Easter Egg Competition Ideas KS2 – Climate Change March

It is that time of year again.. for the School Egg Decorating Competition (in fact, it doesn’t just have to be a school competition.. many librarys and Sunday schools have fun Egg Decorating Competitions too!!).  I am sharing my son’s winning (woohoo) entry for inspiration today.

We have all our TOP TIPS for winning in our Decorating Resource page, this post is just for browsing! Red Ted (11) after much ooh-ing and aah-ing decided to go with a “Climate Change March” theme.. or should I say Clim-egg Change March. It is a very topical subject, especially for this age group and up, making it a great theme for KS2 or Middle School.

Model of Big Ben, Parliament and a Climate Change March made from eggs

Red Ted’s sister, Pip Squeak (9), decided to go for a “Great Scientists” and “Thinking Outside the Box” design.

Clim-Egg March – Materials used

We made an effort to recycle all our materials for this craft, as after all the topic is climate change and the environment. Apart from paints, glue and some craft sticks, this craft is 100% recycled. We used:

  • blown out eggs (learn how to blow out eggs here)
  • A white cardboard box, that we “unfolded” and used different parts of
  • A toilet paper roll (for the Millicent Fawcett statue outside of parliament)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Sharpies
  • Coffee stirrers or craft sticks
  • Hote glue gun

Detail from the Climate Change March model - showing the climate change plackards

How we made our Climate Change March inspired Egg Decorating entry

This is the process we followed. Apologies, that we don’t have ALL the step photos… but we simply had fun creating this egg decorating competition entry!


Boy drawing big ben

First, I helped Red Ted cut out a British Parliament shaped piece of cardboard – it is a simple shape – a bit like a church. He painted it a mustard yellow. Once dried, we looked online to see some of the Parliament’s details, which he added in black sharpie.

Easter Eggs Blown out and painted with faces

Whilst Big Pen was drying (before we added the sharpie), Red Ted painted the “bottoms of each egg” a different colour. He also painted a toilet paper roll and an egg grey for the Millicent Fawcett statue. There are of course MANY statues on Parliament Square in London.. However, as a suffragette,  Millicent Fawcett seemed like an important one to include in this Climate Change March. Surely she is an inspiration for many generations. We decided to call her Millicent Fawc-Egg and gave her the”Courage Calls to Courage Everwhere” sign. Once the bodies where dried, Red Ted added simple faces with a sharpie.

Mini Climate Change Plackards with Easter Puns

Next Red Ted flexed his creative muscles whilst writing is Clim-Egg Change plackards. Lots of opportunities for puns of course!! We have “It’s no yolk, save our planet” and “Stop Clim-Egg Change” etc. These were super fun to make!

Detail from the Climate Change March showing Suffragette Millicent Fawcett

Finally, Red Ted painted a big grey road onto some white left over cardboard…

Boy holidng the Egg Decorating competition Project (Climate Change March march & Big Ben)

And we hot glued all the eggs and climate change plackards in place! At the end he added the “Clim-Egg Change March” title to the road (not visible in this pictured). And finished!!!

This was a great project to work on!

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