Adorable Paper Easter Crafts for Kids of all ages


We adore Paper Crafts – paper is inexpensive and oh so VERY versatile. There are so many great paper craft decorations, paper bookmarks and paper greeting cards you can make. Paper of course is also great for Easter Origami, but today is about so much more! With the new “season” upon us, it was time to bring together some of our favourite Paper Easter Crafts.

Easter Paper Crafts - some fabulous cute and easy Paper Crafts For Easter. From Paper Easter Decorations to the best Easter Printables #easter #papercrafts #printables
Adorable collection of Paper Easter crafts for kids of all ages!

We have here a great collection of Paper Easter DIYs to make from scratch, but also some wonderful Easter Printables for all to enjoy.  I hope enjoy these Easter Crafts as much as we do. We have MANY more Easter DIYs here on Red Ted Art from you – so if you are looking for Easter Preschool Crafts or Bunny Crafts or Chick Crafts.. do hop over and browse those too!

If you are looking for Easter craft ideas for the classroom, you really can’t go wrong with these paper crafts. Paper is inexpensive, easily accessible and surprisingly versatile. Join us and explore these lovely and easy paper Easter crafts today!

Easter Paper Decorations

We love decorating for the seasons. Once again Paper proves to be a fabulous craft material to decorate with. Some quick and easy Easter Paper Decorations for you to have a go at!

Sweetest Easter chick ornaments

Let’s begin our paper Easter crafts collection with our favourite Paper Chick Decoration! These are so so cute and easy to make. Grab some paper or construction paper in Easter pastel colours, something round to trace, scissors and glue and you are all set!

Cute Paper Rabbit Decorations for your Easter Tree

Simlarly you can make these adorable egg shaped Paper Bunny Decoration! Too cute! You could even add a pom-pom bunny tail if you wish!

easy easter basket diy

One for kids of all ages will love this next paper craft. How to make a simple paper basket and decorate it for Easter – these Easter baskets are great for Easter egg hunting or filled with Easter candy, but would also look super cute as Easter brunch table decorations! Learn how to make these from scratch or grab yourself a downloadable basket template!

Bobble Head Easter Bunny

This little trio of Easter Friends is FREE to print and make and the best bit.. it adds a little STEAM thinking to your craft lesson plan, as students get to learn how to make a simple paper spring. So fun! Make our 3d Easter Craft today!

Easter Chick Banner
Cutest Easter Egg Banner!

Cutest of cute egg shaped Easter Garland!! So easy to customise the colours and designs for your Easter decor. Grab the printable today!

Easter Wreathes (Printables) – here is s simple make if you are in a hurry.. print and colour your own paper Easter wreath with adorable bunny details!

Eggs templates of course are the perfect theme for paper Easter crafting. Such as this DIY Printable Easter Egg Bunting by Picklebums!

Simple Easter wreath!

Combing paper plates and colourful and patterned paper to make this simple Easter wreath! by The Resourceful Mama – some people like to make these out of craft foam but I encouagre you to keep these made from paper! So pretty and eco friendly too!

Easter Lacing Cards - free printable bunny

Learn about shapes and colours whilst practicing cutting skills and fine motor skills with these Free Easter Lacing Cards! Three designs to choose from. They make great ornaments, decorations or greeting cards for Easter!

Easter Origami For Kids

We adore origami!!! Origami is a great skill for kids to learn – great for hand eye co-ordination, concentration, following instructions and much more. Here are some great starter Origami Projects for Kids! We also have a whole section dedicated to Easter Origami for Kids!

Easy Origami Chick Envelope – all you really need is some yellow paper for this fun Easter craft! Then decorate with markers and off you go. Write your letter on the yellow paper, refold and post it to a loved one!

Next in our easy Easter craft exploring origami, we have the “classic” and super easy Origami Bunny face. They are super cute to make on their own (and stand up!) but can also easily be used as part of a greating card (have a Hoppy Easter) or a Easter collage/ art project! So cute.

Next level (but still easy) Paper Origami Rabbit – though of course these paper rabbits are perfect for Easter, we think they would make great lunar new year crafts too!

Easy Origami Carrot (isn’t this the cutest!)

Paper Napkin  Bunnies – another fabulously cute take on the paper bunny craft DIY!

Easy Easter Egg Cup Origami – this really is a super quick way to make an adorable Easter bunny craft and will make that Easter brunch extra special.

super cute and fun Paper Bird Origami – move aside googly eyes, time for some fun goggly eye stickers! Or better still, draw your own on some paper for exta eco friendliness!

