Cutest Sloth Crafts for Kids!

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My kids and I ADORE sloths. I am not sure what it is about these lovable creatures, but we can’t get enough of them. And to celebrate our loves for Sloths, I have the cutest sloth crafts for kids collection for you today. Grab you glue sticks, and let’s get started!

cute cloth projects for kids

There are many fabluos sloth crafts for adults and sloth projects for kids out there. I had a good browse of the big wide web and brought together my favourite ones! Some come with free printable sloth templates, others, guide you through the step by steps needed to create your very own sloth! And of course, we have some Red Ted Art specials too!

Just a quick one up front – did you know that sloths come in two varieties? The three toed sloth and the two toed sloth – though they aren’t really toes but claws! And that the sloth that is most frequently made as sloth crafts – is the pygmy sloth only found in Panama? A reason to go to Panama right there!

When we travelled to Costa Rica, my family and I were lucky enough to see some two toed sloths and three toed sloths on our travels. They were SO CUTE! And for usre inspired today’s collection of ridiculously cute sloth crafts!

Your Sloth Basics when crafting

Sloth DIYs are actually fairly simple – especially if you keep your focus on the sloth facial features. Ideally you need 2 brown tones (though 1 will work two), a cream or beige and then you are working with ovals (or circles) for the head and face plys some eye patches, which are not too disimilar to tear drops. Add black markers for nose, eyes and a smiling mouth and that it is it.. these are the elements needed to make the iconic adorable faces. Incorporate these basic shapes in your sloth craft and you can make all sorts of wonderful sloth DIYs! Any crafting novice can manage these simple shapes!

The positioning of the eye patches, nose and mouth, then gif your individual sloths it’s own personality!

Readding for some chilled out aahing and oohing? Then read on and check out following creative sloth DIY ideas.

Paper Sloths Crafts

Paper Sloth Bookmark Corner

paper sloth bookmark
Cute and easy sloth corner bookmarks

As you know, we are GREAT fans of corner bookmarks, and no collection is complete with out one of our fabulos Corner Bookmark Designs. They are fun and easy to make and make great little gifts all year round. So here we have our very own Sloth Bookmark Corner today! Grab some paper in different browns, scissors and glue sticks and your sloth bookmark gift is quick and easy to make! The perfect easy paper sloth craft done!

Simple Paper Sloth Craft

paper sloth craft
You can make sloths in non traditional greys and blues too! You don’t HAVE to stick to brown and cream!

Color Me Crafty has another simple paper sloth craft for you to try. This would be a wonderful sloth craft as part of a bigger animal collage (or rainforest collage), but would also work really well on the front of a greeting card to give to sloth-loving friends. This craft comes complete with free paper sloth printable.

sloth templates
How to make a sloth out of paper, version 2!

Big Family Blessings also has a super duper cute paper sloth for you to make – and it ALSO comes with a free Sloth Template (no sign up required!). Adore the cute mouth of the paper sloth, combined with the rosy cheeks in this craft!

Clothes Peg Sloth

clothespin sloths

Combine clothes pegs with paper sloth crafts and make these adorable Mummy and Baby Sloth combo by Craft Project Ideas! Aren’t they cute?

Sloth Handprint Craft for Toddlers, Kindergarten or Preschool

kindergarten handprint sloth

Next on our list of adorable sloth craft projects, is of course th handprint sloth! This is the perfect craft for younger children – toddlers. kindergarten kids and preschoolers! All handprint crafts make wonderful keepsakes. Believe me – your kids’ hands will be so big before you know it.. and preserving a handprint or traced hand in construction paper becomes really precious. Check out this cute Sloth Handprint Craft by SDCDM.

Paper Plate Sloth Craft

easy paper plate sloth
Easy Paper Plate Sloths

The Paper Plate Sloth craft gives you an opportynity to craft the sloth’s body with it’s wonderful long arms and claws! The paper plate sloth is a perfect example of this, and this paper plate sloth by Our Kid Thing shows you how quick and easy it is to make this adorable craft today!

