Halloween Suncatcher Craft with Popsicle Sticks

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The popsicle stick crafting fun continues! As we work through the seasons, we have another lovely little popsicle stick Halloween craft idea for you – a Halloween Suncatcher Craft! These are easy to make and can made using either recycled tissue paper or coffee filters. As always, I encourage you to work with the items you already have to hand! And we also have some handy free templates to trace of cut out if you wish!

Craft Sticks make great Suncatcher Frames for Halloween!

We chose to make our Halloween Suncatchers using just orange tissue paper (the kids vote!), but they would look great in different Halloween colors too – think purple, green and yellows. You can use a whole square of one color tissue paper or add strips. Similarly, and I know we haven’t done this (yet!), you could explore color mixing with coffee filters first and use those too. I think they would look great!

I found that tracing the templates on the tissue paper work better with some than with others (I used different scraps) – it can tear! So take care. And alternative ways of adding silhouettes are provided!

Craft supplies needed for these suncatcher decorations:

craft supplies needed
  • 4 same sized popsicle sticks per suncatcher
  • Black paint (though felt tip marker pens can also be used)
  • Tissue paper in desired colors or coffee filter paper
  • Black marker pens for tracing OR free printables to cut out OR black construction paper to cut, and glue in place
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • String and sticky tak for hanging

The halloween outlines are hosted on gumroad for ease. Simply add $0 at checkout for this freebie!

How to make your Halloween Suncatcher decorations

We have a video tutorial of this craft on auto play for you too!

Preparing the popscicle stick frame

color the popsicle sticks black

Paint or color in your popsicle sticks in black. You don’t strictly speaking need to do this, but we think it looks better.

Let dry fully.

make a popsicle stick frame
This is a great opportunity to discuss shapes

Now glue the popsicle sticks into a square frame. Again let dry. Glue stick is actually strong enough for this. But PVA glue is more durable. So choose what supplies you have to hand. You MAY wish to make the frames ahead of time.

Adding the tissue paper background to the suncatcher frames

glue tissue paper

Add glue to the two parts of the frame that lie flat.

Stick on top of the tissue paper.

cut the excess off the frame

Cut out the paper, so you are left with a neat edge.

Adding your black outlines for the suncatcher

Now you have a choice of three ways to add your spooky outlines:

  1. Trace the templates with a black pen (take care not to rip the tissue paper)
  2. Cut out the templates (there are two types – one for tracing in more detail and one more suitable to cutting)
  3. Cut your own shapes from black paper!

All three methods work and look great! They are just different ways depending on your child’s dexterity.

Now choose what designs you would like to add to your suncatcher. Pumpkin suncatchers are super popular, as are ghosts! And use any of the three methods suggested above.

halloween suncatcher

Here we made a jack-o-lantern and black cat using the tracing method. and made the ghost using the cutting out method (great for scissor skills!).

Hanging your Halloween Suncatcher Craft

add hanging string to suncatcher frame

We add string to the back with some sticky tack. These suncatcher frames are quite light weight, so you could simply use blue tack to attach it to the window!

halloween suncatchers

And done!

I think this is a great activity for kids of all ages, from toddlers right up to elementary school kids. I love the tissue/ coffee filter version as it is more eco friendly than using cellophane or contact paper – both the (recycled) craft sticks and tissue paper bio degrade! The coffee filter method is probably easier for younger kids!

Now.. if you liked these Halloween Suncatchers, you may also want to use the craft to make a fabulous little Halloween Lantern? You simply need 5 panels for this!

halloween craft stick lanterns

Hope you enjoyed this little Halloween Decoration. Needless to say, we have MANY more Halloween Crafts here on Red Ted Art, do check them out.. as well as lots of craft stick craft inspiration too!