Super Simple Ted Card Design

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Oh our love affair with handmade Christmas Cards continues. We have a special “Super Simple Christmas Card” series for you at the moment. Designed to allow you to make LOTS of cards quickly.. in time for posting this Christmas!!! Whether you are crafting for your classroom friends or the extended family.. these designs are cute, quick AND easy! Today we have our lovely Super Simple Ted Card Design (because Ted is the best.. right?!).

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Super simple Ted Card Design for Christmas

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Super Simple Ted Card – Materials

  • white cards (either pre folded A6 cards, or cut down white card to the size you want.. an A4 sheet of white card, can make two cards for you)
  • paper scraps in Ted colours: tan, pink, orange/yellow and red
  • pen
  • scissors
  • glue stick

How to make a Simple Ted Card Tutorial

Once again this Christmas Card Design series is a VIDEO tutorial series.. but I have added some short step by step descriptions for you below!

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In the video I mention my new Paper Projects Book – the designed shared here today, works really well for our little DIY gift bags shared inside this book!

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Step by Step Easy Ted Card Design instructions:

As mentioned, we used some prefolded A6 cards in white. But you can make your own card and also make these cards in ANY size or shape (e.g. a square Ted Card would look fabulous too). If you have “standard” card, you can simply fold it in half to make a greeting card base.

Create Ted’s features

Ted will need a number of Ted features:

  • his nose (a tan oval with a black Ted nose drawn on)
  • rosy cheeks
  • orange/ yellow tummy with black lines for the fluffy features
  • a red bow tie with some details in black

Assembling your super simple Ted Christmas card design

Glue down the Ted nose in the top half of the card.

Add the rosy cheeks to the left and right.

Glue down your tummy and bow tie.

Draw on the eyes!

FINISHED. That took less than 4min to make. If making in bulk, you can get these made even quicker!

Super simple Ted Card Design for Christmas

Hope you liked our Super Simple Christmas Card. More coming soon.

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