Fun Dragon Corner Bookmark Design

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This Dragon Bookmark has been a long time coming.. my viewers on YouTube have asked for an easy Dragon Corner Bookmark Design for aaaaages.. I made them a Dragon Hug a Book (based on Toothless from How To Train a Dragon).. but oh no, they REALLY wanted a Corner Bookmark Design. How can I refuse? I played around with different designs for ages.. and finally settled on this type of corner bookmark.

Easy Dragon Bookmark Corner. How to make a Dragon Corner Bookmark quickly and easily. LOVE this Chinese New Year Craft for kids. So cute #dragon #bookmark #cornerbookmark #bookmarkcorner #chinesenewyear #dragoncraft

It is different to all my other Corner Bookmark Designs, as the basic Origami pattern is based on the Origami Heart Bookmark and not the traditional “Origami Corner Bookmark DIY“. After much fiddling with the traditional design, I decided to base the Origami Dragon Bookmark on Willowday’s wonderful Unicorn Bookmark. Do hop over and take a look at this design too!! Isn’t it lovely? And just perfect for a Dragon, don’t you think?

These Dragon Bookmarks would also be perfect as a Chinese New Year Craft for Kids, don’t you think!? The red dragon would also make a lovely Dragon Bookmark for our Welsh readers on St David’s Day!

First shared in Dec 2017

Dragon Corner Bookmark – Materials

  • Half of a square sheet of origami paper. We used 16cm x 8 cm, but it isn’t an exact size
  • Scraps of contrasting coloured paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Pens (for the eye and nose)

How to Make a Dragon Corner Bookmark

Follow our easy Dragon Corner Bookmark video.. OR hop over to Willowday for step by step photo instructions.. and then come back to see how you need to decorate your basic Heart Corner Bookmark in order to turn it into a DRAGON!! You will find that this is an easy difficulty level and kids of all ages can give this a go!

Watch the lovely HOW TO Dragon Bookmark Corner VIDEO

Hope you have been inspired to have a go!

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