35+ Great School Egg Decorating Competition Entries (and how to win!)

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Soooo… it is THAT time of year again.. the time of year, when schools around the country (here in the UK ) are hosting either their Easter Bonnet Decorating competitions or their School Egg Decorating competitions (or both!). So if you are looking for some Egg Contest Ideas and that winning Egg Competition formular… read on!

35 School Egg Decorating Competition. Great Egg Decorating Ideas for the School Easter Egg Decorating Competitions. See all these fantastic Egg Decorating Entries and be inspired. #Eggdecorating #eastereggs #eggs
Sharing our School Egg Contest winning tips since March 2015!

My kids’ school hosts an Egg Decorating competition and we have been entering it now for a number of years. It has taken us this long, to realise that the egg decorations that include “mini scences” and/ or humour tend to do well – below we outline our best tips and tricks for how to win a school Egg Decorating competition!!

So Red Ted and Pip Squeak now spend all year hatching plans (pun intended) the following School Egg decorating Competitions!

Previous Wins

Over the years, we have had a number of wins now.. from our first win with our  Mr Men Decorations here and Pip Squeak her debut entry of her Eggcellent Hairdresser (see below). We also won with Eggsplorer Solar System Eggs and the Eggcellent EggSpress. As well as our “Too Tall for School” entry (see below). Anyway.. our top tips for how to win the School Egg Decorating competition.

Top Tips & Tricks for the School Egg Decorating Contest – How to Win:

  1. Teachers like a theme or a “scene” – the Egg Carton Diorama’s always go down well. But you can go bigger and more abitious
  2. If the theme is also linked to a school topic – than even better. So our Solar System really resonanted as Red Ted had this as one of his school topics
  3. Make it funny! Yes, you **NEED PUNS** and you will simply have to make it up. Teachers have a busy day and though they may be impressed with your art work, they also like to smile. Make them smile… even better make them laugh! So lots of EGG related puns. Thing EGGcellent, EGGstatic, EGGxplorer, EGGcited, EGG-head, cracked Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, fried eggs.. add other languages like “Oeuf” and see what you can come up with!
  4. Good quality paints can make all the difference to that finished look – have a set of these Gloss Enamels Paints (UK affiliate links), they are not super cheap, but they have lasted me aaaaages. Here is a great set for US readers.
  5. Finally – if you can – plan ahead and take your time. Then you can have more fun with your creation.. and you will have more time to think of funny details to add!

Remember.. they don’t have to be super complicated to win.. surprise your teachers! Pip Squeak one year, made a VERY quick and easy Cress Head Hair Dresser Salon and it surprised the teachers so much, she won!

And here are some School Egg Decorating Competition Ideas from School

I have to say all the School Egg Decoration Competition entries were simply Eggcellent. So many fun, clever, quirky and creative ideas, that I asked to photograph them all and show you. There were SOOOOO many, I couldn’t photograph them all, but I tried to pick as many as possible.. so here is some eggcellent Egg Decorating inspiration, if you are planning yours for next year. So if you love taking part in the annual Easter egg contest… read on!

I also have a little video of our (winning) Mr Men Scene:

Check the video on auto play to see our Egg Mr Men diorama that won one year! So cute!

Here is Red Ted’s Mr Men Eggs. Yay for winning, well done son!

Another winning entry (2018) was Red Ted’s Space Eggsplorer Solar System Eggs!  Tying in with the curriculum and with some great puns, this was an eggcellent entry sure to tickle the teachers.. and it did. He won! Whoop.

Another School Egg Decorating Competition WINNER is this Eggcellent EggSpress. We had great fun making an Egg Carton Train filled with Egg People (16 no less!). I think this caught the teacher’s eye, as it had lots of details. So every time you looked at it, you discovered some fun and new – e.g. like the Easter Bunny Egg hanging out with the school’s headmistress.. or the cute Egg Dog!

