DIY Sloth Bookmark Corner

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We never tire of Origami Corner Bookmarks – they are so fun and easy to make and are a great easy STEAM project to get kids started on origami – looking at angles and symmetry and the great things you can make. Then learn how to decorate your origami bookmark and turn it into a fun DIY Sloth Bookmark Corner! And who doesn’t LOVE a Sloth Craft?!

sloth corner bookmark
Make your own paper sloth corner bookmark

We love these Sloth Corner Bookmarks – they are fun and easy to make. They would be great little novelty gift idea, or could be made as part of an animal study unit or Costa Rica/ Panama Study Unit!

To make your Sloth Bookmark Corner you will need:

supplies for a sloth bookmark

We went for “traditional” sloth colours of beiges and browns. But you can easily make this sloth any colour you want! Pastels, pinks, purples or blues! Your call! You can also use white paper to make this sloth and simply draw and colour in your own sloth with marker pens. Work with what materials are available to your students and kids!

  • main sloth body colour (we chose mid brown) – 15 cm long x 15 cm wide is a nice bookmark size! But it is not an exact science!!
  • contrasting eye colour (darker brown)
  • sloth’s face colour (we went for beige)
  • Scraps of pink paper for the rosy cheeks
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Time to make this sloth bookmark for your animal loving bookworms!

How to make a Sloth Corner Bookmark

Begin by making your basic origami bookmark corner – this is the basic corner bookmark that we use for ALL our Corner Bookmark Designs – so fun and so versatile!

Watch our very own sloth corner bookmark video tutorial on auto play! A great easy tutorial to follow.

Basic Origami Corner Bookmark

First you will need to make a square out of your paper. Corner bookmarks need squares of paper, but here we show you how to create that perfect square!!

Creating a square from rectangular paper to make a bookmark corner
  • Take your A5 sheet of paper and fold over one corner to create a triangle.
  • Cut off the excess and rotate your triangle so the long edge is at the bottom and the right angle faces up. Make sure the top of the triangle is looking up and you have the long edge running perpendicular.
  • Fold the lower right corner up to meet the top right angled corner.
  • Repeat for the left side.
  • Fold these two back open.
  • Flip down ONE of the top sheets and crease.
How to make an Origami Bookmark Corner
Final steps of the Origami Bookmark Corner
  • Now fold the flaps you created back up and tuck INTO your bookmark.
  • Repeat for the other side
  • Congratulations, you have just created your basic Origami Corner Bookmark!

Decorate the Bookmark as a Sloth

sloth corner bookmark base

Create the Sloth’s facial features

Your sloth has the following key features:

  1. A round head (this will be the back of your bookmark)
  2. A beige face – this can be round or slightly bean shaped – almost the same size as the brown round head
  3. Some “tear drop or oval” darker brown eye markings
  4. A big cute nosey
  5. Happy sloth smile – the sloth’s mouth always looks so friendly
sloth's face features

I like to place my beige paper onto the brown bookmark and draw a rough outline to fit the size and shape of the bookmark. Then cut out the roundish/ ovalish face in beige.

Cut out the tear drops in darker brown.

Cut some rosy cheekys.

Put together and check if it all “looks right”.

glue sloth's eyes

Then glue the brown tear drops in place.

add sloth's features

Add eyes, nose and a happy smiley mouth with a black marker pen.

Finally glue the rosy cheeks in place.

trim eye piece

Trim off the edges to make fit the sloth’s face.

glue and trim

You have made the sloth’s face. And can now glue it to your bookmark.

Trim around the bookmark to shape your sloth’s head a little.

keep the sides of the bookmark
Don’t trim too much

NOTE: It is VERY IMPORTANT that you keep the two egdes in tact – else your bookmark will fall apart!

You can use off cuts to add a little quiff to your sloth.

paper sloth bookmark
DIY Sloth Bookmarks make great novelty gifts for animal lovers & bookworms!


Now you have made your lovely sloth bookmark, it is time to find a good book, pop up your feet and have a lovely read! They are great for marking your textbooks throughout the school year too. Alternatively, these of course make an excellent novelty gift to gift to bookworm friends on their birthdays, special occasions or Christmas. Such a cute novelty page holder. Say aaaah.

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