Easy Black Cat Origami for Halloween

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Time for a super cute and easy black cat origami pattern. How we love Easy Halloween Origami Kids for kids all year round. I am always looking for new great and easy paper crafts to share with you.

You can make this cute kitty all year round, but of course, especially as a BLACK cat, it is a perfect Paper Halloween Craft for kids too!

We have made our little origami kittens before (see video below), however, fancied giving them another go, to go with our Witch Hat Origami (coming soon) and adorable Ghost Origami pattern!

Black Cat Origami – materials

To make our little kitties, just use black paper. You will need two pieces.. our “small cats” use paper that is approximately 8 x 8 cm. But it really doesn’t matter! Any size is good.

You will also need some paper scraps, pen and glue for the eyes!

How to make a black cat for Halloween – easy video

Learn how to make a super simple black cat! You will love this video – check it out on auto play!

And here are our little black cats again!

We have more fabluous Halloween Origami heading your way… be sure to check out our Witch Hat, Frankenstein and and simple 3d Paper Cats coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed this super duper easy paper cats and that you do have a go! Let me know how you end up using yours!!

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3 little black cats made from origami paper with Halloween background and ghost

And in case you are inrerested… here is our original black Cat Origami video!

The video is also available on youtube.