Paper Weaving Crafts


If you love weaving projects, you will LOVE these Paper Weaving Crafts!!! As you know, we have been loving our Paper Crafts for Kids recently! Paper is accessible, paper is inexpensive and above all paper is so so versatile and you can make so many lovely things with paper. Today we dedicated ourselves to Paper Weaving Crafts! We have some on blog already.. but plan to add a few more over the coming weeks and wanted to share them all in one place with you!

weaving with paper

Why Paper Weaving?

Paper weaving (or any weaving for that matter) is great for fine motor skills and some basic maths skills – i.e. learning pattern making and sequencing!

Using strips of paper of yarn, has the follow benefits –

  • Projects are quick to complete as the patterns are bigger
  • Children can practice their cutting skills/ scissor skills too if you wish
  • Paper is very accessible in most classroom scenarios.. you essentially only need paper
  • Great for problem-solving whilst working through the weaving process

We have a number of super cute paper weaving crafts for you today. Many of which come with free weaving templates too. Bonus!

So let’s take a look and see how create we can get with woven paper!

Paper Weaving Basic Supplies

  • Colored paper (construction paper or printer paper)
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A little glue (to secure paper strips to the base piece of paper)
  • Our free templates where relevant
  • ALTENARTIVELY – a paper cutter would be handy if working with large groups

Paper Weaving Crafts for Kids of all Ages

Let’s begin with the “simpler” paper weaving projects for kids of all ages.

Paper Weaving Ladybug

Lets start our fun paper projects with this adorable Paper Weaving Ladybug, which comes complete with FREE templates – turn your ladybug’s spots into a fantastic Ladybug Weaving Craft for Preschool. So jolly and happy!

Arty Paper Weaving Hearts

Paper Weaving Hearts – adorable Valentine’s or Mother’s Day Cards. I love the use of “old” artwork to make these beautiful and colourful woven heart craft! Using old artwork, allows you to explore your creativity a little more and really personalise your craft.

Rainbow Weaving Hearts

Similarly, instead of using unique artwork as paper strips, you can have fun with rainbow colored paper strips.

Chick in Egg Weaving x 2

Depending on your age group.. we have two versions of this adorable chick and egg craft.

The larger, simpler printable Chick & Egg Paper Weaving for Preschool – the “large Egg” printable for younger kids. Use bigger paper strips to create this colourful weaving project with Preschool. You may also want to introduce some mixed media with tissue paper, feathers and googly eyes.

The smaller card version of the printable Woven Chick & Egg Cards – a small version of the Chick & Egg Weaving Craft – this one opens up as a lovely Easter Weaving Card DIY. Younger kids should still be able to manage, but it is a perfect printable activity for KS1 and KS2

Paper Bunny Basket Weaving

Similarly we have two versions of our cute paper bunny in a basket weaving project – the larger and simplere printable Woven Bunny Baskets for Preschool and the cute printable Bunny Basket Card Weaving.

Printable Flower Basket Weaving

Whilst on the topic of paper basket weaving.. how about this Printable Mother’s Day  Woven Flower Basket Cards?

paper weaving game

Paper Weaving Board Games

Paper weaving games are fun to make too – creating your own checkered board game and then make some playing pieces. Either for checkers or for go! Here we made a set of Monster Go for our Sky Kids Best Makes Ever! series.

Paper Weaving for Kids, Tweens and Teens

These paper weaving projects require a little bit more dexerity, so are probably more suited to elementary school or even middle school students.

Woven Fish

Paper weaving fish – a great paper weaving craft that uses up scraps of paper.. can be made from coconut leaves and ribbons too. Just adorable!

valentines heart basket

Weaving Paper Heart Baskets

Paper Weaving Hearts – this is a super clever craft, because not only are you weaving cute paper hearts, but these woven hearts are in fact woven heart baskets! You can hang these into your Easter Tree or Christmas tree and fill with treats. SO CUTE. I would say it is one for older kids as a little fiddlier. But if working with younger kids, make it as a 2d woven heart, vs the 3D Heart Basket!

Different Weaving Patterns

Now the paper weaving projects to date, have focused on the very basic, beginners weaving pattern – the over one/ under one basic weaving technique. But did you know, that you can transform your humble paper strips into all kinds of fantastic and different weaving patterns? Take a look at this large variety of patterns over on Origami Resource Centre, here is just a sample:

And if you are feeling REALLY brave.. how about this 3d pattern! Wow!

Perenniel Pastimes shows us how.

Paper Weaving Bookmarks

Here is a different take on this fun activity – instead of weaving in a traditional format, have you tried paper plaiting? It is a great way to make some quirky bookmarks. We have a set of printables here for you too!

Printable Father’s Day Bookmarks – 4 designs to choose from

Printable Flower Bookmarks – great for Mother’s Day or Grandma or Teachers

Harry Potter Paper Weaving Bookmarks (with house logo printables)

I hope you agree that paper weaving is indeed a great paper craft, with lots of possibilities to create a wonderful art project or craft!

Paper Plate Weaving Crafts

Not technically paper weaving.. but Paper Plate Weaving Crafts… Though the focus of this post is to remain on PAPER Weaving and mainly Paper Weaving projects, we do have some other yarn weaving crafts, that I think you may enjoy.. A set of lovely Paper Plate Weaving Ideas

Paper Plate Weaving Hearts

Paper Plate Weaving Flowers

Paper Plate Weaving Chicks (possibly my favourite!)

Now would you like some Yarn Weaving Projects

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beginner's weaving