DIY Miniature Broom Tutorial for Halloween

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I made a super quick and easy DIY Miniature Broom to go with our TP Roll Witch the other day.. but my “witch tutorial” got so very LONG, that I thought I would separate the two out. It all gets a bit much otherwise.. right? Anyway, we are in full Kids’ Halloween Craft mode right now and so excited for the new seasoon. We especially love all Paper Halloween Craft. So easy. So accessible.

Easy Mini Broom DIY

Mini Broomstick – Materials

  • a small garden stick (our is about 12cm long?)
  • some brown packaging paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick

How to make a Miniature Broom

The mini broom is part of this Toilet Paper Roll Witch video! Go to 8minutes 45sec for the simple video (I confess, it isn’t my best, as I wasn’t very central to my filming.. but the craft really is easy.. check the step by step instructions below).

Step by Step Instructions for making a miniature broom for Halloween

Easy Mini Broom DIY

Ok.. time for our written Mini Broom Stick instructions!

Collage of how to make a miniature broom

These paper brooms really are easy to make.

I cut two strips of brown paper. About 5cm x 9cm.

Then cut a fringe into the paper (see image 1).

Add a little glue one end of the paper (image 2), then start wrapping it around your stick (image 3).

When you get to the end, add lots more glue to both sheets of paper and secure around itself (image 4) and scrunch!

Then even out the fringe a little and your little paper broom DIY is finished. Now go and make a Witch and Toilet Paper Roll Cat ! Woohoo.

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