23 Homemade Ornaments for Christmas

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We Heart Homemade Ornaments! We now have an updated Christmas Ornaments DIY page, with 50+ ideas to keep you busy – organised by age group this is a great resource to check out! We also have an easy to print (great as worksheets) 30 Ornament Ebook you can download here.

MORE homemade ornaments for all the family to make. We love homemade decorations - they are so fun to make and make great little gifts for kids to give at Christmas.
Handmade Christmas Ornaments are wonderful Keepsakes to make with the kids!

You may have noticed that we go Homemade Ornament crazy around from now until December. I am not sure what is about Autumn but all the nature crafts and walnut crafts lend themselves perfectly for Ornament making, which make dear little gifts in the run to Christmas.

So.. .without further ado:

Our Homemade Ornaments

Our Favourite Paper Ornaments to Make

Paper Crafts are magical and so so sooo versatile. Again, we have a whole set of Paper Ornaments to explore and browse. But 3 of our favourite include:

Mickey Mouse Ornaments! So easy and fun!

A set of Princess Paper Dolls Ornaments (free to download!)

Fabulous Paper Folded ornaments

DIY Walnut Ornaments are gorgeous

We LOVE crafting with Walnuts and have a great Walnut Crafts Round Up for you to explore.. but in the meantime – 3 favourite Walnut Oranment ideas:

Walnut Owls Craft idea

Dear Walnut Owls (Granny got some for her Birthday)

Walnut Reindeer Craft

Walnut Raindeer – eat the nut AND make your reindeer!

Fun Winter Bears

In this Walnut Ornament range – we also have a Walnut Fox and a Walnut Penguin design!

Easy Ornaments to Sew with Felt

Christmas Ornaments Sewing is a great way to get kids to give hand sewing a go. They are small projects, quick to make and finish and wonderful to give. For Christmas, our favourite Sewing Projects include:

Gifts kids can make - keyring

Felt Hearts (also usable as key rings!) – grandparents will love these as a keepsake

Easy Felt Penguin Ornaments

Explore basic shapes with these adorable Felt Penguin Ornaments

Animal lovers will love this set of felt Pet Ornaments. Customise these to suit your own pets!

pipe cleaner pixies

One more: nordic inspired mini pixies – my (then) 10yrs old made these last year with a little help (cutting) from me!

finished felt reindeer

More felt sewing with these basic shape Felt Reindeer Ornaments (similar to our penguins above!)

play with gnome hat embellishments - hearts or snowflakes

How about some super duper cute little Felt Gnome Ornaments? These come with a free gnome pattern too!

DIY Yarn Ornaments for Christmas

yarn wrapped ornaments

Fun with Yarn Wrapping! Check out our newspaper and Yarn wrapping technique to make our cute Yarn Wrapped Snowman and….

snowman craft

… similarly the Yarn Wrapped Knitting Ball ornaments!

Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament

Next have a go at our Yarn Wrapped Trees!

axolotl pom-pom

For pom pom and axolotl lovers… these pom pom axolotls can be made in any colour combination, using up your left over yarn scraps!

Recycled Ornament Crafts for Kids

During a time of plenty (and ahem excess!!), why not give recycled crafts a go. There are plenty of wonderful Recycled Ornaments to try, including:

Puzzle Craft Ideas - Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornament (use up those old puzzles)

Stained Glass Baubles” made from pringles lids

Upcycled shirt button snowflakes

Craft stick star ornaments

If you are recycling ice lolly sticks, then the “classic” Popsicle Stick Stars are a wonderful ornaments to make too.. you have lots of choices including:

Recycled Christmas Ornament Ideas

Keepsake Ornaments (aka recycled cardigans)

gold dinosaur christmas tree ornament diy

How about recycling old dinosaur toys to make these fabulous dinosaur ornaments!

Santa ornaments

Corks make wonderful recycled ornaments.. I could do a whole row of Cork Christmas Ornaments for you – we have everything from Penguins, to Gingerbread Men and Snowmen… but continuing on the general upcyceld theme – Cork Santas (we also played some Santa bowling) and…

corks (2)

Cork Mushrooms (we love our little corks and play with them too)

Beaded Ornaments/ Pipecleaner Ornaments for Fine Motor Skills

How about some cute Pipecleaner Crafts for Christmas Ornament Making?! Again, our favourites include:

Simple Christmas Crafts for preschoolers

Super simple Bead Wreaths (great for keeping young hands busy whilst you do other things)

pipe cleaner snowflakes

Pipecleaner Snowflake Ornaments – these are soooo pretty! The key is to find some LOVELY beads. The rest is super easy! This set of beads is by Kids Made Modern.

Pipecleaner Christmas Trees – fantastic for fine motor skills!

Recycle Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornaments

We have a set of Popsicle Stick Ornaments made using our recycled ice lolly sticks from the summer..

popsicle stick star ornaments

First up, we have the super simple craft stick star ornaments. These are a real “craft classic” now for using up popsicle sticks at Christmas time. A super versatile craft that is easy to embellish with buttons, pom poms or yarn. We have more coming soon!

Nature Ornaments for Christmas

Nature crafting is super fun! And crafting with nature is of course fabulous for Christmas too. We particularly love dried orange slices for that rustic look, but you may also like:

Santa Stick Man

Stick Santa (you know how we love Sticks!!)

Pom Pom Pinecone Trees

Pom Pom Pine Cones Trees (fabulously tactile for small hands)

Angel Ornaments made from pine cones (these are also on auto play!)

Dried Orange Slices Fox Ornaments - learn tricks to keep oranges bright

Dried Orange Slices really are the best.. how about turning them into Orange Slice Fox Ornaments

NEW: We also have a super cute Dried Orange Slice Reindeer!!!!

Nature Crafts Acorn Angel

  Nature Crafts Angel (made purely from things found in nature)


Ice Ornaments (why not decorate the great outdoors too?) – certainly a different type of nature craft!

Homemade Clay Recipes to make Clay Ornaments

Finally.. make your own “doughs” or clays. Salt Dough is amazing (we particularly love Salt Dough Santa Stars) – but you can go right back to basics too:

Salt dough crafts for kids

Saltdough Hearts (such a classic!) – take your favourite cookie cutter shapes and get cutting. Make hearts, stars, moons and more..


White Clay Hearts (though make them any shape!)

How to make white clay ornaments

Similarly we have these beautiful Cornflour Ornaments! Love the combination of nature finds on these!

Paper Baubles

Papier Mache Baubles (yes, a bit random, but wanted to see if it would work!)

Example of how we like to give our Homemade Ornaments in the RUN up to Christmas including some yummy recipes:


(we also like to put them in Granny’s and Auntie’s Christmas stockings).

Here is the COMPLETE list of our 50+ Ornament Ideas for kids and grown ups:

Right. That should keep you busy  making homemade ornaments all Autumn!!!

Now our FAVOURITE 30 DIY Christmas Ornament is available in this handy download as an ebook:


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