Christmas Science Printable: Balancing Elf!

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Let’s explore some fun Christmas Science with this fabulous STEAM project for you and your little ones: a balancing Christmas Elf. It is such a fun project not only because of the super cute elf colouring page, but also because you get to play with your elf whilst learning about balance and the centre of gravity, as well as developing fine motor skills. This is a fun project for kids of all ages, from preschoolers through to KS1 and KS2! They will just require different levels of assistance!

Disclaimer: this is a collaboration with Learning Resources (a website dedicated to fun educational resources) that enables us to bring you this wonderful Christmas colouring page toy for FREE!

Christmas Science

I do love this resource, as it ticks so many of my happy boxes – a bit of fun colouring mindfulness time, simple cut out and assembly and hopefully HOURS of fun! And the best bit.. it is Christmas themed. Fab little Christmas science experiment indeed!

Educational benefits of this Balancing Elf Craft

We love this STEAM Balancing Elf Project for a number of fun learning opportunities:

  • You get to spend time colouring and crafting with your kids.
  • You can introduce and explore topics such as balance and the centre of gravity.
  • You can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours while colouring with green and red being dominating Christmas colours.
  • They are fabulous for fine motor skills (e.g. colouring, cutting out the puppet parts).
  • They make wonderful handmade paper toys to engage with longer.
  • Great seasonal fun in the run up to Christmas time!

Supplies needed for the Balancing Christmas Elf Project:

christmas steam balancing elf
  • Our free Balancing Elf printable,
  • Card stock,
  • Colouring pens, markers or paints,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • Blue Tack or double sided tape,
  • 2 coins

You will have to visit the Learning Resources website to download the printable from over there! This way we are available to provide this adorable Christmas Science Printable for FREE!

STEAM Gravity & Balance: Balancing Christmas Elf Paper Craft

balancing elf toy

How to make your Christmas Elf Balance

free elf printable

1.) Download the printable! Start with colouring in the Christmas Elf.

making your balancing toys

2.) When you are done colouring fold the paper halfway.

balancing toy assembly

3.) Open up the paper and turn it so you see the back of the paper. Add glue to one side but leave out the hands of the elf. Glue shut the paper. Wait until dry. You now have an elf on front and back of the paper.


4.) Take your scissors and cut out the Christmas Elf along the guiding line.

add the coins

5.) Add blue tack or double sided tape to both sides of a coin and stick it in between front and back of Elf’s hands. Repeat for other hand.

balancing elf printable

Time to test if your Christmas Elf is able to balance! Have fun!

Christmas Science extension ideas:

  • Hand your kids printable, colouring pens, scissors, glue, blue tag/double sided tape and 2 coins without any further instructions apart from that the Christmas Elf shall be able to balance on their finger when completed.
  • Test how different weights help the elf balance more easily. When coin is lighter or heavier?!
  • What other materials apart from coins could be used? (e.g. magnet)
  • What happens if you bend the elf’s legs?!
  • Where else can your elf balance apart from on your finger? Can you manage the elf to balance on your big toe?! 🙂
  • Draw your own Christmas Elf. What will you have to watch out for so the Elf will be able to balance? (e.g. equal weight on left and right side of the elf, the taller the elf the trickier the balancing will be)

So what’s stopping you? Download this free Christmas printable and come this month of December, have some STEAM Christmas Fun!

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