Paper Witch Hat Fascinator

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Looking for some super duper cute matching Halloween accessories for mom and daughter? Have a go at these adorable and easy to make Paper Witch Hat Fascinator. A great Paper Halloween craft to have a go at.

This Witch Hat Alice band is quick and easy to make, you can decorate it or add ribbons and is the perfect compliment to any Halloween costume or for mom to just wear “black and dress up a little”. We love easy Halloween costume DIYs!

Toddler wearing an easy to make paper witch hat as part of her Halloween costume

Excuse the slightly “old and grainy” photo of our hat.. but this is just the cutest photo of Pip Squeak when she was small, I HAD to share it!!!

And yes, if you know my set well, you will have seen this photo before 0 it is part of our “full” “How to make a witch costume” post. But the Paper Witch Hat was getting lost and I love it so much, I wanted to share it with you again.

Paper Witch Hat Fascinator – Materials

  • Black light card
  • Pencil and string or a large plate to trace
  • Glue, tape and stapler (sorry I did use all three! But you can do this with just tape if I had to pick one)
  • Something to decorate – e.g. tulle but black ribbons or metallic pens fun too
  • Elastic for wearing

How to make a paper witch hat

We decided to make a “party hat” styled witch’s hat, as a) A3 card is more easily available (and I had some in and didn’t have to go to the shops and b) it is less likely to fall off your child’s head all the time and c) it looks cute.

I also think that this type of witch’s hat looks great on grown ups!

easy halloween costume
easy halloween costume

3) To make the cone – cut a quarter of a circle out of your card. I used a pencil and string to measure it out.

4) Roll into a cone shape and staple in place

easy halloween costume

5) Take your second sheet of paper, cut a circle (I used a plate as a “stencil). Then place your cone in the centre and draw around it to mark where it needs to go. Now cut a SMALLER circle out and the make indents into the remaining rim (see photo). Bend up and glue or tape in place.

easy halloween costume

6) Add a little tape were your elastic will go, to strength the card, make a hole with a safety pin and then make the whole a little bigger with a pencil. Knot the elastic and thread through – you may want to add a little tape to hold the knot in place. Then thread through the other side and knot again and tape to secure. The knots will show on the “outside” of the hat. But the decor will hide it.

7) Tie some netting around it and done.

Then dress you child in black (t-shirt and trousers/ tights) and add your hat and make a DIY tutu (from more tulle or from bin liners) and your done!

Easy paper witch's hat alice band for halloween

Now how was that for an easy Halloween costume?

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