Recycled Sloth Pen Pots

sloth pen pots

Those of you that have been following Red Ted Art closely over the years, know that I create a special “Best Makes Ever” series in partnership with Arty Crafty Kids for Sky Kids UK. It is now in season 4 (can you believe it!!!). Season 2 includes our very own Sloth Pen Pots – made from recycled yogurt pots and a lick of paint! A great way to get back to school ready! Check it out here More Best Makes Ever (Season 2 on Sky Kids)!

If plastic pots and acrylics paints are not your thing – you could easily give these a go with paper and tin cans (similar to the process used to make these simple tin can penguins!).

Felt Sloth DIY

finished handmade sleeping mask

First up, we have a super simple DIY Sleep Mask! Isn’t it adorable? Guaranteed to make sure your sleep like a sloth tonight!

free sloth sewing pattern

Whilst on holiday in Costa Rica, we saw a fair few adorable felt sloth crafts in the tourist shops. Sewing your own Sloth Softie is relatively simple, with the right pattern, so we have been looking to find the best Felt Sloth Projects for you to have a go at and we thought this free Sloth Sewing Pattern by BincBonc was just adorable. Sewing is a great for fine motor skills for kids.. and your finish sloth makes a great little gift at Christmas too! Stock up one differen brown felts, needles and thread and great ready to sew. The brown felt is also perfect for reindeer crafts around the Christmas holiday season!

Fun Sloth Art Projects

Or how about some wonderful sloth art projects? Here are three gorgeous sloth art ideas to give a go!

sloth art projects

First up we have the Art Teacher in LA. Learn how to draw a sloth and then get painting!

step by step sloth

Learn how to paint a sloth step by step here.

sloth art

Finally Arty Crafty Kids has this sleeping cutie! How adorable is he?!

Sloth Crafts for Adults and older kids/ teens

This section isn’t strictly speaking JUST for adults or teens – competent younger kids can give these a go too!

Crochet Sloth Pattern

free sloth crochet
Sloth crochet pattern

Crochet is BIG in my house, so of course we needed a free sloth crochet pattern for you. I found these sweeties over on The Twisted Crocheter!

Sloth Pencil Toppers with free pattern

sloth pencil toppers

Handmade Charlotte has some free and rather too cute Sloth Pencil Toppers. Love the colour co-ordination between the pencil and the sloth! The cutting and minor stitch require a little fine motor skills, so recommend this for more confident kids.

Sock Sloth Softie DIY

DIY Sock Sloth
Sock Sloth DIYs are a super fun beginner’s sewing project!

The sloth with it’s looong body and long arms is a perfect creation for using odd socks! I have learn my lesson about crafting with socks – which is – it is great fun, BUT don’t use a sock that is too old and too tired. I do love to recycle.. so maybe compromise and work with odd socks, instead of buying new sock pairs for this craft. But once you have the perfect socks… how cute this DIY Sock Sloth from Hello Creative Family? A great craft to have a go at some sewing and making something wonderful!

Yummy Sloth Cupcakes

sloth party

How amazing are these Hallmark Sloth Cupcakes?! If you love baking and decorating cupcakes is your thing, then you should definitely give these a go!

And that brings me to the end of our sloth projects. I hope I have persuaded you that you do NOT need a slot craft kit to have a go at making a sloth.. but that you give these ideas shared here today a go. Remember, the basic features of a sloth are relatively easy to replicate, so you can experiment and have fun without the need for a sloth craft printable!

I hopw you lovet his collection of fantastic sloth crafts and that provides you with enough crafty inspiration to give making your very own sloth a go. Remember.. to take the slower side of things, don’t hurry, be happy and have fun!

easy sloth craft ideas

Hoping to bring you more favulous cute sloth DIYS in the coming weeks, so be sure to bookmark this on pinterest and come and check out laterst DIYs in the future! We love all things sloth!