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Tra-la-la-la-la… oh how I love Christmas! And all that Christmas brings. One of our favourite crafty activities at this time of year (as you may well know already!!!) is making Christmas Tree ornaments we also rather adore Easy Snowman Crafts and we ADORE DIY Ornament Ideas . Let’s make some easy Cork Snowman Ornaments!

Snowman Crafts - Cork Ornaments for Kids
First shared in Nov 2016

I don’t know WHY I love homemade Christmas decorations so much, but I do. Maybe because they tend to be small and cute and you can make lots and lots and lots of them and then ooh and aah at them when they are hanging on the tree! I also think that homemade Christmas Ornaments make for lovely little gifts to friends and family and look gorgeous as part of your gift wrap. So today… we have some cute little Snowmen Cork Ornaments. In fact, they are a bit like a set of RAINBOW Snowmen. Perfect to add some colour to the season! They lovingly with our Santa Corks from last year! And there are many more Festive Cork DIYs here.

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Snowman Ornament Crafts for kids

This also convert into great Olaf Snowmen

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Snowmen Corks – Materials:

  • Corks (ordinary ones or champagne ones)
  • White acrylic paint
  • A little craft wire or similar
  • Pipecleaners in assorted colours
  • Felt in assorted colours
  • Black & orange pens
  • White/ PVA glue or a hot glue gun

Don’t have lovely in laws who save LOTS of corks for you? Get some here – UK Readers and US Readers (affiliate links)

Snowmen Cork Ornaments How To:

Check out our fun, quick and easy video tutorial or the step by step photo guide here!

1) We began by adding the craft wire to the top of the corks, to allow for a little “handle” to hold whilst painting. Also means you can your corks up to dry if you want.

Cork Crafts - Snowmen Ornaments

2) Paint your corks white.

Snowmen Crafts - Ornaments

3) Once dry make some pipe cleaner earmuffs – twist the end into a snail like curl. Measure your cork to see how much you need to “go across your snowman” and then twist the other end into another ear muff. Cut any excess off. We glued ours in place with a hot glue gun as the kids were impatient to get them finished.

Snowman Crafts for Kids

4) Cut a thin strip of felt and wrap around the snowman – a great time to practice a “simple knot”. Cut some tassles into the end.

Snowman Ornament Crafts

5) Now you can add the snowman’s face, nose and buttons.  

Cork Crafts - Snowman Ornament

And done! Stand back and admire adorable little Snowmen Ornaments!! Woohoo!

Snowman Crafts - Cork Ornaments for Kids

We have both a how to video and step by step photo guide… choose the method you prefer!!

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That should keep you busy!!!

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