Easy paper chickens from triangles

Learn how to make tangram shames and turn these tangrams into cute origami tangram chickens!

Easter Crafts with Newspaper

We love to upcycle and newspaper is an inexpensive material to craft with! You will be surprised how many newspaper crafts there.. here are some suitable for Easter! With an extended list of Easter Newspaper Crafts here.

Newspaper makes great crafting material in the classroom!

Newspaper Bunny Craft by I Heart Crafty Things

Newspaper Easter Bonnet Craft – this is a fabulous newspaper craft for Easter indeed! Especially as you can decorate your Easter bonnet in any way you wish! Perfect for your Easter parade. You can also switch out the newspaper for tissue paper if you wish. Toddlers, preschoolers and older kids will love this easy paper hat DIY!

Though these Hen Easter Baskets are made from TISSUE PAPER (means no paint needed), you could also make them from Newspapers and paint them afterwards!

Paper Easter Bookmark Marks

No Paper Easter Crafts post would be complete without some of our favourite Corner Bookmark Designs for Easter, right?! So here we go..  if you are looking for more ideas, do check out our Easter Bookmark Ideas post!

Easy Chick & Hen Corner Bookmarks

Wonderful Bunny & Egg Paper Clip Bookmarks

Easy Paper Bunny Bookmark Corner

Sheep Corner Bookmark Design

Easter Card Making Ideas for Kids

It is always fun to send a card and Spring and Easter are grat occassions to make a card for a friend or family memeber. The following Easter card are easy to make and even more fun to receive! Enjoy!

Fun and easy Pop Up Chick Easter Cards

We love finger print chick cards

Simple Pop Up Chicks for younger kids

 Combine Easter coloring pages (see below) to create your own easy Easter Pop UP Cards

I htink you will also love our easy Paper Woven Chick Cards (with printable). Aren’t they darling?!

Easter Coloring Pages and Easter Printables

We love having a little helping hand in our creative endeavours.. and now and again a Free Printable really does the trick. We have a great selection of our top Easter Coloring Pages as well as other fun Easter Printables for all the family to enjoy (check out that adorable Bunny Garland!!)

Adorable Paper Bunny Puppet – make one, and dress him up into a Uni-Bunny, Bunny Boy or Bunny Girl!

Easter Bunny Coloring Page Printable

Detailed Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Easter Egg Coloring Page Printable

another great Easter Egg Mandala Coloring

Combine the above coloring pages to make a fabulously simple Pop Up Easter Card

Easter Wreath Coloring Pages (these are so cute and fun!)

 Printable Bunny Easter Garland (free) by Printable Paper Products

Adore these Easter Egg Hat Printables from Picklebums

And a larger version of our chick cards from above, we have some cute Paper Woven Chick Art for Preschool

 Colour by numbers Easter Bunny – a lovely little printable for preschoolers this Easter

More wonderful Paper Easter Crafts from sites we love!

I always love to bring you a collection of Crafts from around the web.. and this Paper Easter Crafts round up is no different! I hope you enjoy the following ideas as much as I did and that you hop over and check out the blogs that shared them with us!

Bunny Finger Puppet by Heart Crafty Things

Fun and easy Easter Cones by Happy Clippin

  Absolute cutest Paper Easter Egg Bunnies – use basic shapes and get the kids to assemble!

Paper Easter Bunny and Easter Chick Pouches (for treats) from Simply Mordern Mom

Hug and egg printables by Lia Griffith

Paper Bunny Hats by The House That Lars Built

Egg Hugging Bunny Baskets – these are made from felt – but I reckon they would be great out of paper too?! By BKids

Paper Easter Bunny Egg Cups by Look What I Made

I hope you have found lots of Easter Inspiration here today! That you indeed get crafty with Paper this Easter!

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Easter Paper Crafts - some fabulous cute and easy Paper Crafts For Easter. From Paper Easter Decorations to the best Easter Printables #easter #papercrafts #printables

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Easter Paper Crafts - some fabulous cute and easy Paper Crafts For Easter. From Paper Easter Decorations to the best Easter Printables #easter #papercrafts #printables

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Easter Baskets for Kids to Make - cute, easy and fun. Lots of great different ideas to choose from

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Enjoy your Easter Chick Craft making and come back soon!

Easter Paper Crafts - some fabulous cute and easy Paper Crafts For Easter. From Paper Easter Decorations to the best Easter Printables #easter #papercrafts #printables