Easy Halloween Party Food to host a Halloween Tea Party

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Sooo! You may be hosting a Halloween Party.. or maybe you are having a cosy family only Halloween Tea Party at home. Either way, you will need some lovely and yummy and above all EASY Halloween Party Food!!! We made made this party food over a course of 6 days during last year’s somewhat unusual Halloween. But the Halloween treats prepared keeps well – if you bake it in a certain order! A great addition to any Halloween Activties for Families.

Halloween Party Food Ideas

We also added a number of these bakes and treats to our Boo Your Neighbours parcel. We made 3 and a half in the end and they were SO lovely to deliver. We hadn’t taken part in a Boo Your Neighbours before.. but again, with last year’s quirky Halloween celebrations, it was the perfect year to give it ago.

We actually hosted our Boo Your Neighbours as a mix of “Secret Santa” and “Acts of Kindness”. I think we will happily to do it again. Pictures of our Boo Gifts at the end of this post!

Halloween Tea Party Ideas

I am giving you an order as to how to best bake these treats. I switch a couple of items around, as the Snake Breadsticks, probably don’t last AS long as I thought and may go a little stale.. but still nice enough with a little homous or butter! But you make one of these day, you have a lovely activity every day in the run up to Halloween!

EASY Halloween Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes

These are super easy Halloween cupcakes. The kids made them all! We used our favourite cupcake recipe (same as a classic vanilla sponge):

  • Weigh the eggs (in our case 2)
  • Use the same weight for self raising flour, butter and sugar
  • Vanilla essence

Whisk the butter and sugar until smooth, slowly add flour and eggs and vanilla. Put in cupcake cases and bake. We added some cocoa to half of them.

The butter cream was – 200g butter + 300g Icing sugar and some food colouring. This made more than we needed.

Then we added the sweets on top. DONE! Woohoo.

Ghoulishly Easy Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers

On Day 1 (5 day countdown), we made some spooky Witches Fingers. Now, Witches Fingers have been all over the blogging world for years. I wish I knew, who invented them, so I could link back to them and give them the credit. They are so fun. And they are soooo easy to bake! My kids who are now 10 and 12yrs made them all by themselves (I hung around in the kitchen and chatted!). We used our

  • favourite (no egg) shortbread recipe – that we have used many times over the years – I think you need to use UNsalted butter and if your dough feels soft, cool it in the fridge too, to avoid spread
  • some GOOD quality food colouring (ideally use a paste, as the liquid one MAY make your do runny and therefor more likely to “spread” when cooked
  • blanched almonds (you can blanch your own, by pouring hot water on them)

If you have any doubt, you can put them in the fridge before cooking, that will help reduce any spread!

Shortbread keeps VERY well in an air tight container. I am not really a food blogger, so I don’t know how long exactly.. but easily a couple of weeks!

Chocolate Preztel Monsters

Day 2 (4 days to go) Oh my, these Preztel Monsters by Eats Amazing, are indeed AMAZING!!! The salt and sugar contrast is simply perfect and it is a ridiculously easy treat to make. I confess, we only bought the one colour of candy melts (I find them a little expensive), but the taste is sooo ogood. You could always make them with white chocolate buttons instead. Do visit Eats Amazing for the full recipe tutorial!

I reckon, these will keep easily in a sealed container for 2-3 weeks.

This is a great one for kids to manage on their own again (though of course do help them with the oven!).

Cookie Monster Rice Crispy Cakes

let the rice crispies set

Day 3 (3 days to go) Now, I don’t know where these came from, but the idea just came to me!!! Whilst deciding on what to bake with the kids – turning your traditional chocolate rice crispy cakes into COOKIE Monsters. I mentioned above, that candy melts are sooo fun and easy to use.. but we actually used white baking chocolate and lots of (paste) food colouring. Turns out, they turn your tongue blue too! But as it is Halloween, surely that isn’t a problem. A nice little “trick”, right?!

Hop over to my Rice Crisypy Cookie Monster cake instructions for full info and ingredients needed!

