3d Axolotl Valentines Card for kids

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Time for some gorgeous handmade Valentine’s Day Cards for kids! Today, we continue our love for Axolotl Crafts. My kids are obsessed, and share this super duper cute 3d Axolotl Valentines Card with you today! You can make it in two different sizes to allow for the dexterity of working with different age groups form preschooler to middle school!

3d Axolotl Valentines Card
Super cute paper Axolotl craft to make at Valentines and all year round. First shared in Jan 2023

This 3d Valentines Card is super easy and fun to make! You can either create your own axolotl template or make use of our set of handy pritnables.

These axolotl cars would of course be also super lovely as birthday cards or mother’s day cards! Just adapt the pun accordingly.

If you want to learn about these fabulous creatures from Mexico and some fabulous axolotl facts, check here!

Supplies needed to make this 3d Valentines Axolotl Card

This is a fabulous axolotl paper craft! The supplies needed are really quite basic!

  • card in desired colors (pink, dark pink, red)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pen if adding your own facial features/ messages
classroom pack
Classroom Pack on Teacher’s Pay Teachers

You don’t HAVE to use an axolotl template to make these cards. The shapes are all basic shapes, and you can have a go at creating your own. Having said that, I have ONE axolotl PRINTABLE available for you to download for free (enter $0 at check out).. BUT, I do have the “classroom printable” friendly version – where the template shapes are separated onto different sheets to print by color, and it also includes lesson plan overview and worksheets. This second, more detailed version, is available in my teacher’s pay teachers store. It is great for ad-free access to this craft, as well as an opportunity to contribute towards the upkeep of this website without having to trawl through the ads!

Note: This makes a fairly large card. Which makes for easier cutting when working with younger children. If you would like to make a smaller card and/or save on paper.. set the printer settings to print “two pages per sheet”. This will allow for smaller cards to be made too. They look just as great!

How to make a 3d Axolotl Valentines Card for Kids

Check out the axolotl heart card video tutorial on auto play or read on!

basic axolotl shapes
Cut you 3d Axolotl shapes – 6 gills and 5 hearts needed!

Cut out your axolotl shapes

Either make your own axolotl paper shapes or use te axolotl templates provided to make this super cute axolotl craft!

You will need:

  • A large oval for the axolotl’s face
  • 6 gills
  • A double sided body (so the card opens)
  • Axolotl paws
  • The 3d heart – 5 heart shapes are best

You can use the printables as stencil to cut from colored card, or print straight onto colored card.

We like to have a “lighter” axolotl face and body. And a same color scheme but darker shade for the axolotl ferns.

For the heart – you can simply have a plain 3d heart (use the 5 hearts provided), or you can have an axolotl pun/ message in the central heart. The printable includes 7 different axolotl puns. You can also write your own. Our puns are:

  • Love U Alotl
  • Smile Alotl
  • Thanks Alotl
  • U R Alotl Fun
  • I Like U Alotl
  • U Mean Alotl
  • Think of U Alotl

Assemble the 3d heart

Cut the 5 heart shapes that you need. Fold the hearts in half. If you have writing on one of them, fold with the writing on the inside. Add glue to one half of one heart.

stack the hearts
Glue the hearts together so you have a “stack” or hearts.

Place the second heart on top.

As the third heart, use the one with writing. Add glue to the second heart and place the third on top.

Repeat with the plain heart four and five. You will now have a set of hearts stuck together that open up nice.

Assemble your 3d valentine’s day card

Time to bring all your paper axolotl components together to maker your axolotl craft for Valentine’s.

glue gills to axolotl head
You can already see your axolotl face taking shape!

Glue the axolotl gills to the back of the axolotl head. Three on each side.

Fold the body card in half.

glue axolotl head to body
Connect the head to the amphibians body

Glue the axolotl head to the top of card.

glue paws to heart

Glue one paw to the flap of heart 1. Glue the second paw to the flap of heart 5.

add glue to 3d heart

Add glue to back of the hearts and paws.

secure pop up heart
Your axolotl paper heart is now 3d and in place. So cute!

Place on top of the body and flatten to secure.

final axolotl features
Simple axolotl face to add to your craft

Draw an axolotl face (if you used the printable as a template).

small axolotl card
This DIY Axolotl Card can be made in different sizes.

Your 3d axolotl valentines card is finished! As mentioned you can adjust the card size, by printing “two pages to 1 paper” when sorting the printer settings! This is a great way to adjust the craft depending on whether you are working with preschoolers or elementary school children (early years or KS1). Older kids will love the the smaller size. Whilst younger children can practice their scissor cutting skills with the larger project!

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