Halloween Origami – Easy Paper Folding for Kids

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The love for paper crafts continues! As you may be aware we have a whole collection of Paper Halloween Crafts, as well as come great Easy Origami for kids.. but if you are after Easy Paper Folding for kids ideas – ie JUST some Halloween Origami (and not all the other bits and pieces..) than this collection of crafts is for you!

Here is an overview of our 5 favourite Origami Halloween Projects

Please note, this video is just a taster and “slow” instructions exist for all projects!!

Halloween Origami Projects for Kids

3 little black cats made from origami paper
What is that little black cat on the right thinking?

Super cute black cats!! I adore how cute these little origami cats are and that they are still easy to make!

Paper Origami Witch Hat with doodle details or add stickers to decorate
Have fun with doodles and stickers on these origami witch’s hats!

Make some black cats.. and then hide them under these fabulous doodle origami witch hats!! A super simple origami pattern for kids, that you can then decorate with paper, stickers and pens. Great as a garland or part of a greeting card (and hide a little black cat or origami ghost underneath!).

Add Kawaii faces to your Paper Ghost Garland

I love that Halloween can be so rather adorably CUTE!! And as the cuteness continues, we love to share this lovely Origami Ghost Pattern. Aren’t they adorable? They look great strung up on some baker’s twine for a cute and easy Ghost Garland made from paper folding.

Easy paper black cat for halloween - fun 3d room decor design
Cute 3d Cats, that also work as cat finger puppets!

The basis of this adorable paper cat, is indeed the basic origami cup! We love the origami cup, as it is soooo easy to make and you can decorate it in so many fun ways! Like these fun 3d Paper Cats!

This project is also available as a worksheet in our Teachers Pay Teacher’s Store.

Easy Paper Cup and Ball Game for Halloween - Frankenstein and Eyeball design
Make eye balls or brains to go with this Origami Frankenstein

Did I just say that paper cups were fun?! Oh yes they are!! Here is another example of how to turn the humble basic origami cup into a fabulous Halloween Paper Toy. Make your own “ball & cup” game, or in our case, EYEball and Frank game!

This project is also available as a worksheet in our Teachers Pay Teacher’s Store.

These paper bats are great as decorations OR bat corner bookmarks!

These Origami Bats, not only are easy.. but also OH SO FUN!! Yes, you can turn them into Origami Corner bookmarks (with al ittle snip here and there) or use them as wall and window decorations this Halloween! How we love easy Halloween Origami for kids. Such a fun paper folding activity for the spooky season.

Also super fun as frog in cauldrons!

Making anything Witch related? Or Witch’s cauldron related? Why not add some green slimey frogs to the mix.. ok.. maybe not slimey, but they are fun!! You could cut out a black paper cauldron and see if you can make the frogs hop in?! Learn how to make jumping Origami Frogs today!

Halloween Origami Bookmark based Designs

We love Corner Bookmark Designs for all seasons but think that these paper bookmarks for Halloween are particularly fun! As mentioned above, the Origami Bats above double up nicely as bookmarks.. and we have some mroe for you here today.

Love these fun Jack O’lantern bookmarks

Make some fun Jack O’Lantern designs and go crazy with the facial expressions on these Pumpkin Emoji Bookmark!

Boo! This Ghost Emoij Corner Bookmark is just the thing!

Ghost emoji or Snapchat Ghosts – what ever tickles you, this ghots bookmark is CUTE!

One of our most popular corner bookmark designs – the MONSTER Bookmark!

The corner bookmark of all corner bookmarks! With these Monster Corner Bookmarks I started the corner bookmark design journey.. these were so fun to make, that I decided we needed MORE AND MORE bookmark designs!! Love.

how to make a corner bookmark without glue for Day of the Dead
LOVE the arty doodles on these Sugar Skull bookmarks

And finally some Day of the Dead inspired Sugar Skull Bookmarks! We really love these decorative Skull bookmarks, as they give you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild! Gorgeous!

This project is also available as a worksheet in our Teachers Pay Teacher’s Store.

COMING SOON – SPEEDY Halloween Origami Video:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcmUEb9nK00 (live later in the year!)

And that… is it for NOW! I hope you enjoyed this collection of cute and easy Origami Halloween DIYs. Watch this space for more coming soon.

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