DIY Nutcracker Giftbox – Upcycled Pringles Idea

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We love all things Christmas Crafts themed! Our leastest obession is with Nutcrafter Craft Ideas!

I was hunting around for a suitable “container” to “wrap” my daughter’s theatre tickets in.. and thought – ooh how about a DIY Nutcrakcer Giftbox? A super fun way to create an upcycled pringles can project!

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can
Fabulous Pringels Can Gift Box to ue every Christmas first shared in Nov 2019

We always use “fabric gift bags” for both Birthdays and Christmas – mainly for environmental reasons, but it also has the added benefit that it makes gift “wrapping” super quick and easy. This Pringles Can Nutcracker makes the perfect addition to my stash of reusable gift options. I may also make a Snowman and Santa!!! But we shall see how much time I have!

DIY Nutcracker Giftbox – Materials

  • A clean Pringles Can
  • Acrylic paints in desired colours – I used, black, pink, white, red, blue and gold
  • Pens for facial features – posca pens are great
  • Brushes
A great gift box for vouchers and pledges!

How to paint a Pringles Can as a Nutcracker

It really is just a question of roughly sketching out your nutcracker design first (or use mine) and then starting to paint – adding layer after layer, as the paint dries.

I have created a video of my process – but am sure you can figure it out for yourself! The key steps are capture below as well!

 [adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id="bKYrtRBQ" upload-date="2019-11-17T18:00:00.000Z" name="DIY Nutcracker Giftbox" description="How to make a Nutcracker gift box from a pringles can"]

Begin by painting the nutcracker’s body

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can
Step by step painting your Nutcracker Gift box

First, I roughly marked out the Nutcracker’s hat, face, coat and boots. Then painted the black hat, red bodice, blue coat, red trousers and black soldier’s boots. LET FULLY DRY.

Next, I added some red paint, as it writing was shining through and some white hair.

Once all these parts where dried, I added golden outlines to the hat, jacket and boots. If you don’t have gold paint, yellow would look great too! I needed to layer the gold twice, as it was a little weak.

I also added some gold buttons and shoe laces.

Time for the Nutcracker’s distinctive features

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can
Adding facial details to your Nutcracker (it is ok to change your mind and paint over)

Next up, add the nutcracker’s facial features with a posca pen. Again you will need to let these dry, before adding different coloured layers.

I decide I wanted white eyes and teeth, so went over some the details in white and then once tried added the finishing touches with the posca pens. Including a white beard.

Adding your Nutcracker’s finishing touches

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can
Finishing touches

Finally, add some decorative items to the Nutcrackers hat. Have a peak at these DIY Nutcracker Ideas for different hat options. I kept it simple and stuck to paint, so that the Nutcracker giftbox last well (anything glued on, may fall off over time).

Ta da!!!

How to paint a Nutcracker Gift Box from a Pringles Can
Now surprise some one with Nutcracker (or Cinderella!) Theatre Tickets!

Hope you have a go at making this DIY Nutcracker Giftbox. I think he is adorable and will become a family Keepsake to be reused on many Christmasses (and the odd Birthday) to come!

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