Oh and just to say – I probably did a little more for this one, in comparison to the kids “helping”. And I think these will also keep well in a sealed container. Maybe 1-2 weeks.

Snake Breadsticks

Snake bread

Day 4 (2 days to go) – Snake Bread Sticks – As mentioned in the introducion we made these on Day 2 originally, and I felt they were a LITTLE stale by the Halloween… so best to make later in your baking order day! We used the Breadstick recipe from Flawless Food – but used the food colouring IN the dough and used 25g of dough per snake (instead of 50g!). I think we could have baked them longer and thinner too! But they are still tasty and I would still call them a success!

I would say these keep best 2-3 days – if you have time to make them nearer to the day, that’s even better! But if you are like me, you like to bake ahead!

Salt Stick Spider Cupcakes

Spider cupcakes

Day 5 (1 day to go) Now Spider Cupcakes are nothing new either (see my comments re Witches Fingers), I have no ideas who first invented them. But they are great Halloween Treat, as you can literally use whatever cupcake recipe you like! We choose to use a Pumpkin Cake recipe from the BBC! We love to “waste not want not”… and the process of scraping out the pumpkin flesh, actually leaves you with “ready grated” pumpkins to use in this Carrote Like Cake. The BBC’s recipe is for a cake, but it made about small to medium 30 cupcakes too!

We then made two versions – a quick version (which I think we ended up liking better) and a more cumbersom version.

Spider Cupcakes 1 – the Salt Stick Spider Cupcakes –

Basically, you will need some white chocolate buttons (different sizes is fun), a little dark chocolate (for the eyeballs), some icing sugar (to mix with water and use as glue) and some salt sticks broken in half.

Glue the white buttons to the cupcakes with the icing sugar mixture. Push in your salt sticks. Melt a little milk chocolate in the microwave and with a toothpick add pupils.

Spider Cupcakes 1 – the Butter Creame Spider Cupcakes with “laces” legs

Basically, as above, but add some chocolate frosting first and use some sweet laces as legs!

Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog Mummies

Day 0 (just before your Halloween Tea). And another internet favourite – Hot Dog Mummies!! Lots of people use crescent dough for these, but we use puff pastry, olives and a little mustard/ ketchup! I am going to confess to being a little lazy now.. and will link to these instructions from Sainburys! Rather than write it all out again. Hope that is ok!! ENJOY!

Also, we used mustard/ ketchup and olive pieces for the eyes, rather than using sugar candy eye balls. They tasted great (but don’t look quite as effective!

Spider Pizzas

Spider Mini Pizzas

We found these fabulous Spider Pizzas on the Recipe Runner‘s website. My kids LOVE olives, so this was the perfect spooky pizza for us. So easy and fun to make!

Jack O’Lantern Satsumas

Jack O'Lantern Satsumas

Finally we also made some Jack O’Lantern Satsumas! This is a long term favourite, that is quick to “make”… just draw some fun faces onto your Satusmas with sharpies!

So.. that is our Halloween Party Food collection finished!

Frankenstein Cookies

Frankenstein Cookies

In the past.. we also made these YUMMY SRUMMY Frankenstein Cookie Pops. I mean.. what is it about a cookie on a stick that makes it taste EVEN better? No idea! But again, relatively easy to make! We used white chocolate buttons and mini marshamllows for the features. No fancy baking ingredients!

monster cookies

Similarly, using the same no egg cookie recipe, our Easy Monster Cookies go down a treat too! But you can use any cookie recipe you want… in fact if you are feeling inspired, here is a great list of Cook Books for Kids to try out!

Boo Your Neighbour’s Parcels:

We also used these bakes as part of our Boo Your Neighbour’s Treat Buckets! We made up a number of parcels for different friends and neighbours (we did have rather a lot of food to share!!!).

Are the images we took of our boo parcels. We made four in total – two in boxes and two in Pumpkin Buckets! Lined with black tissue paper, filled with sweets and topped with the home baked goodies!

Small Boo Box
Medium boo box
Medium boo gift

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