Mixed Media Andy Warhol Portraits with Kids

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Welcoming back the fabulous Making Mini Masters from Instagram for today’s Great Artist Exploration: Mixed Media Andy Warhol Projects for kids!

We love exploring The Great Artists with kids, and today Making Mini Masters is sharing this fantastic collage project exploring Andy Warhol with us.

Artist of the Moment | Andy Warhol | Portrait

Mixed Media Andy Warhol Portraits with kids - collage of 4 Andy Warhol Art Projects by kids

Being one of the most famous artist of the 20th century, Andy Warhol used his former career in advertisement as the foundation for his art career which changed how we view art. He used photography in a new way by adding neon acid colours to the images of celebrities whom he photographed. He formed the screen printing technique we know today in order to mass produce his art ranging from small to very large pieces. This process also allowed him to repeat the same image giving us his iconic multi-image prints.

Andy Warhol Portraits – Materials needed:

  • Printable Portrait for tracing (optional) – enter $0 at check out
  • Cardboard
  • Black paper
  • White paper (for sketching)
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie
  • Wool – White, Red, Green, Pink
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Paint Sticks

Enter $0 at check out!

Our Andy Warhol Portrait Process

Mixed Media Andy Warhol Portraits with kids - collage of 4 Andy Warhol Art Projects by kids

Our mini Masters decided to make a portrait of the man himself as they dipped into a bundle of wool which was screaming out to be used. It helped to create Warhol’s wild white wig which he wore to accentuate his already white hair.

Create a Sketch of Andy Warhol

We started with sketching a portrait of Andy Warhol and outlining it with a black sharpie. For the younger Mini Masters, it was easier for them to trace over an already sketched image. This should show through the white paper very easily.

Transferring the Portrait to Cardboard

Taking the cardboard, they placed their portrait on top and traced around the black outlines with enough pressure to imprint into the cardboard. After they followed the embossed lines with a pencil and then a Sharpie. Andy Warhol’s portrait was then cut out.

Making Andy Wahol’s Hair

Three bunches of wool were gathered together with pipe cleaners in the colours according to the wool and pierced into the cardboard at the top of Andy’s head making sure the wool I long enough to allow our Mini Masters give him a wild style haircut.

Mounting the Mixed Media Andy Warhol to black card

Finally, sticking the portrait to black paper allow the portraits to stand out recreating some iconic Andy Warhol self-portraits which we would call today a “selfie”.

Mixed Media Andy Warhol Portraits with kids - collage of 4 Andy Warhol Art Projects by kids

Simplification idea

Though we urge you to follow the steps above – allowing the kids to practice drawing and different transfer techniques.. you CAN take the printable provided and print straight to colourful card and use that as a basis for your artwork.


We love the DIY Self Portraits we created for our “Pop Art Father’s Day Art” – the tracing technique is fantastic, looks great and is do- able for a wide age range. Do check it out and maybe create some Pop Up Selfies in today’s project’s process!

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