Paper Weaving Bunny Printable – Easy Easter Cards

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We have a fabulous Paper Weaving Easter Bunny craft for your little ones – complete with and free Easter Printable. This isn’t just ANY weaving project… it is also one that allows you to explore shapes, pattern making and of course colours whilst developing fine motorskills!

This printable is brought to you in collaboration with Learning Resources, a website dedicated to educational but FUN ideas for kids.

paper weaving project
Paper weaving fun: colour red and rectangle bunnies

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Learning Resources

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We love this Paper Weaving Easter Bunny Craft because, not only is it ADORABLE, but it is great for a number of reasons –

  • You can spend time crafting and colouring with your kids.
  • You can introduce the concept of primary and secondary colours while colouring.
  • You can experiment with different colouring tools (e.g. pencils, paint) and how to create textures.
  • You can introduce basic shapes like square, rectangle, triangle and circle.
  • They are fabulous for fine motor skills (e.g. colouring and cutting out templates).
  • They make wonderful little presents for friends and family.
  • They help to engage with others (e.g. share emotions, share joy, communication starter/ice breaker)

Supplies needed for our paper weaving bunny craft:

  • Our free Paper Weaving Easter Bunny printable,
  • Paper,
  • Scissors,
  • Glue,
  • Colouring Pens, markers or paints
  • Random materials to create textures

Hop on over to our sponsors at Learning Resources and download your FREE printable paper weaving craft for Easter:

How to make your Paper Weaving Easter Bunny

The wonderful thing about this printable, is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you wish! We took the opportunity to make this a wonderfully arty exploration as well. But if you are working in a group, you can easily print the weaving page onto different coloured sheets of paper and mix and match the colours that way. Then get the children to colour in “just” the bunny part of the project!

paper weaving bunny printable
Choose from rectangle, triangle or circle shapes

1.) Download the printable! And then have fun colouring bunny, background and paper weaving shapes and strips.

coloring in your shapes
Discuss colours and shapes with your preschooler or kindergartener

Have a look around your home and see if you can find materials (e.g. sponge, packaging, fabrics, crunched up papers) to apply some texture to your background picture. Cotton balls are great for clouds!

have fun print making
A great arty opportunity to explore print making too!

2.) When all is colored, begin to cut out all bunny parts. This is a great opportunity for practicing those scissor handling skills!

cut out the paper bunny
Practice your cutting skills whilst cutting out your bunny!

Now we will cut out the paper weaving shapes and strips.

paper weaving
Discuss colours and shapes at this point – “let’s weave the yellow circle”

3.) It’s time to weave! Choose your favorite shape to start of with and then begin to weave a strip of paper over one section and then under the next until the row is done. Then repeat the same with another strip of paper for the second row only now you will go under the section that you previously went over.

paper weaving
Look at pattern making whilst weaving! Don’t worry, the kids don’t have to get it “exactly” right for the craft to still be adorable and “work”.

4.) We need to fix the ends a little. You can choose to either glue the last strip to the shape or attach a bit of tape to the back of your weaving.

secure the paper weaving
Secure the paper weaving!

5.) Trim the strips of paper that stick out too much.

trim the shapes

6.) It’s BIG DECISION time! Will you keep the SQUARES or will you turn your square into a CIRCLE or TRIANGLE?!

You can keep the triangle/ circles as squares if you wish – adding an extra shape to your collection.

7.) Time to assemble the Easter bunny! Hurray!

Add glue to the back of your chosen paper weaving shape and glue it in the centre of the background paper. The weaving shape will be Easter bunnies’ torso. Now add glue on the ends of the ears and attach to bunnies’ head. Glue head, forelegs and hind legs on to torso.

final paper weaving bunny card
LOVE these paper weaving bunnies – they make adorable Easter greeting cards to post to family!

DONE! Isn’t it the cutest?

Love how you can really “play” with the decorating and arty elements of this paper weaving craft!

I think these would be LOVELY as wall decor at Easter time, OR you can send it family and friends a most adorable Easter Greeting Card too, don’t you think?

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