Easy Easter Bunny Headbands for Preschoolers

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Today we have another cute little Easter Bunny craft for preschoolers! We are making printable Easter Bunny Headbands! A super quick an easy subsitute for any DIY Easter Bonnet needs or for the an Easter parade. So cute!

bunny headbands

This is a quick make – a great one for small hands to practice their cutting skills and their coloring skills. You can also print this simple design onto coloured paper and then it is a super quick and easy make if you need say 30 of them for a classroom Easter party or a school play! Super quick and easy to make.

The printable IS from my teacher’s pay teacher’s store.. but if you do not wish to purchases it, you can of course be inspired by today’s design and create your own! It is a super simple make – one circle/ oval for the bunny face, add some ovals for ears and draw a simple face. Job done! And you can still join in!

Supplies needed to make a paper bunny headband for Easter:

  • printer paper, light card stock or construction paper in desired colors
  • scissors
  • pen (if created your own template)/ coloring pencils/ caryons if coloring a white card/ paper
  • glue stick/ stapler

As mentioned the template IS in my teachers pay teacher store, but you can create your own!

How to make a Bunny Headband for preschoolers this Easter

Begin by printing out your templates onto either light card stock or paper. You can choose any color combination that you like. It works fine with just white paper… but you can go brown, pink, blue, green.. and spring pastels that you wish.

Alternatively, you can draw your own designs onto constructio paper –

simple easter headband printable
Make use of our simple bunny printables

If drawing your own – you will need to:

  • Draw a circle (you can trace around a glass or tin can)
  • Draw two ovals for rabbit ears.
  • Add a simple bunny face!

If you are printing – you will find the first sheet prints two faces – so enough for two head bands and the second sheet is enough for ONE headband, so you will need to print two of these to gow ith the faces!

Coloring in your bunny
Decorate your bunny faces in whatever way you wish!

Get the children to color in the bunnies (if they wish!). You can of course print onto colored paper. You can also have fun with pencils, crayons or watercolors! Experiment!

Once colored in, carefull cut out the bunny faces. This great cutting practice.

Then cut out the strips of paper that make the headband.

Glue one strip to the second strip of paper.

Measuring your child’s head as you go. Stick the end of the second strip of paper back to the first strip to make a “loop” that fits your child’s head snuggly. The paper SHOULD fit most preschoolers. If need be, use any cut offs to insert a panel for bigger children.

Then stick your rabbit face to the front of the headband!

bunny headbands
Kids will love these simple Easter Bonnets!

Ta-daaaa your super duper easy Easter bunny headbands are finished and ready for wearing! Aren’t they cute?

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