men in.

1) Fold your card in half.

2) Use your cookie cutter (or the template) as a stencil. Make sure the hand and the foot touch the crease of the card. Trace your gingerbread man.

3) Cut him out. You should now have 2 gingerbread men, attached at the hands and feet that stand up by themselves.

4) Paint brown (if you wish, we did!).

5) Once dry, decorate to your heart’s content. The kids used eye stickers and button stickers, but really, anything goes! You may want to dress your ginger bread men up – maybe make a santa or a gingerbread snow man. Your call!

Admire. Then send to a well deserving friend or family member!

Now remeber.. this is part of the Creative Chirstmas Count virtual advent calendar. We have another 23 lovely activities and blogs all lined up for you this Christmas season.

Virtual Advent Calendar

I do hope you enjoyed the first day of your Virtual Advent Calendar! Each day Creative With Kids and Red Ted Art will feature the next activity. So tomorrow, visit come back to Red Ted Art for the Day 2 feature. Then go back to Creative With Kids for Day 3, then back there for Day 4 etc… odd days – Creative With Kids, even days Red Ted Art!!!