Easy Mother’s Day Basket Craft for Kids to Make

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As Mother’s Day approaches we have made a cute and easy Mother’s Day Basket Craft for Kids. This is an ideal little Mother’s Day Craft that you can fill with Mom’s favourite treats (chocolate for me please) or other homemade gifts (e.g. DIY bath bombs would be fabulous).

flower basket craft
Making paper baskets for Mother’s Day is super easy and fun!

As with many of our crafts, if you are familiar with our website, you will have seen these little paper baskets as Easter Baskets before. But I find, readers enjoy seeing the wide variations to our crafts and hopefully it will inspire you too, to go beyond Easter or Mother’s Day crafting.

In fact, I think these paper baskets would make lovely May Day Basket decorations too or would be brilliant as little Teacher Appreciation gifts as well! Lots of options!

These easy Easter Baskets where first featured in my Easy Paper Projects book! Why not grab yourself a copy today? Or even better.. grab two copies and gift one to a friend? A unique book that only needs, paper, light cardstock and stationery to make everything in it!

cute may day flower baskets

Supplies needed to make these easy paper baskets

  • Light cardstock is ideal, though paper will work too
  • Scraps of paper for decorating

additional tools to use

  • Scissors
  • Ruler (if making your own template! but printables are available in my TPT store!)
  • Pencil
  • Pens
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick

If you wish to have today’s instructions in a printable worksheet format PLUS make use of the paper basket template, please do head to my TPT store, where you can download this craft, and support this website with your purchase! Please note: the printable is ONLY the basic basket and does not include the bunny face or chick face – we encourage the children to design and make their own!

How to make a paper basket/ Mother’s Day Basket – Tutorial

As mentioned templates are available, but they aren’t necessary!

Make your own template

draw a grid of 3 x 3 squares

This is a craft that benefits from accuracy – so try and work as neatly as you can.  Measure out the side of paper (here it is 21cm) and draw a square the same width. Then divide into three parts across the square (in this case 7cm). Cut off the edge of the paper (but save this, you will need it for the basket handle later).

fold the sides of your paper basket

Using the lines to guide you, make two cuts into either side. Fold these up.

thre strips

The four squares in each corner, need to now be divided into three equal with strips. Draw these and then cut.

Assembling the basic paper basket

connecting the sides of the paper basket

Take these 3 strips – align the top one with the side panel and arrange the others below. Hold tight.

secure the basket sides

Repeat on the other side, until all three strips meet in the centre panel and staple in place. Use two staples if you need.

basic basket basin is done

Repeat for the other side. Your basic basket shape is finished.

Add a handle to your basket

attached a handle

Cut a 3cm strip from the remaining paper and staple in place to make a basket handle. Your basket is now finished and just needs decorating!

Decorate your basket to make it into a Mother’s Day Basket

This is super simple! We are basically going to decorate the basket with flowers. The TPT Printable includes two lovely little flowers to colour in. Which I have done here. But you can add any kind of small paper flower. I think tissue paper flowers would be particularly cute!

add paper flowers to your basket

So in my case, I simply coloured in the ready to colour paper flowers and cut them out!

mother's day basket with flowers

Then stick them to the side of your paper basket! Though of course you can decorate the baskets in any way you wish!

Love this paper craft? Want more easy Paper Project ideas? Do check out my special book – available from major retailers online, or in our ebay shop:

easy paper projects book

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