How to make Wrapped Yarn Ornaments for Knitters

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Yes, it is the DIY Christmas Ornament making season again! I can never resist a cute new way to decorate the Christmas Tree! Today, we have a lovely tutorials that I think knitters will love: How to make Wrapped Yarn Ornaments – Yarn Ball Ornament with Knitting Needles! So cute. So easy. And there is even a recycled element to this! This is fits in perfectly with any Yarn Christmas Crafts projects you have planned.

yarn wrapped ornaments

My kids have been spending quite somem time knitting this year. It all started with some super simple Knitted Yarn Hats last year, then we went on to make some mini mermaids and in the summer, they both knitted larger dolls/ teddy bears. So, to celebrate their knitting accomplishments, I thought a Yarn Ball & Knitting Needles Ornament would be just the thing!

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To make your Yarn Ball Ornaments you will need:

Yarn balls materials
  • Newspapers (our recycled element, please do NOT use styrofoam balls they are terrible)
  • Yarn or wool in desired colours
  • Tooth picks or kebab sticks (depending on the size you wish to make)
  • Glue
  • Wooden beads in the required size*

Alternatives to wooden beads –

You will need to make salt dough beads or paper mache beads ahead of time!

yarn wrapped ornaments

How to make Wrapped Yarn Ornaments for Knitters

Learn how to make yarn wrapped ornaments for knitters by watching our video tutorial or by following the step by step instructions

scrunch up your newspaper

Begin by taking a double sheet of newspaper and scrunching it into a tight ball. This gives you a large Yarn Wrapped Ornament. You can of course make it bigger or smaller – as you wish. For the kebab stick knitting needles, this is a great size. For toothpick knitting neeldes use one sheet of newspaper or even less.

yarn wrapped around newspaper

Take some yarn, hold it in place and start wrapping around your newspaper ball. Be sure to regularly change directions and angles, so that you get a nice evenly spread yarn ball ornament at the end.

Keep wrapping…

Keep wrapping….

wrapped yarn ornament

Check of any gaps and keep wrapping. It doesn’t actually need THAT much yarn, as the newspaper fills out the centre nicely.

knotting the yarn to secure it

Once you are happy, simply secure the yarn with a little knot and tie it under.

making your own knitting needles

Next make your knitting needles for your yarn ornament. Insert the kebab sticks/ toothpick until you think they look nice.

Cut off the ends with either a good pair of scissors or pliers.

Glue on your bead. I actually used a big blog of glue stick glue for this – it worked well, but you may wish to use some PVA glue.

If you wish, you can add a little glue to your now made knitting needles, to hold them in place in your “Ball of Yarn” ornament. But I found, that I didn’t need this.

hang the ornament

Finally, take a little more yarn or baker’s twine and tie on for hanging.

knitting needle yarn ornament

Your DIY Wrapped Yarn Ornament for Knitters is finished!!! Make more and enjoy.

yarn wrapped ornament

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