Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments for Kids

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Oh my it is Salt Dough Crafts for Kids kids time again!!! We adore salt dough and have a great easy Salt Dough Recipe for you to check out and try!! Salt Dough is inexpensive and versatile and a  great medium for kids of all ages!!! Today, we have a very special set of Salt Dough Crafts for you… Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments for Kids to make!! Nothing quite like some precious keepsakes don’t you think? It is in fact a guest post by the lovely Messy Little Monster, who has shared crafts here on Red Ted Art with you before (see below!!!) and I am chuffed to have her back and sharing a highlight of her favourite Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments to make, keep and treasure!!!

Salt Dough Christmas Decorations with Messy Little Monster!

Do you enjoy making salt dough crafts? We love them! It’s Louise here from ‘Messy Little Monster’ and we are here today to share with you some of our favourite salt dough crafts. We totally LOVE salt dough crafts, so I am delighted to be here sharing our top salt dough craft ideas with you. Salt dough is great for making ornaments, keepsakes and homemade gifts. It’s easy to make using supplies you will have at home and if stored correctly it will last for years! We adore Keepsake Crafts and Christmas is such a great time to make some.

As we head towards Christmas it’s time to start thinking about Christmas crafts! Oh I love this time of year so much! We make new salt dough ornaments every Christmas and I love seeing how the ornaments change as the children get older. Salt dough is not only great for making ornaments, it is brilliant for making handmade gifts for parents or grandparents.

Below you will find just a few of our favourite salt dough crafts from over the years.

How to make Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

There are many fabulous salt dough ornaments you can make. From the super simple (but effective) Heart Salt Dough Ornaments and Star Salt Dough garlands, to fabulous handprint salt dough decorations.

Easy Salt Dough Ornaments on Red Ted Art

Salt Dough Ornaments on Messy Little Monster

Handprint Salt Dough Ornament Designs

  • My absolute favourite salt dough ornaments that we bring out year after year are our santa salt dough handprint ornaments. I have made them for each of my 3 children and I love them so much! If you only have time for one salt dough craft this Christmas this would be my top choice!
  • If you are looking for an ornament that would look great alongside a salt dough santa it has to be our salt dough elf ornament. These cheeky elves are made using a cut out handprint and then painted using acrylic paint.
  • If you like the sound of making salt dough frames you will love our salt dough handprint frames. A child’s handprint and photograph together really does create the perfect keepsake or homemade gift.
  • Our latest salt dough craft is a penguin ornament. This baby handprint ornament is so tiny! Made from the imprint of my 9 month old babies hand and painted to look like penguins on an iceberg it is such a beautiful keepsake to treasure.
  • Moving away from salt dough ornaments to other salt dough crafts, you are going to love our salt dough handprint bowl. This small handmade bowl is perfect to keep a few of your special things in and I can guarantee that this is going to be a craft you treasure forever! This is the perfect homemade gift to make for a parent or grandparent!

Footprint Salt Dough Ornaments

  • It has been so hard to only choose a few salt dough ornaments to share with you as I love them all so much! But the final ornament I’m going to share today is our reindeer footprint craft. You can make these with children of any age, but smaller footprints make such cute reindeer! (and they hang better on the tree!).
  • This final craft is not actually made from salt dough, but it easily could be! We made the most adorable footprint heart keepsake bowl from air dry clay that I use to keep my rings in. The clay used to make this keepsake could easily be switched to salt dough to make a salt dough footprint bowl!

Other Salt Dough Ornament Ideas (using cookie cutters!)

  • Another favourite Christmas ornament is our salt dough fingerprint Christmas tree. This ornament is great for pre-schoolers that want to get hands on with their Christmas crafts. Using coloured salt dough young children can cut out their own Christmas tree shapes and add painty fingerprint lights.
  • Ornaments that include photographs are so personal. You are going to love our picture frame salt dough ornaments. We kept them simple by using a star cookie cutter and painting them with gold paint, but they look so effective hanging on the Christmas tree and they make really cute keepsakes.

I hope that you enjoy making a few of the salt dough crafts that we have shared with you today and that it has inspired you to start the Christmas crafts (if you haven’t already!). Which of these ideas do you think you might try first? If you are still looking for more ideas we have lots more keepsake crafts kids can make that you might like to take a look at too!

Have fun with these salt dough crafts and enjoy making some salt dough ornaments or keepsakes to treasure and bring out year after year!