Easy Heart Origami Bookmarks for Kids

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Yes, I popped a sneaky Valentine’s in the Title.. simply because, these would indeed be a cute little love note you could leave in someone’s book come Valentine’s Day. I think these Heart Corner Bookmarks are simply ADORABLE and lovely and something you can learn super quick to make and make just because – in fact, sod Valentine’s Day, make one today and pop it into someone’s book as a surprise today.

Easy Kirigami Heart Bookmarks.. make them just because or give them as a small gift on Valentine's Day
NOTE: this post was originally published in Aug 2015 – we rebulished it for you today, as we thought you would love to see it again!

I am sure it will make them smile. Afterall, we can show people that we love them at any time of year, right!? If you fancy more wonderful Valentines Bookmark Designs, hop over! Add some little words to these Hearts.. and you also have a great little Conversation Heart Craft too!

Once you have had a go at making these, I think you will make them all the time. You can probably use a bus ticket or a chewing gum wrapper to make it whilst on the go! So easy and simple and looks fun. They make a great little gift at Valentines or for Mother’s Day!

Technically these Heart Bookmarks are Kirigami, as you are not starting off with the traditional Origami Square piece of paper – but HALF of a square piece of paper, but if you are starting out on Origami, I think this is a great simple and easy Origami (like) project for you to do.

Origami heart bookmarks are wonderful for the avid reader!

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Kirigami Heart Bookmarks Materials:

conversation heart origami
Ad-free printable pack with templates also available
  • All you need is a strip of paper with one dimension being twice as long as the other – e.g. take a square piece of origami paper and cut it in exactly half.15cm x 7.5cm (final cut) is a good size for these cute origami hearts
  • Optional: a little piece of tape
  • Optional: pens/ markers for decorating
  • Optional: paper scraps for decorating
printable worksheets

If you would like this craft in an easy to follow “ad-free” format, you can head over to my teacher’s pay teacher’s store and download this printable pack (for less than the price of a cup of coffee!). It comes with “paper strip” printables too, should you wish to use these! Though they aren’t strictly speaking necessary!

Watch the Kirigami Heart Bookmarks How To Video:

We have a origami heart video tutorial for you on autoplay. As well as the YouTube version if scroll to the bottom of the post!

Check out our step by step photo instructions!

Cut down your square piece of origami paper

cut the origami paper

Fold your paper in half. Open again. Grab your scissors and cut in half.

ratio 2:1 paper

You should end up with a rectangular piece of paper in 2:1 ratio. Our paper is 15 cm by 7.5 cm.

Make your first fold

fold in half
Make a neat crease

If you wish, you could open again and cut the paper down the centre again. Giving you a strip of paper with a 4:1 ratio. Technically that still works. Just your origami heart bookmark will feel a little bit filmisier! Also, I find, the more often I cut paper, the less accurate my final measurements are. So personally, we prefer the 2:1 rectangle, folded length wise.

fold again

Fold in half across it’s short side.


… and open again. You should now have a central guide line.

Fold up the heart’s sides

fold up
Your are creating the bottom corner of the heart

Fold up the right hand side to alin with this central line.

fold other side

Fold up the left hand side. You should now have the pointy end of the heart at the bottom. Flip over.

secure back

Secure the back with a little tape. Again, strictly speaking this isn’t necessary, but I prefer to secure the heart! And it makes sure that the little pocket at the back is secure. This is also the pocket that pops over the corner of the book.

shape the heart

Now turn down the corners of the top flaps to shape the top of the heart! Take turnes with each of the little corners, first the left corner, then the right corner etc.

These are your basic origami heart instructions. Now it is time to decorate!

Decorate your origami heart bookmark

Kids will love to personalise their paper hearts at this stage! You can use pens, stickers, googly eyes… whatever takes your fancy!

add cute heart faces
You can glue on some little rosy cheeks too!

Now you can have lots of fun decorating (or not decorating!) your paper heart bookmarks. Here I had fun with some cute kawaii happy faces. But you can of course also write some Valentine’s Day messages or messages to mom.. a simple “I HEART U” works really well.

If you make lots of different colors, these little paper hearts also would be great as BFF conversation heart crafts!

make more

But I love to keep them simple!

heart origami bookmark

As you can see, they make the perfect little corner bookmark too!

easy origami hearts

Leaving them plain also looks great!

Easy Kirigami Heart Corner Bookmarks.. make them just because or give them as a small gift on Valentines Day

Enjoy! I do hope you like this lovely little Heart Craft! Perfect for saying “I love you” and surprising someone Valentine’s Day!

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