3d Heart Gnome Valentine’s Card

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Time to combine our love for Gnome DIYs, with Valentine’s Day Cards.. and what do you get? The most adorable 3d Heart Gnome Valentine’s Card!! SO CUTE!! With pleny of opportunity to customise your card. Nothing quite beats a cute and easy handmade Valentine’s Card DIY.

heart valentines gnome
Cute and easy Gnome Valentines Cards with 3d Hearts

You may have spotted our 3d Heart Axolotl cards earlier in the week. Our CUTE Valentine’s Gnome cards are made based on the same 3d Valentines Card technique. It is super cute and super easy. As with our axolotl cards, you can either make use of the basic gnome printables, create your own designs (follow our shapes) or make use of our handy classroom resource pack. Choose the set that works best for you!

Supplies needed to make Valentine’s Gnome Cards:

  • Light card for the card base itself
  • Paper in desired colors and patterns for the gnome hat, beard, nose & heart
  • Scissor
  • Glue stick
  • Optional: markers or pens if decorating the gnome’s hat yourself

NOTE: you can create two sizes with our printables – either print “full size” or print “2 pages per sheet” to get the smaller sized gnome card.

There is a choice of two gnome hats and two gnome beards, as part of the classroom resource pack. You can also choose to print the classroom resource directly onto colored paper (the shapes have been separated out, to accomodate this), or onto white printer paper to create templates for the students to use. This extensive resource (including lesson plan overview and worksheets) is in my teacher’s pay teacher’s store. Alternatively, ONE of the gnome hats/ beards in “template format” only, is available for free for you here (enter $0 at check out). Though I highly recommend the classroom resource, as it is ad-free and great for use in a group environment!

3d heart valentines

How to make a 3d Gnome Valentines Card

Do check out the video on auto play for our video tutorial, or follow the step by step instructions!

easy gnome valentines card

Cut out all the basic shapes that you need. You can use “paper” for the hat, beard, gnome’s nose and hearts. Some pretty valentine’s themed paper would be fantastic for the gnome’s hat. But you can also use plain white paper and decorate it, or you can use colored paper and add paper hearts or similar to decorate. Lots of options. Work with the resources you have to hand.

Plain cardstock is recommended for the gnome’s body/ card itself, as this needs to carry the “weight” of the card and will allow the card to stand up on a mantle piece.

You will need only 5 hearts (6 are provided, in the classroom pack, so you can write your own). The freebie has no heart printable, you are encourage to cut your own.

Make your 3d Hearts

Cut the 5 heart shapes that you need. Fold the hearts in half. If you have writing on one of them, fold with the writing on the inside. Add glue to one half of one heart.

stack the hearts
Glue the hearts together so you have a “stack” or hearts.

Place the second heart on top.

As the third heart, use the one with writing. Add glue to the second heart and place the third on top.

Repeat with the plain heart four and five. You will now have a set of hearts stuck together that open up nice.

Assemble your Valentine’s Gnome Card

Glue the beard to the card first. Glue it fairly low down on the card, so you can see it peeping out later.

add the gnome's nose

Glue the nose to the back of the hat.

glue the hat and nose in place

Then add glue to the top of the beard and glue the hat and nose down. Add any extra glue if you need.

Your basic gnome card is done.

Now to add the heart!

gnome's hand

Glue the gnome’s hands to the heart on either side.

add glue to the 3d heart

Add glue to the back of the heart.

secure the heart

Now secure in place!

3d heart gnome valentines craft
Valentines Gnomes are fun and easy!

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