Spring & Easter Wreath to colour & craft

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We have a fabulous Spring & Easter Wreath Paper craft for you and kids of all ages – complete with a free Easter Printable. This isn’t just ANY Spring & Easter project… it allows you to explore spring flowers, spatial awareness, colours whilst developing fine motor skills through crafting and colouring.  The Easter Wreath can made using just our free printables OR you can combine it with a paper plate!

Easter Wreath Printable

This fun project and printable is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a
website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids.

The best thing about this cheerful paper wreath, is that you can use it for a variety of occasions. You can make it into a simple spring decoration (no words), a Welcome Spring craft, and Easter decoration (of course!) but ALSO use it for Mother’s Day too!

We couldn’t resist adding lots of options for you! You can even use the lovely printable flowers and Easter eggs with a paper plate as a base – giving it a nice little extra dimension to your wreath making!

We love this Spring & Easter Wreath Project because, not only is it looking gorgeous, but it is great for a number of reasons:

  • You get to spend some mindfulness time colouring and crafting with your kids.
  • You can introduce the concept of change of seasons.
  • You can explore spring flowers, discuss which ones are native in your area, discuss how they differ from each other but also to other flowers that bloom later in summer (and of course learn what they are called).
  • It can be a great starter to introduce the concept of Easter and how it is celebrated.
  • You can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours while colouring.
  • They are fabulous for fine motor skills (e.g. colouring and cutting out the flowers, petals and wreath base).
  • They make wonderful spring and Easter decoration at home or classroom.
  • They make wonderful a present for friends and family for spring, Easter & Mother’s Day.
  • They help to engage with others (e.g. share excitement about Easter, communication
  • starter/ice breaker).
Spring Flowers Printable Wreath

Supplies needed for the Spring & Easter Wreath Project:

paper plate wreath supplies
  • Optional: a paper plate to give the wreath a slight 3d shape. But our printable includes the base for your wreath too.
  • Our free Spring & Easter Wreath printable,
  • Paper – 120gsm (32lb) or above,
  • Scissors,
  • Colouring Pens, markers and/or watercolours/ paints,
  • Glue stick

Hop on over to our sponsors at Learning Resources and download your FREE Wreath printable paper craft for Easter.

How to make your Spring & Easter Wreath

printable wreath

1.) Download the printable! And then have fun colouring some beautiful spring flowers and accompanying leaves. Do you know the names for each individual spring flower?

identifying flowers

You can find them next to each flower on the printable! Look for pictures to learn how to colour them! This is a great opportunity to explore watercolours if you wish! Though crayons, pens and pencils will also look fantastic.

painting spring flowers

2.) When all spring flowers and leaves are coloured, choose your preferred template for the actual wreath.

There are options for you to cut out the centre, or have the wording “Happy Easter”, “Happy Spring”, “Welcome Spring”, “Happy Mother’s Day” in the centre of the wreath. Whatever your celebration, pick the relevant one. Or as mentioned you can use a paper plate with the centre cut out.

We will keep on crafting with the “Happy Easter” option.

Easter wreath

Colour in wreath with a green of your choice and decorate the Easter eggs.

paper plate wreath for Easter

3.) Time to cut our spring flowers, leaves. Easter eggs and wreath base. If working with toddlers and preschoolers, maybe help your child at this stage, though it is a great opportunity to practice your scissor handling skills.

If you chose a template without wording and you would like to cut out the centre, here is a tip: When cutting out the middle then gently push through a hole in the middle of the wreath and then insert your scissors and cut out the interior part.

paper plate wreath

4.) Let’s arrange spring flowers, leaves and Easter eggs on the wreath base. Start off with adding the bigger leaves first and glue them on.

easter wreath

Then add Easter eggs and then the spring flowers. Glue them on. And finally add and glue on the rest of the little leaves!

finished paper plate wreath for Easter

Done! Hurray!

Doesn’t this Easter wreath look joyful? So full of life and spring. I am so ready for the new season ahead!

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