Handmade 3d Valentines Cards

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I am reluctant to call this my “handmade 3d Valentines Day Cards for kids” collection.. as I think many of the cards shared today, can be made by anyone! There is nothing quite like a homemade card to say “I Love You”, whatever your age. So.. whether you are are crafting with kids, teens or adults, take a peak at our or lovely, and as ever, easy to make Handmade 3d Valentines Cards!

Personalised 3d Valentines Day Cards to make
Handmade 3d Valentines Card for kids, little kids, tweens, teens and adults to make!

So if you have a special person to make a card for this February 14th, read on. The cards are suitable for anyone – be it a BFF, Mom, Dad, Grandma or boyfriend/ girlfriend. Everyone appreciates a DIY Valentines Card!

Craft supplies needed for homemade cards

Most of our cards shared today, only require some basic stationery/ craft supplies:

  • a little cardstock,
  • construction paper/ printer paper in a variety of colours (of course lots of red paper and pink paper nice),
  • scissors,
  • glue stick and
  • pens or markers for details!
  • OPTIONAL: stickers, heart shaped sequins, eco friendly glitter, other embellishments
  • an envelope to fit your card (depending what size you are making!)

As always, I encourage you not to make unnecessary purchases but to work with what you already have to hand! So.. come and checkout our lovely 3d cards today and have a go at our easy instructions – many of which come with step by step photo instructions AND video tutorials, as well as a heart template or two.

3d Valentine’s Cards for Kids, Teens & Grown Ups

Let’s kick off this collection of pop-up valentine’s day cards with some pop-up heart cards!

Pop Up Heart Card Tutorials

3d Valentines Cards

Easy Paper Chain Heart Card

This pop up heart card is one of our favourite ones to make – as they are great for kids of all ages. Even little kids who have mastered the principles of paper chains can give these ago! You can also make these using just white printer paper and decorate the hearts with markers and pens – turning them into creative doodle hearts if you wish!

If you are looking for printable worksheets with no ads, do head to my teacher’s pay teacher’s store, where you can download this craft as a worksheet and with heart templates for a small fee, which goes towards the upkeep of this blog!

quilled heart card

3d Paper Quilled Heart Card for Valentines

A different tip of 3d heart card – with the emphasis on 3d and not pop up heart! This paper quilled heart card is a lovely introduction to paper quilling, with gorgeous results! Highly recommend the mindful process.

3d heart card for valentines

Simple 3d Heart Explosion Card for Valentine’s Day

Ever fancied making an explosion heart card but thought they would be too difficult or complicated to make? Think again! I have an easy technique for this pop-up heart explosion card for you to try!

classic pop up valentines card

Classic Pop Up Heart Valentine’s Day Cards

A wonderful classic Pop Up Heart Card to give a go! I love the simplicity of shapes and colours!

pop up hearts

Printable Pop Up Hearts (with different messages)

If looking for printable pop-up Valentine’s Day cards – we have this lovely flower heart design for you. It comes with different messages, including “blanks”, Mother’s Day and Thank You. So pretty and easy to make.

3d heart card

Easy 3d Heart Balloon Cards

Have some pretty tape? Or pretty paper? Try out this adorbale 3d Paper Heart Balloon shaped card!

Pop Up Heart Cards fro Preschoolers

Another cute little mechanism for younger kids to try out! Learn how to make paper fold this little pop up heart with Preschool Powol Packets!

Other Valentine’s Day Cards with 3d elements

Emoji pop up cards

I Love You Emoji Explosion Cards for Valentines

Based on the same mechanism as the heart explosion card, you can also make this fabulous Emoji Explosion card. I think this is one is perfect for a tween or a BFF!

Princess Valentines Day Card printables

Disney Princess 3d Cards to Print and Make

These printable Valentine’s Cards come in a set of 4 – once with Valentine’s messages for your little princess and once with blanks – ideally for birthdays or other occassions. They are available in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store. The small fee for these goes towards the upkeep of this blog!

Real Flower Cards for Valentine’s Day

How sweet are these mini vase cards?! They are the perfect way to give a REAL flower this Valentine’s Day (of course, totally lovely for Mother’s Day card making too). Such a cute flower card for Valentines.

hugs and kisses

Blowing Hugs & Kisses Valentine’s Day Card

The cutest blowing a kiss card for preschoolers. A lovely way to combine handprints with Valentines Day. Grandma and Grandpa will sure appreciate this one!

Animal Valentine’s Day Cards with Puns

pop up valentines bear card

Pop Bear Card for Valentine’s Day – I Love you Beary Much

I love you beary much! Such a cute theme for the Valentine’s Day. This happy bear is a super easy to make and love how you can easily decorate it with lots of little hearts for Valentine’s Day! The best bit? You can really “play” with the colours to make it more or less “soppy”. Use reds and pinks if you want to be extra Valentine’s or more neutral colours if playing it cool. Either way, it is a lovely pop-up Valentine’s Day card to make and give! Be it for a boyfriend, girlfriend or a BFF! Learn how to make this Pop Up Bear Card today!

Easy Pop Up Bear Heart Card for Kids to make on Valentines, printable worksheets available!

Pop Up Heart Cards with Animal Themes

Now this little heart bear card and cat card is SOOOO easy to make and also so easy to customise to your special person’s interests. Make a puppy dog for dog lovers or a kitten for cat owners. The principle of this card is easy and the results so cute. My son has made these for BFFs, for me!, as well as Granny. So fun! Easy Pop Up Hug Cards info here – OR visit Teacher’s Pay Teachers for printable worksheets without ads as well as basic animal templates and heart templates!

axolotl cards

3d Axolotl Heart Cards

Similar, but not quite the same are these super cute 3d Heart Axolotls. They work on the same principle, but this time, the card is shaped like an axolotl. So cute!

Final Pop Up Valentine's Penguin Card

Easy Pop Up Penguin Card for Valentine’s Day

We love making these penguin pop up cards – as they are based on the “classic” pop up beak card – that many kids first learn to make when making 3d Cards! So cute and so easy. And then all you have to do is decorate around it to turn the pop up beak into a penguin with lots of love hearts! I have detailed instructions for you on both the blog and, if you wish for ad free content, you can grab penguin worksheets and templates here.

Purrrfect Valentine’s Card for Cat Lovers

Another opportunity for cat lovers and cat puns. Have a go at these delightful pop up cat cards. You can make it even more “valentines”-y by switching out the colours for red paper and pink paper… as well as adding heart embellishments to the background!

photo 3d valentines card

Photo 3d Valentine’s Card

I Wash You Dry, has an adorable Photo 3d Valentine’s you can make – complete with small gift!

Learn how to make a basic pop up mechanism & add any design

add your details to the pop up

A basic pop up mechanism for any 3d card

Once you have this basic pop up mechanism mastered… you have a wonderful choise of Valentine’s Origami Cards or Valentine’s Designs you can add. These include:

Origami Valentines Gnome – There is Gnome-one like you!

The above mechanism, would be particualrly cute with this simple Origami Gnome Doodle project.. or…

Origami Whale Card: I whaley whaley whaley Like you

Origami Whale – I love you Whaley Much

…try this wonderful origami Valentine’s Whale! Isn’t it adorable?

I hope you enjoyed out blog’s collection of handmade 3d Valentine’s Day Cards. I love that there are plenty of romantic pop up heart cards to choose from, as well as fun animal cards and cards for preschoolers and younger kids too!

If you are feeling inspired, but want to browse more Valentine’s Card ideas, here is an extensive collection of handmade cards to make.

Valentines Cards for Kids to Make
3d valentines cards
3d Handmade cards for Valentine’s Day