4th of July DIY Paper Fans Template – Memorial Day Activities


Today’s American Flag Paper Fans, not only make a lovely paper 4th of July Craft for you, but would also be suitable as a Memorial Day Activity or flag day craft!

This lovely paper craft, work fabulously as paper Hand Fans for kids OR make them exactly the same way, but hang them up as Patriotic Wall Decorations – they make wonderful Red Blue and White Rosettes. Great for decorating large areas.. the kids can make them and you hang them! The perfect American Flag Craft for 4th July!

2 American Flag Paper Fans
Paper Fans for 4th July and Memorial Day first published in June 2017

The best bit? You can either make this Independence Day paper fan from SCRATCH or you can make use of our handy 4th July printable. Your call! Totally depends on how much time you have and how crafty you are feeling! But we do think that this DIY Paper Fans Template is super handy!

So. These paper fans are a great kids craft and wonderful to keep cool with, but can also be used as paper fan decoration ideas. Make one. Make many. Your call. They look fabulous as 4th July Paper Rosettes on your walls too.

You may also like to check out our VERY EASY 4th July Cookies for kids to make! Also.. we have an adorable  Melon Paper Fan DIY  version of this Paper Fan for summer! A sure favourite!

Don’t they look lovely? I just love the classic Red White and Blue decorations!

4th July Paper Fan DIY – MATERIALS

To make you patriotic fans you will need –

  • Paper in blue, red and white OR our 4th July DIY Paper Fans Template
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • A little tape
  • 2 popscicle sticks per fan (we upcycle our ice lolly sticks for these every Summer!)

Below we show you how to make your own American Flag Paper.. but if you are short(er) on time and want to skip that step OR would like the STARS and Stripes fan version, we have a lesson plan, worksheet and choice of two printables over on Teachers Pay teachers. For $2, you get all three and can help me run this website!

How to make paper fans with popsicle sticks

Once again, you can choose to watch the how to make paper fans on a stick video OR you can follow the written step by step instructions below. The written instructions below are for use with the paper fan printable. I hope you find the step by step paper fan making instructions useful!

How to make a Paper Fan Step by Step

I have also written out the instructions for the printable patriotic paper fans…. or see how easy it is to assemble the printable in this (much shorter) video here

  • Either begin by making your own red, white and blue paper OR print out the DIY Paper Fans Template (for $2). There are two to choose from – the plain, blue, red and white or the one with white stars too. Be sure to select the correct one before you hit print. Then print 3 sheets of the one you wish to use. To make your own red, white and blue paper,  you will need to cut some red, white and blue strips of paper out first and glue them together (see the video above).
  • Cut out your three paper printables.
  • Stick them with a little glue stick together, to create one long strip of paper.
  • Now start folding this longer paper strip into a concertina.
  • Once finished, take a little tape and secure the  bottom of your concertina with some tape.
  • Take one popscicle stick. Add lots of pritt stick to BOTH sides of the lolly stick and insert into one end of your paper fan. Make sure an inch/ 2-3 cm sticks out at the bottom, if you want to use these as paper hand fans.
  • Repeat with the second popscicle stick on the other side.
  • Let dry.
  • Now carefully open up your fan. And DONE!

There are SO many uses for these, you can adapt these DIY Paper Fans for Weddings (make them in white or the wedding colour scheme), as mentioned they look great as paper rosettes hung on the wall too – making gorgeous hanging paper fan decorations. Or of course use them as lovely DIY paper hand fans. We also adore the DIY Melon Paper Fan version too.

I hope you enjoyed this step by step how to make paper fans with popsicle sticks! Such a thrifty and easy Paper Craft for Summer!

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