Daffodil Crafts for St David’s Day

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Spring is in the air and it means two things: Spring Flower Crafts, in particularly gorgeous and easy Daffodil Crafts and St David’s Day. St David’s Day is the national day for Wales on 1st March – also known as a Dydd G?yl Dewi Sant.

Daffodil Crafts for Preschoolers and Kids. We love Daffodil Crafts - they are perfect as Spring Crafts, St David's Day Crafts, as well as for Mother's Day. Such a cheery and bright daffodil craft!! #Daffodils #Daffodilcrafts #stdavidsday #spring #springflowers

To celebrate St David’s Day, I thought it was about time to bring together a gorgeous set of Daffodil Crafts for you browse. The Daffodil is Wales’ national flower and such a cheery and happy eblem for kids to get crafty with. These lovely Daffodil Crafts for Kids are of course also perfect for Mother’s Day and Spring Crafting!!

The best thing about these St David’s Day Daffodil Crafts, is that you can make them to celebrate St David’s Day.. but then leave these Daffodil crafts and Daffodil decorations up throughout Spring. Perfect St David’s Day/ Spring/ Mother’s Day AND Easter Crafts all in one!!! Who does love a beautiful Flower Craft?!

Daffodil Crafts for Preschoolers

  1. Egg Carton Daffodil Fairy Lights – fun and easy daffodil craft for preschoolers and older kids, make these simple daffodil fairy lights to bright up St David’s Day!
  2. Another wonderful Daffodil craft for preschoolers – gorgeous Paper Plate Daffodils (using Loo Rolls too) – a great thrifty St David’s Day Craft by Here Come the Girls
  3. More fun with Egg Cartons, with this clever bunch Egg Carton Daffodils. Love the how the different elements of the Egg Carton are used here via Fun Crafts Kids
  4. Did you know that cupcake cases make great flowers? Check out these easy Cupcake Case Daffodil Craft for St David’s day. Another brilliant St David’s Day craft for preschoolers and beyond. Found via Fun Crafts Kids
  5. Oh my, these Daffodil Boppers are just the CUTEST!!! How fun are they. If you are taking part in a St David’s Day parade or other St David’s Day celebrations, you simply have to make this easy Daffodil Bopper Craft with the kids by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
  6. Don’t like the boppers? But still looking for somethin to “wear”? Then how about a paper flower garden full of gorgeous Daffodils?! Yes here is a great Daffodil Garden Crown perfect for St David’s Day parades by Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
  7. We also adore this cheerful and easy Daffodil Bunting by Nuture Store
  8. Another great craft for preschoolers this St David’s Day are these easy Daffodil Suncatchers by Baby Centre
  9. Easy Daffodil Treat Cups (includes a free Daffodil Prinable) by Martha Steward (you will want to stock up on mini cupcake cases in yellow or oranges – e.g. US/ UK (affiliate links)
  10. Children are NEVER to young to have a go at still life painting, as Rainy Day Mum shows, and St David’s Day with it’s gorgeously sunny daffodils is no exception. Be brave. Embrace still life and have a go. Remember when working with Preschoolers it is all about the process!

Daffodil Crafts, DIYs & Recipes for older kids

  1. Fabulous POP UP Daffodil Cards – quick and easy to make
  2. These realistic Paper Daffodils Craft are a must see! Ideally a daffodil DIY for grown ups or older kids – but once you have mastered how to make these paper daffodils they will last you are life time!
  3. Gorgeous Paper Daffodil Origami – a great one for kids to learn how to make – whatch how on Surala World
  4. Or make a cute little St David’s Day craft with these Pipecleaner Daffodils by Blue Bear Wood
  5. And finally, after all that crafting.. relax with a glass of milk and some clever 3D Cookie Daffodils ( clever use of Star Cookie Cutters) by Kids Chaos

Flower Basket Weaving CARDS for Mother’s Day and Teacher’s! (Includes FREE Printable)

Oh and i know this is NOT a daffodil but a LEEK.. but the Leek is indeed the Welsh national vegetable.. and I thought this leek craft by the Filthy Wizard was just genius…

Welsh Leek: Can you guess what it is made from?? Just 2 materials and some paints…

St David’s Day Crafters.. I think you will also like this easy Dragon Corner Bookmark!

If you have any other daffodil DIYs to add to this lovely list, we would love tohear from you!

Wishing you a hapus dydd dewi sant!

You may also like our Flower Crafts Collection here (many of these flowers could quickly and easily be adapted to make daffodils!

Daffodil Crafts for Preschoolers and Kids. We love Daffodil Crafts - they are perfect as Spring Crafts, St David's Day Crafts, as well as for Mother's Day. Such a cheery and bright daffodil craft!! #Daffodils #Daffodilcrafts #stdavidsday #spring #springflowers