Easter Garland with Eggs & Chicks

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We have a lovely little Paper Easter Garland for you to make! This is a fun Easter Egg and Easter chick craft for kids of all ages – whether you are crafting with preschoolers, or older kids, this Easter Banner is so cute and easy to make!

Easter Egg Garland

Whatever the age of kids working on this DIY Easter Egg Garland – you can customises your egg decorations as much as you want and you can add as many embellishments as you want to. We kept it simple and only worked with white cardstock and yellow cardstock and markers in different colours. Though white paper and yellow paper just fine too! You can also decorate your Easter eggs with eco friendly glitter, washi tape, stickers.. and the little chicks could also have some added feathers. Wouldn’t that look cute?!?

Now, as with many of my crafts, this Easter Garland DIY DOES have templates that you can use – they are over in my teachers pay teachers store and for the price of a coffee, you can help support the running of this blog!

You do not NEED the template, it is super easy to make these Easter Chick Banner/ Easter Egg banner from scratch – as it is all based around a simple egg shampe, triangles for beaks and hearts for chick’s feet. So super simple shapes!

If working in a classroom setting, I do feel the templates are useful! As you will see later in the week, you can also use the printable to make the cutest of cute Easter Headbands, perfect for any Easter parades or Easter School plays!

Easter Chick Banner

How to make an Egg Easter Bunting – Supplies:

As with all my crafts, I encourage you to keep supplies as simple as possible and not rush out to the craft store to make unnecessary purchases. Crafting with kids shouldn’t cost the earth! But simply be fun! So stick to:

  • white card stock/ yellow card stock OR you can just use white printer paper or construction paper too too! Totally up to you!
  • Markers in different colors – but you can experiment with crayons or watercolors too
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch or stapler
  • Twine or ribbons or yarn for hanging

OPTIONAL Embellishments

As mentioned, you can have fun with optional embellishments if you wish! Stickers or Washi Tape would be great for decorating the Easter Eggs, and fun feathers would be lovely for the Easter chicks! You don’t have to make the chicks yellow either.. you could have a set of pastel colored chicks in baby blue, pinks and greens too! Just have fun!

As mentioned, you do NOT need to use our printables to make this crafting, but of course, if you need a little help or safe on time, you can head to my TPT store and download the printables today. It in cludes the big white eggs, the eggs that can also be used as chicks, beaks, feet and of course the “Hatching chick printables” too!

How to make your Easter Garland – Easter Eggs, Chicks & Hatching Chicks

Gather your supplies! And print out the printable on the desired colored paper – e.g. I made 2 sets of white Easter Eggs, one set of hatching egg shells and 2 sets of yellow egg printables… but it is your call!

Egg printables

Decorate your the Easter Eggs, Beak and Feet

Coloring in your shapes

Coloring your Easter eggs, Chick beaks and chick feet BEFORE cutting! This is easier! And you can go over the edges without worring!

easter egg shapes

Cut out all your shapes. This is a great opportunity to practice to those cutting skills. Preschoolers and toddlers will need to practice round shapes and zig zags for this cutting practice! You can assist with the “smaller” beaks and feet OR choose to draw them on instead!

Assembling you Easter Egg Chick and Hatching chick

assemble the chick
A simple egg shaped chick

Here is the simple egg shaped chick. Glue on a triangle and two heart feet. Then draw on some eyes. I decided last minuted to cut out some rosy cheeks and glue those on too!

assemble the hatching chick

Similarly the hatching chick is even easier. Glue down the white egg on top of the yellow chick. Glue on the beak and add some eyes! Done!

add hearts if you wish
One egg template, three designs

Check out this trio of egg shaped garland pieces!

easter chicks and hatching eggs
Make lots of cute chicks and hatching chicks!

Make lots!

Hanging your Easter Eggs and Chicks

make holes for hanging
Make holes in your Easter eggs for hanging

You can now use a hole punch to make small holes at the top of your Easter Eggs and Easter chicks. OR you can use a stapler. I like using the hole punch as kids love to give this a go AND you then get a little threading activity for the kids too, which is great for their fine mortor skills!

easter egg garland
You could make JUST an Egg Garland if you wish

SImply thread the yarn or baker’s twine through the holes to make your Easter Garland. You can now have fun and mix and match as much as you like. E.g. a set of JUST Easter Eggs for your garland looks fabulous too!

mix and match fun!
Or have fun mixing and matching your Egg designs!

Or have fun alternating your banner shapes – we did Easter Egg, Hatching Chick, Easter Egg, Chick etc… you could always add a white mama hen to the mix too! That would be adorable!

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