Climate change march egg decorating

Climate Egg March  – this was a (winning) year 6 entry (so 10-11yrs olds). I think the teacher’s liked it, because it was topical (the year of all the Youth Climate Change Marches) and also had attention  to detail. E.g. it included a Millicent Fawcett statue (which is actually in parliament square) – a not to the suffragette movement and women’s rights.

Viking Eggsplorers

Our Viking Eggsplorers for the very least Egg Decorating competition my 11yrs old entered at Primary! There isn’t a detailed blogpost for it, but in summary – the long boar was cut out of cardboard strips and painted. Then she made some discs out of cardboard and painted them red and white. With foil in the centres. The Vikings are made using an Egg, a toilet roll for the body and an egg cup cut out for the Viking hats!

Great Scientists egg decorating

Thinking outside the Egg Box – an odd to key scientists across the ages! I particularly liked Ada Lovelace and Albert Einstein. Inside the Egg Box there is a political surprise too. Sadly, this one didn’t win! Boo. I think the competition that year was tough. Having said that, we enjoyed learning about the different scientists and it was great to include two women in the set up too!

Egg Decorating Competition - Circus Eggs

This year we did an Egg Circus for the Egg Decorating Competition. It started with a gradual build up of decorating eggs in February! First, Pip Squeak made a tight rope walker.. and the slowly added more characters. My favourite is the little clown!! So cute. Our Egg Decorating Competition Entries really have mushroomed over the years!! And now we use 12 egg shells or more for each creation. Crikey. But it is so fun to make!

This year we organised a virtual event for school as it was the year of covid and lockdowns! As the event organisers, we couldn’t win… but we still took part and had LOTS of fun making this circus!

Now on to some more School Egg Decorating Competition Ideas!!

Pok-Egg-Mon – another entry from “us” (added to this round up) – read all about our DIY Pokemon Egg Diorama (did it win??).

Bring this classic Nursery Song to life with a fabulous Old MacDonald Egg Decorating diorama – complete with template for all the animals and the Farm Barn!!! More wonderful Easter Chick Crafts here.

Cutest little Flower Bunny Eggs! How fun are these?! Love!

Updated: Pip Squeak’s (then 7yrs) School Egg Decorating Competition entry 2017: Too Big for School and a **competition winner**. The teacher’s loved the school references.. and I think are always tickled by the cress hair.. remember you need to TIME the growing of cress hair just right!! Read about Cress Heads here.

We had LOTS of fun with this cute Mermaid Egg Diorama! This one has a full set of instructions here! Enjoy!

Another cute under the sea theme by a fellow pupil is this Under The Sea sea life diorama. Love the little octopus and clown fish. So cute!

Incorporating last year’s Winter Olympics, this is a great topical Skiing Egg Theme (also love that bit of BrEGGsit in the background.. very on topic!).

Another view of the skiing egg!

Rather a lot of AMAZING detail went into this little Red Riding Hood Egg diorama! What a clever use of plasticine to make the wolf.. and love the use of twigs and trees for the scenary and grandma’s hows. Just Eggcellent!

School Egg Decorating Competition - Egg Hedgehogs. 35 School Egg Decorating Competition. Great Egg Decorating Ideas for the School Easter Egg Decorating Competitions. See all these fantastic Egg Decorating Entries and be inspired. #Eggdecorating #eastereggs #eggs

One of my PERSONAL FAVOURITES (I am allowed to have favourites, as I wasn’t judging! ha), are these seriously cute Egg Hedgehogs. Big points of originality from me!

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 4

A picnic and pond scene – personally, I LOVED this one – so much detail went into it and I think the picnic idea is just too cute. Sadly NOT one of the winning entries, yet, I would have picked it for sure.

Also above, is an adorable “Turtle” egg by Reception (4-5yrs olds), which was one the 8 winners. Hooray.

Mr Men Egg Decorating Diorama for the School Egg Decorating Competition
This one won first prize one year!

