Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies (Schokobusserl)

As you know, I am not really a “baking blog”… but one thing my kids and I do do, is bake at Christmas… and we don’t just bake… we bake LOTS! Each year we make about 7 to 8 different Christmas Cookies in the run up to Christmas. And each year, I have friends and family ask me for those Christmas Cookie Recipes! I thought, that if I am already typint them up.. I may as well share them with you too!

christmas cookies

Please be kind – and remember, that I am not the expert baker. E.g. these delicious Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies, probably would look a LOT better by a food blogger.. but you know.. they taste so nice and even if mine don’t look perfect, the recipe is easy enough. So worth sharing!

We always make these Chocolate Meringues the same day (or the day after) as our Thumbprint Cookies – as you use up the egg whites “discarded” by that recipe!

So basically you are making the most of the two eggs needed in both recipes – yolks are used for the Husarenkrapfen and the egg whits in the recipe today!

Baking With Kids

Unlike yesterday’s Thumbprint Cookies, which my (11 and 12yrs old) kids can now make by themselves, this is a joint effort.

My 12yrs old did the chocolate grating.

My 11yrs old watched the egg white whisk (hahaha, not much to do there).

And I folded in the sugar/ heaped it onto the baking tray.

So this is probably one that small kids can’t help that much with, but I would encourage them to watch!

Double Chocolate Meringues:

  • 2 egg white
  • 100g sieved icing sugar
  • tea spoon of good quality cocoa powder
  • 50g grated chocolate (70% +)

+ grease proof paper

How to make your chocolate meringues


Preheat oven 130-150C (depending on how efficient your oven is!).

Whip egg whites until they are very stiff. For some reason, I am under the impression, that egg whites get “stiffer” if you use a METAL mixing bowl. I don’t know if this is true.. but apparently that is the case.

Whilst that is mixing. Grate the chocolate and add the tea spoon of cocoa powder.

Fold in sieved icing sugar.

Fold in cocoa and chocolate!

Using two teaspoons, put small heaps onto the baking paper. They will spread a little (especially, if you, like us add to much cocoa by accident.. doh. But it just makes them extra chocolatey).

Bake for 25-35 min – you will need to check on them.. but basically tap the top to see if it hard.. or check the edges for excessive browning.

Let cool a little and then carefully remove from the baking paper and put them on a rack.

Store in an air tight container. We always make these 4 weeks ahead of Christmas and they always last!

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