Damien Hirst Kaleidoscope Project for Kids

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We welcome back the wonderful Making Mini Masters to explore the world of Damien Hirst – in particularly looking at Damien Hirst Kaleidoscope Projects for kids!

This joins our collection of Great Artists projects for kids! Enjoy.

Butterflies have been the subject of many of Damien Hirst’s paintings so it’s no surprise that he used them for the intricate pattern for his Kaleidoscope series. With Hirst’s paintings, thousands of real butterflies and butterfly wings were collaged onto a painted surface and arranged in a kaleidoscope pattern. For these paintings, Hirst had many different species of butterflies bred so he could make these wonderful pieces of art allowing the butterflies to morph once again and live on in these beautiful pieces of art.

Damien Hirst Kaleidoscope Series – Materials

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  • Circular Coloured Cardboard
  • Butterfly Table Confetti (buy some or or make your own using a Butterfly whole punch)
  • Glue
Damien Hirst Kaleidoscope butterfly series for kids - collage of work in progress

Makint your Damien Hirst inspired Kaleidoscope Art

Create your Kaleidoscope base – circles

The Kaleidoscope series consists of circular, square, and rectangular paintings.

Our Mini Masters used circular pieces of coloured cardboard which made the process a lot quicker as they were prepared and ready to be created on. Tracing around a plate or for older artists, using a compass will work just fine. This will extend the exercise with the use of cutting skills coming into play.

Creating your Kaleidoscope Butterfly Patterns

Our butterfly confetti came from the party section in our local supermarket which makes sourcing materials very easy. All that’s left to do is stick the butterflies to the to the card and create a kaleidoscope pattern.

Damien Hirst Kaleidoscope butterfly series for kids - collage of work in progress

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