Here is Red Ted’s Mr Men Eggs. Yay for winning, well done son!

Egg Decorating - Racing Car

Egg Racing Car – one of MY personal favourites. Simple, but just adorable.

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 7 - EggStein. 35 School Egg Decorating Competition. Great Egg Decorating Ideas for the School Easter Egg Decorating Competitions. See all these fantastic Egg Decorating Entries and be inspired. #Eggdecorating #eastereggs #eggs

And so, on to the pun on words. This begins with winning Egg Milliband – brilliant – and I also adored this Eggbert Eistein idea.

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 6. 35 School Egg Decorating Competition. Great Egg Decorating Ideas for the School Easter Egg Decorating Competitions. See all these fantastic Egg Decorating Entries and be inspired. #Eggdecorating #eastereggs #eggs

Next we have a triple set of photos (sorry, this was the quicker way to edit these). At the top we have a winning entry with the “Good Egg/ Bad Egg”. This was a sibling team effort, with the younger brother creating the Super Egg and the older brother creating the bad egg. I love the mustache and London scenery in the back.

Next we have an Egg-tastic Fashion Show – I confess, the photo does not do it just – it came in a huge box – well decorated.. and I only managed to capture the models.

Finally, another “badly captured” Egg Decorating entry is the this Egg-cellent, British Eggways entry.

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 5

Next up, we have Eggs finishing off their Easter Egg shopping.

We have an Egg Racing Track with it’s care taker.

Egg-cellent football player (the net is made from an old swimming trunk gusset – genius) and finally, a

Egg Queen!

Egg Decorating - minions

Another winning scene, were these fun fun fun Minions – neatly executed, with additional backdrops and features.

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 3

Here we have yet another fabulous mixed batch of entries –

The Superhero Plane on a mission (brilliant use of LEGO Duplo)

A cute little egg sheep.

My kids adored the Egg Monkey too.

Then we have a martial art egg, about to begin some egg-ercises.

An egg weather scene – “Egg-stremely hot” and “Egg-stremely cold) (nice use of those pesky loom bands and love the bikini) and finally…

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 2

…and Egg-staterestial!

And yes, the ideas continue!

As we live in London (no secret), we have a great Egg Tourist Day (including London Eye and a London Bus, tourists and queen).

A cute Spring has Sprung scene.

MORE Egg-staterestials – again – the photo doesn’t do it just – this was a huge effort – with a whole habitat and information board – personally, I particularly liked the emu like egg creature.

Next there is an Eggsam in progress. Very fitting for an School Egg Decorating compettion!

And some singing eggs.

School Egg Decorating Competition - set 1

Yes, there is MORE! We have some more Egg Minions.

Some great egg angry birds (learn your lesson kiddo – your angry bird eggs are GREAT, but you need a “scene” or diorama in order to win.. trust me, we have learnt).

A wonderful Humpty Dumpty (and indeed one of the 8 winners).

The X-Factor show and finally…

… a super cute litle Egg Bunny plate. Say aaaah. So sweet!

Hairdress Egg Decorating

FINALLY, last but not least.. Pip Squeak’s Eggcellent Hairdresser entry (also a winning entry)! As you can see, we grew some Cress Heads (see more info here). Pip Squeak then decorated the faces – and cut out a mustache from felt for the hairdresser. She drew a hand and scissors on paper, which she cut out and stuck on. I helped make a simple chair and aluminium foil mirror. And finally, she added an “Eggcellent Hairdresser” banner.

And whilst I have your attention, here are some great ideas from fellow blogger at Mummy Mummy Mumm

School Competition Entries

Adorable Bunny Scene (click through and take a look at Darth Vader too)

lost and found egg decorating

And also her “Lots and Found” Eggs

 Right. That is it… I hope you have had an eggtastic time, checking out all these eggcellent ideas. Aren’t they simply fun and brilliant? And remember.. if you want to win.. make a SCENE!

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 Good luck with your School Egg Decorating Competition!!!!