Fun Granny Squares Project Ideas

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Many beginner crocheters, start off by learning how to make a Granny Square. Well, I did! And so did my kids, when we made a massive granny square blanket during one of the covid lockdowns (dare we mentioned those days again?). So once you have mastered this crochet pattern, what can you make with a Granny Square? Here are some brilliant things to make with Granny Squares!

ideas for granny squares

Classic Granny Square projects:

  • Pot Holders – using large granny squares, a number of granny squares combined and two sets of granny squares back to back (to add thickness) – I have shared one below
  • Scarf – is a great way to connect a long line of granny squares
  • Granny Square Bags and Tote Bags – we have shared MANY different types of granny square bags before
  • Sweaters/ jumpers/ cardigans are popular – granny squares make fabulous jumpers or cardigans (I will share a couple of clever baby cardigans below + one grown up one to whet your appetite for these)
  • Blankets and Throws – this of course the most popular way to use up granny squares and it is the project the kids an dI made during lockdown
  • Granny Square Cushions are also popular – I have shared a free cushion project below

What I love about ALL these Granny Square projects, is that you can take your favorite granny square design and make all these crafts. Lots of inspiration for you here today. They all start off with that square crochet pattern and then get turned into something wonderful and new.

Clever uses for Granny Squares

What I really like.. is when you have some clever and maybe unexpected uses for Granny Squares. So here is a collection of some of my favourite granny square projects available!

Granny Square Chicken Crochet

If you know our Pyramid Chickens – you will know how perfect two Granny Squares combined are for making this adorable 3d Crochet Chicken by Sweet Softies. I do love a clever use of rectangles!

pigs in blanket granny square

The Original Pigs in Blanket Granny Square ornament

Firstly – I think (!) this is the only granny square project shared here today that isn’t free… but it is so so soooo cute and fun, that I felt I had to share it anyway! Secondly – this is the original Pigs in Blankets crochet ornament. It has been copied many times since, but I did want to share the orginal. I hope you agree that it is super cute and NEEDS to be in this collection of Granny Square Project Ideas. Grab you copy from Etsy (affiliate link added for convenience) or Ravelry (no affiliate link)!

Granny Square Glove Project

I always though making gloves is hard.. but on no! See how Lullaby Lodge‘ tutorial and how she makes fingerless gloves. Clever!

Granny Square Projects – Pencil Case

Love the look of this Granny Square Pencil Case by Skip to My Lou! Such a clever Granny Square project to add to the collection. Though I would recommend lining this one with fabric!

Cute Granny Square Pin Cushion Project

Love this little pin cushion – as it is relatively quick and easy to make. Great for using up yarn ends and odds. Pop over to Love Stitches who shows us how easy it is to make a Granny Square pin cushion! Definitely a beginner-friendly project!

Decorative Granny Square Project

I love the playful ness of Sweet Bee Crochet granny square project. She shows us how to make a textured Granny Square for wall hangings! And different the same granny square can look, by hanging at different angles and adding details such as tassles. Pom poms could look great too. And I LOVE the little stick hangers.

Granny Square Garland Triangles

Learn how to make triangle Granny Squares with Attic 24 and string them up for a wonderful Birthday Garland.

Papel Picado Banner

Ok.. I have to sneak this one. Yes.. a bit different granny squares.. not quite right. I know.. but actually it is simple a fabulous little crochet pattern. Learn how to make a Papel Picado inspired crochet banner. Just fantastic. And I felt I had to sneak it in. Because – why not. Check Mooey and Friends for this free crochet tutorial.

Granny Square Pot Holders

Here, as promised, is a real granny square project classic – the Granny Square Pot holders by Mama in a Stitch

Granny Square Cushion Cover

As mentioned there are many fun ways to use granny squares as cushion covers. I but I like this one, as it is a little bit different. Learn how to make this Granny Square Cushions by B Hooked Crochet today.

Granny Square Christmas Stockings

I have always LOVED the look of these Granny Square Stockings! Here are two different types. The first by Persia Lou uses as Hexagon Granny Square and the second by Naztazia a traditional square Granny Square.

Granny Square Project – Slippers

Here is another fun way, that to use Granny Squares.. make Granny Square slippers. Such a clever way of connecting your crochet squares into a slipper. See Gathered for info and this free pattern.

Large Granny Square Sweater

Love the look of this large Granny Square Sweater by Hanhan Crochet – she really makes this Granny Square tutorial look so easy – with no complicated cuffs or shaping, but still a fabulous loking rainbow jumper! So fun! I want one now.

Granny Square Baby Cardigan

Here the Granny Square Baby Cardigan I promised earlier. As you can see – the layout is so simple and clever – all you need is 12 Square pattern crochet pieces. Visit All Crafts Channel for the full project tutorial with step by step photos! This would make a great new baby gift using just your basic granny squares.

Check out the Granny Square Totes & Bag collection here – this includes many designs, from single granny square bag, to market bag and tote bags:

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