DIY Lotus Light for Diwali

Diwali is only just around the corner and we have come back to share another special mini Diwali Crafts for Kids series! We love celebrating with our friends from around the world.. and hope that you will love this DIY Lotus Light for Diwali as much as we do!

Final Paper DIY Lotus Light Holder

Lotus Flower Tealights – Materials

  1. Crepe paper
  2. Colored craft paper (Green)
  3. Scissors
  4. Craft glue
  5. Cardstock paper
  6. LED tea light or candle

How to make a Lotus Light Holder for Diwali

Cutting and preparing your Lotus Flower petals

Collage of step by step Paper Lotus Light DIY

Step -1: Cut out a round shape from a cardstock paper. Gather some colourful crepe papers and cut out basic petal shaped pieces from them. Cut 8 petals for each layer of the lotus. Iā€™m using 3 different shades of pink for the crepe paper lotus.

Step -2: Take any one of the petal cutouts and cut a small (1 cm) slit from its bottom middle end.

Step – 3: Apply glue on either side of the slit.

Step – 4: Overlap both sides of the slit and join them on the glued part. This will give the petal a 3d curve look.

Layering the Lotus Light Petals

Collage of step by step Paper Lotus Light DIY

Step – 5: Similarly prepare the rest of the lotus flower petal cut outs.

Step – 6: Now take the round cardstock paper and apply glue around its outer border.

Step – 7: Take any one set of petal cutouts and place them on the glued border, with their pointy edges facing outwards.

Step – 8:  Now place another layer of petals inside the previous layer.

Assembling the Lotus Flower and Tealigh

Collage of step by step Paper Lotus Light DIY

Step – 9:  Done attaching the 2nd layer of petals to your lotus flower? Now attach another layer towards the center but make sure to keep a small space on the center of the cardstock.

Step – 10: Grab the LED candle and piece of green colored craft paper.

Step – 11: Wrap the outer surface of the LED candle with the green colored craft paper.

Step – 12: Make a hole on the center of the cardstock (lotus) to insert the LED candle through it.

Step – 13: Insert the candle part of the LED candle lighter through the hole, from the bottom side of the crepe paper lotus. Light up the candle and enjoy the lotus light holder!

Diwali Lotus Flower Candle Holder

Aren’t these Lotus Light Holders pretty? Simply a perfect decoration for kids to make for Diwali!!

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