Super Firework Crafts for Kids of all ages

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Fireworks are really something magical! They form a part of many celebrations, be it New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Fourth of July celebrations or Bonfire Night or Diwali… Fireworks almost always form a part of these. If you want to celebrate with fireworks in a creative and QUIET way.. why not give these Firework Crafts for Kids of all ages a go?

Celebrate with Firework Crafts
First shared in Oct 2021

As mentioned above Firework crafts are a great activity during key celebrations of the year. I have put together a collection of our favourite firework crafts as well as some lovely fireworks paintings to date (from the big wide web!!), but if you want to taylor them to a particular celebration, you can easily do so. Some of these are great classroom activities, others make lovely wall decor too!

For example – if you are looking for firework crafts for the 4th of July, why not simply adapt the firework colours shared here today to red, white and blue? For all other celebrations like Bonfire night crafts or Diwali crafts the more colours the better!

So.. how do you make fireworks kid friendly?

As much as we adore fireworks, especially on New Year’s Eve – make it one of your New Year’s Eve countdown activities? Make them instead of fireworks. The loud noises can be distressing for some children, especially very young ones. Though even my 13year old doesn’t like the crowds and smoke from firework displays. So how do you make fireworks kids friendly? Bring your firework inspired activities and ideas into the home – to a quiet, safe environment. We particularly love making fireworks paintings and there are lots of techniques from using glue to shaving cream. So fun. Read on and find out more!

Firework Activities for Early Years and Preschool

I will try and “sort” these projects into some broad categories, but of course they all overlap a little. To begin with how about some firework crafts for toddlers and preschoolers – super simple projects that are fun to make and play with! As mentioned, adapt the colours in this project to suit different celebrations. E.g. go for red, white and blues if celebrating the fourth of july, and LOTS of color if celebrating Diwali or New Year’s Eve. Bonfire night is great with yellows, oranges and red to represent fire. So grab, your paper, scissors, paintbrush and glue and let’s see what we can create.

Paper Roll Fireworks for New Year's Eve
You can make fun toilet paper roll blowers!

Easy Paper Roll Firework Blowers! These are super cute and easy to make. Use upcycled tissue paper and Toilet Paper Tubes! We do love crafting with toilet paper rolls as you know! If you don’t have tissue paper, why not try long pieces of paper – make strips and curl them with scissors?

Confetti party poppers

Move over loud fireworks, make some lovely pom pom party poppers. You could fill these with pom poms, confetti or even mini marshmallows… a nice alternative to “noisemakers”!

pop up firework craft
Make your Firework craft pop up!

How do you make pop up fireworks? Check out the lovely Kids Craft Room. You could even cheekily fill these with New Year’s EVe Candy if you wish!

3d fireworks

Another great idea is this “pom pom” 3D Firework craft from Kids Crafts Room! These would make fabulous photo booth accessories!

toddler firework craft
Working with pipe cleaners is easy and fun for little hands!

Fantastic Fun and Learning has these super cute pipecleaner firework rings. Aren’t they adorable? Kindergarten kids will love this cute firework craft and will have a blast making it! A super cute little craft to include as part of your New Year’s Eve party games set up.

Bubble wands made from pipe cleaners are a long time favourite!

I am going to “sneak” in my New Year’s Eve bubble wands at this point.. Just because they are so cute and popular.. and aren’t bubbles a bit like fireworks… mmh. Ok, a bit of a stretch. But any celebration party with toddlers, will love these fabulous little wands. I think these would look super cute in red, white and blue for 4th July too (or switch out the colours for other independence day celebrations to match the flag of your country)! And preschoolers will love adding the beads – great for fine motor skills and you can even have a go at some sequencing!

Paper Firework Crafts

Next, we do love a bit of paper crafting.. though again this could easily fit into your toddler fireworks craft section or indeed the Firework Art projects further down below.

3d firework art
Cupcake liners maker surprisingly good fireworks and are much fun to work with.

I love this 3d Paper Cupcake Liner Firework project from a Little Pinch of Perfect. Great for practicing those fine motor scutting skills and the effect is so pretty! You could maybe even adapt this project and “go large” using painted coffee filters too?

How do you make Firework Art? How do you make fireworks with pictures?

Yep.. these are commonly asked questions, that I hope the following projects will answer! There are of course MANY ways you can create your firework art! Collages are always fun and can be extra vibrant. Let’s take a look at some fabulous inspiration for you.

paper firework art
We love this simple paper quilling activity they make wonderful firework swirls!

Projects with Kids has a lovely paper “city scape” project with a bit of paper quilling fireworks. Any nighttime sky is perfect for firework art projects! Love the addition of little stars to the paper quills for that extra sparkle effect.

chalk pastel firework art
A simple fireworks art project that is very effective. Great for 4th July and Bonfire night!

Projects with kids also has a wonderful Chalk Pastel Fireworks Art Project! A great way to explore different art mediums with kids!

salt fireworks

Salt Firework Crafts – working with salt and paint is super cool and the results are stunning! Crafty News shows us how! We do love fun ideas that get creative. If you wanted to, you could simplify this process and simply use glitter glue too! Bit we love the salt painting!

scratch art
Wonderful fireworks paintings!

Plastiquem makes own scratch paper art (hit the google translate button)

fireworks art

Mary Making has a wonderful mixed media art project exploring fireworks and cityscapes. Just lovely!

toilet roll firework prints
Another great use for toilet paper rolls. Printing making is great fun.

Learning 4 Kids shows us how to use empty Toilet Paper Rolls to mkae soem fun firework prints! Printing is always a lot of fun. And kids can experiment with mixing different colours.

firework art projects

Our Kids Things has another fabulous use for Toilet Paper Rolls, in this 3d Firework Display project!

fireworks spin art

Fireworks Spin Art project from Science Sparks – spin art is a ton of fun with super pretty results!

How do you make Fireworks in a jar?

A popular firework activity for any celebration is the now almost “classic”, Firework in a jar activity. A great science activity for bonfire night, diwali or new year’s eve:

fireworks in a jar

Well, I think we have a bit of a show topper her with these Glowing Fireworks in Jar from Growing a Jewelled Rose is another fun activity to give a go! Do check out the full instructions first before showing the kids.. you may want to go with the more traditional Fireworks in a jar method from Science Sparks (tried and tested in the classroom many a time!) – a bit easier and less mess and less potentially toxic! But I couldn’t resist that amazing photo!

Recycled Firework Ideas and Activities

You know that we love to recycle and keep things as eco friendly as possible (hence, I do feel a little bad about the glow in the dark fireworks above.. but they are so cool.. argh).

Many of the art projects above already incorporate recycled materials.. and the “real” water bottle rocket shared at the top of the post, is also a fabulous upcycled idea. Lets use up our odds and ends and make some Firework Rockets!

toilet roll firework rocket
Toilet rolls should be included in all kids activities! Plentiful and fun to craft with!

Firework craft with toilet paper rolls are of course a “MUST”! We have made many a Toilet paper roll Rocket over the years and of course they are a perfect “symbol” for fireworks. You can customise the design – e.g. by making it in red, blue and white as a 4th July Rocket, or adapt the colours and add little features such as Diya light to make it into a Diwali Craft!

bonfire night
This campfire craft is fantastic for Bonfire night!!

Ok, so not strictly speaking a FIREWORK craft.. but this light up bonfire craft from Buggy & Buddy just is too cute not to include in this collection of firework ideas for kids!

We have more wonderful CELEBRATIONS Crafts and Ideas for all year round including:

I think this collection of Firework crafts and art project would compliment all those celebrations and activities!

firework art projects
A wonderful collection of firework activities that don’t need any free printables