Easy Paper Cat Origami Cup

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Miaow Miaow!! Time for a super cute and easy paper cat craft! Not just any paper cat.. but an Origami Cup based cat. Miaow. It is so cute and easy and is a perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids. Use it as a little decoration or as finger puppets. So cute.

How we love Easy Origami Kids – especially HALLOWEEN Origami!

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design

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Paper Cat for Halloween – Materials

  • Black paper (one A4 sheet cut down into 2 15 x 15 cm squares)
  • Paper scraps in bright contrasting colours
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Easy to print and use worksheets available over on Teacher’s Pay Teachers for $2!

How to make a 3d Paper Cat for Halloween

Do scroll down for our easy to follow how to video or follow the written instructions here!

Making an Origami Paper Cup

We also have a handy printable worksheet with step by step photos available over on Teachers Pay Teachers! Perfect for working in groups!

Fold your square piece of paper along the diagonal to make a triangle.

Neaten the creases and turn so the long edge runs along the bottom.

Take the far right corner and bring it over to touch the side on the left. As you fold, it should create a PARALLEL line with the bottom edge.

Neaten down the folds!

Repeat with the left side – again make sure you have a pararrel line.

Neaten down the folds.

Take on of the top flaps and fold down.

Flip over the origami and fold down the bag side. Make a neat crease.

Fold it back up and then turn inside the paper cup.

Finished! Your basic paper cup is down.

To make it “3d”, pop two fingers inside the cup, with the other hand squeeze down the bottom of the cup to shape.

Decorating your paper origami cup.

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design

Now it is time to decorate your paper cup! It is super easy! Cut out some basic cat shapes:

  • 2 eyes (ovals are nice)
  • 2 triangles for ears
  • a little nose (we cut a heart shaped nose)
  • and some long straight lines for whiskers
  • a paper tail (like a big chubby L shape)

Glue in place and draw on some pupils with a black pen.

Now puff out your paper cup again – by inserting to fingers and pushing down with the other hand make an indentation and shaping the black cat’s ears!

You can get these step by step instructions (including MORE photos) over in my Teacher’s Pay Teacher’s store OR check out the video below for further info!

Your easy Paper Black Cat Craft for Halloween is finished. Miaow!

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design

Watch our easy to follow step by step Black Cat How To Video

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