Easter Egg Decorating Competition – Great Scientists

So it was time for the Great Easter Egg Decorating Competition!!! The kids have once again been planning and schemeing all year of how they want to decorate their Easter Eggs for the School Egg Decorating competition. Plans where made. Then changed. Then changed again. Eggs were blown. Cardboard boxes saved.. and new plans hatched (get the pun…?!). This year Pip Squeak decided on a “Think Outside the Box” theme.. or should I say “Think Outside the EGG box” theme. Celebrating fantastic scienctists from years gone by.. scientists to change the world for the better by Thinking Outside the Box. She also added a cheeky detail to the inside of the Egg Box.. ie showing what sort of people DON’T think outside the box.. teehe. Nothing quite like getting kids into politics early.. right?

So here is her School Egg Decorating competition entry:

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Science Egg Decorating – Materials used:

  • Blown out eggs – we decided on 6 scientists and 3 “in the box” characters
  • Arcylic paints
  • Scrap paper for decorating and egg -labels
  • Scraps of wool & other bits and pieces for details
  • Piece of cardboard as a base
  • Egg Carton

How we made the Egg Scientists

Begin by blowing out your eggs, rinse with water and let fully dry.

Pip Squeak and The Englishman then had a good look at different scientists and their achievements.. and narrow it down to 6 characters she wanted to make:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Marie Currie
  • Ada Lovelace
  • Alexander Fleming
  • Isaac Newton
  • Edwin Hubble

She took a quick look at each character online to see what they look like and how they are dressed. Then painted the bottom half of each egg in a desired colour (see images below).

Making your Science Characters

Once these eggs were dried.. we went onto the next step of addint the Egg Scientists distinguishable features. Again, we looked online to find out about what each person did and what was known about them. E.g. Edwin Hubble and is work on astronomy (plus the fact he loved his pipe), Ada Lovelace and her work with mathematics and programming (and that she had a nice hair do), Sir Isaac Newton and his laws of gravity and motion (and that he has wears a wig..) etc. With each character Pip Squeak added some features.

Plus wrote a little label for each one:

Egga Lovelace

AlEGGxander Felming

Mary Curried Egg

IsEGG Newton

EGGwin Hubble

Albert EGGstein

Bringing the Science Project for Easter together

Once the characters where completed, she painted the cardboard black with some blue and purple bits. Let it dry and sprayed some white on for the milky way.

We then hot glue gunned the eggs and the egg carton to the galaxy and added the labels.

Finally, she made a “Thinking outside the (egg) box” sign.. and then she decided that the INSIDE of the egg box, should have some less exciting invidiuals:

  • We one character thinking about is BrEGGfast.
  • One character talking about Building a Wall
  • One one chracter telling that second one not to be so silly….


Good luck Pip Squeak with the School Egg Decorating competition.

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